New Dad Daniel Radcliffe Gets Real About Confusing Baby Sleep Schedules

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There are many struggles that come with having a newborn at home, from changing sticky diapers to cleaning up the occasional spit-up all over your clothes. However, these concerns seem small compared to the disrupted sleep schedule that could take a toll on new parents’ mental, physical, and sleep health. 

And these new struggles that might come along with having a newborn at home don’t just apply to regular schmegulars like us. A-list celebs, including Harry Potter himself, are getting uncomfortably adjusted to parenting life too. 

Daniel Radcliffe, known for his roles in the Harry Potter movies and currently starring in Merrily We Roll Along on Broadway, has welcomed his son into the world. With his new parenting lifestyle, he has come to believe a baby’s sleep schedule doesn’t seem to make sense. 

In a recent interview with E! News, Radcliffe compared his own sleep to the sleep of his child as a way to demonstrate how both schedules are so wildly different. 

“The less I sleep, the more I sleep at night,” said Radcliffe in the interview. (We’re told this sentence makes complete sense to fellow parents.) However, this is not the same case for the little ones. (1)

“But the less they sleep, the less they sleep!” he said about babies. “And the more they sleep, the better they sleep! It makes no sense, but it is apparently how they work.” 

Radcliffe proceeded to crack some jokes about being a new parent in the interview. He explained how amazed he is by the relationship parents have with the little “creatures” they created. 

He mentioned the common scenario of a parent waking up exhausted, inconvenienced, and distressed by a newborn. But his baby never fails to greet him with that sweet smile. After that, the exhaustion and distress you may have simply fades away due to immense love. 

“The fact that there is a creature in the world that can give you the worst night of your life,” he said. “And then you wake up in the morning and go over to them, and they turn around and smile, and you’re like, ‘I don’t care about any of the things you just did.’ That’s pretty cool.”

It always makes us feel better to know that some popular celebs are going through the same parent struggles, despite their seemingly unlimited resources, and might be just as confused on how to get this whole parenting thing down. However, it’s important to prioritize yourself even when you begin to realize your life revolves around your baby. It is important to practice good sleep hygiene, such as staying active and exercising even when you’re tired, and staying away from too much caffeine might help you get back to a consistent sleep schedule. 

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