Tom Holland Gets Candid About How His Past Alcohol Use Negatively Affected His Sleep

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Tom Holland

We love it when an A-list celebrity can be so relatable. Tom Holland succeeds in that by getting personal in a Jay Shetty podcast by highlighting how one too many beers left him with continuous painful migraines in the morning and a terrible night’s sleep. 

Despite living a healthy lifestyle and being a young star, he could not find the root cause of his sleeping problems. Until he found out that continuous drinking can impact many aspects of physical and mental health, he was unaware of how alcohol could put a strain on his sleeping habits.

“I was like why can’t I sleep,” Holland said in the podcast. “I am working 14 hours a day, I’m doing two hours in the gym, I’m eating really healthily and I can’t sleep.” 

Holland first admits in the podcast that he has always been able to drink a lot and not be affected by alcohol, especially during the holiday seasons and on his vacations. 

A year and a half ago, he decided to give up alcohol in January because he noticed his drinking habits getting out of hand. He said in the podcast that his desire to have a beer every single day was not healthy and there was an alcohol problem deriving from those desires. 

“All I could think about was having a drink,” he said. “It’s all I could think about.” I was waking up thinking about it, I was checking the clock when it’s 12.” 

Along with alcohol affecting his mental and physical health and his social relationships, he noticed his sleep habits were not where they should have been, especially with his busy lifestyle. 

He then decided to buy an Oura ring to understand if alcohol was the true cause of him struggling to fall asleep at night. The ring gave the hard truth to Holland and indicated that alcohol was the cause of his problems. 

“I bought this ring and it was booze,” he said. “It completely affected my sleep and since I have given it up I can sleep anywhere.” 

Holland continued his sobriety even past January after the wake-up call that alcohol was his main enemy. Even though giving up alcohol was one of the hardest moments of his life, he reached June 1st, his birthday, and knew the sober lifestyle was for him, in both a personal and professional way. 

He said that proceeding with this decision has been the best idea he could have ever made. That craving for popping open a drink doesn’t cross his mind anymore. He has found some alternatives, such as non-alcoholic beer, to have in social settings. 

“I do love being a non-drinker,” he said. “I love being the designated driver.”

If Holland can be sober in his world filled with parties and social events, you might be able to do the same (if this is something you have been considering giving up), specifically if you struggle to get those essential zzz’s at night. 

Just as Holland said in the video, giving up alcohol gives you this ability to be a more dependable person, for yourself and others. If giving up that glass of rosé (or two) means sleeping like a baby, sign us up. 

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