Here’s What Happens When a TikTok Dad With Parasomnia Feeds His Baby in the Middle of the Night

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Parasomnia Husband

We’re all done some strange things in our sleep, but this story might be one of the most original and funniest sleep stories we’ve heard. After reaching over 13 million views on TikTok the internet seems to think so too. 

Social media couple Danielle and Ryan, known as “The Ploofs,” have most recently been sharing their journey in becoming first time parents. There’s a lot that comes with being brand new parents, including the late night wake up calls

Well one of those late nights didn’t go exactly as planned when Danielle asked Ryan to make their baby a bottle in the middle of the night. However, instead of Ryan waking up to correctly make a baby bottle, a very much asleep version of Ryan filled the bottle with Red Bull. (1)

In the hilarious TikTok video that Danielle took, the beginning of the video explainings that Ryan has parasomnias, which are a collection of sleep disorders. 

Columbia professor and board certified psychiatrist and sleep therapist, Dr. Ryan Sultan, told Sleepopolis that parasomnia refers to abnormal behaviors during sleep that disrupt the sleep cycle, which can include sleepwalking, night terrors, or acting out dreams. 

While Ryan is responding in the viral video to his wife, he’s actually asleep the entire time. Even in the first couple seconds, Ryan is confused thinking his wife is asking him for a bottle and a swaddle. He even says, “It’s like a physical dream catcher or something,” referring to the swaddle she didn’t ask for, before closing his eyes to sleep again. (1)

He then goes to the kitchen, opening the fridge, retrieving the Red Bull and pouring it into the baby bottle. After taking a drink from it he brings it back to his wife saying he got her a “bottle of Red Bull so you can feed him.” (1)

Danielle laughs, trying her best to explain that their baby doesn’t drink Red Bull, but Ryan just isn’t understanding the message — which is fair given that Ryan is not exactly present in this encounter. 

After he continues persisting that they have to feed the baby, Danielle explains again that she wants a bottle for the baby. With a confused look, Ryan says he’ll just keep the bottle of Red Bull then, once again drinking from it while handing her the swaddle she didn’t ask for. 

Returning to bed, Danielle tries one more time, this time slightly shaking Ryan awake this time asking for a bottle. Now awake, he immediately says yes and she reminds him saying, “with breast milk in it, not Red Bull” to which a very confused Ryan responds with, “yeah no shit.” (1)

Throughout the video Danielle had a good idea of when her husband was asleep and when he wasn’t, but this can be challenging when sharing a bed with someone with parasomnia. 

“Individuals with parasomnia often have open eyes and engage in complex behaviors while still asleep,” Sultan said. “Communication, gentle awakening, and ensuring a safe sleep environment are crucial in these situations.” 

In a follow-up video, Ryan is asking Danielle who drank his Red Bull. When she fills him in on what he did the night before to which he says, “I know I do some crazy things in my sleep, but there’s no way.” (2)   

As he’s watching the viral video, he explains that he doesn’t remember doing any of this, even saying, “don’t grab the Red Bull you idiot.” Ryan laughs along while watching the video, asking his wife if she’s going to film more of these nighttime episodes, to which she responds yes. (2)

While this was a funny situation, if something like this has happened to you, it’s best to see a sleep specialist who can properly test and put together a plan that can help manage the parasomnia. 

Sultan explains that improving sleep hygiene is essential for managing parasomnia, which can include maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, creating a restful sleep environment, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine before bed. This includes no Red Bulls before bed. 

Overall, Sultan shares that there are many ways that people can help manage parasomnia, and if you’re worried about waking up in the middle of the night to care for a baby there’s certain safeguards you can put in place. These can include setting alarms, keeping a room well-let, or, as they do in the video, having a family member help to ensure you’re fully awake and not putting yourself or others in any harm. 

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