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Leesa Pillow Review

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Looking to up your pillow game? Good idea, a pillow is just as important to your sleeping experience as your mattress! Today we’re looking at the Leesa pillow, from the same makers as the very popular Leesa and Sapira mattresses. Will the new pillow from Leesa keep up with the strong brand of their mattresses?

Keep reading below to find out!

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Leesa Pillow Review

Standard size Leesa pillow on the Leesa mattress


The Leesa pillow is constructed with contour cut Avena-like foam (Avena is the same foam used in the top layer of the Leesa mattress) which is a polyurethane foam with specs ILD 8, Density 2.5. The foam has ventilated air channels (little holes in the foam) to increase air flow for cooling.

The foam inside is one piece of foam, going for a similar feel to the Leesa mattress – supportive and responsive, with a medium-firm feel.

Leesa Pillow Avena Foam

The Leesa pillow is constructed with one piece of Avena performance foam

Compared to a lot of memory foam pillows we have reviewed, the Avena foam is in my opinion better in that it conforms, but doesn’t have an excessively solid feel after you sink in. The pillow somehow keeps a very light/airy feel while still making you feel supported.


The cover of the Leesa pillow is the same as the cover of the Leesa mattress both in material and design. The cover material consists of 70% Polyester, 17% Viscose, 13% Nylon. It is very soft and comfortable to the touch, and would certainly be comfortable if slept on without a pillow case (though I would still recommend using a pillow case).

The zipper on the cover goes along just one end of the pillow, and is sturdy yet discrete. It’s easy to remove the cover – which is great because it is machine washable as well.

Leesa Pillow Cover

Close-up on the Leesa pillow cover

Feel and Support

I personally really like the feel of the Leesa pillow. It has a very supportive feel, but is light and responsive. It’s comfortable to rest my head on, contouring to the weight very well – but the foam responds quickly also, making it very comfortable to move the head around when I am switching sleeping positions.

As you can see when pushing into the pillow, the foam conforms very well to pressure.

Leesa pillow push down

Pushing down on the Leesa pillow

The thickness and foam make it so that I think this pillow can work for a person in any sleeping position. When laying on my back, the foam sinks in well and aligns my neck along my spine very nicely. Similarly on my side, the pillow offers good support and sinks in nicely while still being comfortable and light against my face.

Leesa Pillow Side Sleeper

The Leesa pillow when sleeping on my side

The pillow is also a good size for between the legs when side sleeping (a very comfortable pillow placement if you haven’t tried it). The pillow originally looks a bit thicker than what I typically want for side sleeping, but the foam actually compresses in a nice way to make it very comfortable in my case. If you are planning on using this use case, I would probably go with the standard size, in that I think the king size may prove a bit too wide and long for most people when between the legs.

Leesa Pillow Between Legs

Leesa pillow between my legs when sleeping on my side

Pricing and Sizing

The Leesa pillow comes in two sizes, standard and king. Pricing and sizing information below:

Standard18" x 26" x 5"$75
King18" x 33" x 5"$95

Other Details

  • The pillow has a 3 year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping
  • They have a 100 night trial return policy

Who should get the Leesa pillow?

Overall I think the Leesa pillow is a really nice option to be used as a head or between-the-legs pillow. I’d suggest you strongly consider the Leesa pillow for yourself if:

  • You love the Leesa mattress – The pillow has a very similar feel and design to the Leesa mattress, so if you’re already a fan of the Leesa mattress, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the pillow as well
  • You want a pillow for all sleeping positions – I found Leesa to be comfortable under the head for all sleeping positions
  • You’re willing to pay more, but not too much, for the right pillow – Leesa is priced as a premium pillow, but still a reasonable price if you think this is the right pillow for you.
  • You want a pillow that is comfortable between the legs – I thought the pillow did a nice job of aligning the spine when put between the legs. Overall

Ready to buy the Leesa pillow? Check out all the design specs and get best pricing at

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