This Womb-Inspired Hotel Room Lets You (Literally) Sleep Like a Baby

A London-based hotel recently unveiled a new womb-inspired bedroom, and it’s designed to make you (literally) sleep like a baby.

For the first time ever, guests at the The Zed Rooms in Shoreditch, London have the option to snooze in the “Woom Room” — a cocoon shaped bedroom designed to make you feel like you’re securely nestled in utero. The concept was born of a collaboration between mattress company Simba and boutique apartment business Cuckooz, and it’s the first (and only) womb-inspired hotel room in all of London.

The Woom Room was strategically built to simulate the security of slumbering in mother’s womb, with an aim to facilitate a higher concentration of REM sleep. The room’s temperature-regulating mattress is tucked inside a cavern surrounded by blackout curtains, soft lighting, and ready-made foods chock full of melatonin.

Outside of the “womb” are mats for yoga or meditation, both of which have been shown to induce calm and even drowsiness. Additionally, guests can use the room’s iPads to access “calm apps” for guided meditate and deep breathing practices.

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While our time in utero might have been the best sleep we’ll ever enjoy, research shows that the design of your bedroom can be directly linked to the quality of your slumber. And even if you don’t have the means to recreate your own Woom Room, choosing the right lighting, wallpaper, and bed placement are just a few ways you can set the stage for good snoozing.

Of course, ensuring that you’re sleeping on the best pillow and mattress are the first (and most important) steps to building a better night’s rest, but sleep experts also encourage people to pay attention to their bedrooms as a whole. For example, replacing blue light with soft, warm lighting, decorating your room with plants, and even making your bed in the morning are all proven ways to enhance sleep health.

As we learn more about the effects our sleep environments have on the quality of our Zzz’s, it’s no wonder the Zed Rooms are focusing on innovative ways to play around with bedroom design. While the Woom Room is the first of its kind, it’ll be interesting to see if other hotels will begin experimenting more with sleep-specific room schemes.

Images courtesy of @zedrooms and @cuckooz on Instagram

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