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Zzz-zooming in with this week’s roundup in sleep. We’ve got a married influencer who’s candid about separate sleeping, how sleep impacts our gathering of information, a family of bears taking a breather underneath a California home, the mislabeling of some CBD products, and how your smart watch could be negatively impacting your sleep.

TikTok Influencer Taylor Paul Admits She and Husband Sleep Apart

If you’re not familiar with Taylor Paul, she’s an influencer and TikTok star who’s amassed more than three million followers and 114 million likes on the video platform. And in between all the style, dancing and parenting tips, the New York Post writes that she’s gotten candid with her followers about the sleeping arrangement in her marriage. She and her husband, Tate, sleep apart!

Why? Paul claims that her husband sleepwalks and sleep talks, and sometimes wakes her while he’s searching around the room for a shirt in the middle of the night. They also have different opinions when it comes to sleeping temperature and silence while sleeping. 

Their solution? Separate bedrooms. After a few experiences sleeping in the guest room, she knew there was no going back. Not only are they open about it, but Paul has been more than happy to show off their separate rooms to her audience. “We have a really healthy marriage, we get good sleep, and we both love our separate rooms,” Paul told the New York Post.

My husband and I sleep in separate bedrooms — here’s why 

How Sleep Helps The Brain Learn And Consolidate Information

Remember all the tests you crammed for until the wee hours in college? Well, turns out, that might not have been as productive as you think. Researchers from Brown University and RIKEN Center for Brain Science found that “processes specifically related to learning help a person consolidate during sleep what they learn while awake,” writes Medical News Today

It turns out, you probably should’ve just gotten more sleep. The research suggests that the more you sleep, the more time your brain has to soak in all that information you learned during the day. This is all based on the learning-dependent model, which Medical News Today writes means “what a person retains during sleep is directly connected to a neural process specifically related to learning.” In other words, sleep facilitates learning.

Looking ahead, this research could prompt a change in how learning occurs in schools. So, will the education system start incorporating naps? Only time will tell.

Learning after sleep may be key for consolidating information 

Do Bears Really Sleep All Winter?

Last week, a group of California residents made a grizzly discovery. Five North American Black Bears had been taking an extended stay in the crawl space beneath their house. The sleepy squad consisted of a mama bear, three of her natural babies, and one adopted cub. 

This got us thinking, why do bears hibernate? And what exactly is hibernation? Is it months of sleep or something else altogether? We spoke to experts and have the answers you need. 

The Bears Hibernating Under the House – Did They Really Sleep All Winter?

Could Your CBD Sleep Aid Be Mislabeled?

Are you a fan of using CBD before bed? Well, according to a recent study, it turns out that the products you’re using may be mislabeled. More specifically, 60 percent of product packaging displays incorrect levels of active ingredients. 

While research has shown that cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN) can help promote healthy sleep, it seems that some sleep aids containing these ingredients are often mixed with other supplements like melatonin, and levels of ingredients used were found to be inaccurate. 

When selecting CBD products, the product manager at Leafreport, Gal Shapira, recommends taking the three following actions: “make sure the brand utilizes a third-party testing lab and that their certificates of analysis (CoA) are linked on the product labeling or at least apparent on their website,” determine if a product is isolate, broad spectrum, or full spectrum, and finally, look for any vitamins or supplements that may be added into a CBD product.

Study Shows Most CBD Sleep Aids Are Mislabeled

Why Tracking Your Sleep Creates Concern for The Nocebo Effect

Many of us use our smart watches to track everything, including sleep. But GQ reports that a poor report on your sleep phases may impact your mood and outlook on the day.

Turns out, there’s a term for this feeling – the “nocebo” effect. Just the opposite of a placebo effect, a negative result from runner Eric Harrison Riddle’s watch made the impacts of his bad sleep all the more real. 

“It can be really frustrating,” Samina Ahmed Jauregui, PsyD, an assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine told GQ. “You get this device: It’s supposed to help you figure out what’s going on. Then, it can work against you

Why Tracking Your Sleep Can Backfire  

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