5 Ways to Use Your Tax Refund For Better Sleep

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Tax Day is on the very near horizon, and for some lucky Americans, that can mean a return, and some potentially unexpected spending money. Instead of blowing your new chunk of change on just whatever, consider investing it in items that will support one of your most important health metrics — sleep.

People who have excellent sleep hygiene often don’t happen upon it by accident. Instead, it takes some research and intentional planning, as well as some reflection, about what products you have, and still need to purchase, to ensure your sleep environment is as comfortable as possible. A must-have for sleep hygiene is a cool, dark environment, whether it means a soundproof panel blocking annoying traffic sounds, cooling pajamas, or a blackout curtain.

Here are some top considerations for products to invest your tax return in this year.

The Best Mattress for Your Specific Needs

If your mattress is pushing into the double digits age-wise, it’s time to level up, with an eye on mattresses that have your specific needs in mind. The best mattresses of 2024 prioritize a medium-firm feel, long-lasting support, cooling features, and high-quality materials. But, choose carefully based on your most typical sleeping position, whether it’s belly, back, or side, for ultimate comfort. If you aren’t sure, our overall favorite, the Helix Midnight, is a fit for a wide variety of people. If you do purchase a new mattress, don’t forget to ensure it will stay new-ish for a long while with a mattress protector.

A Much More Supportive Pillow

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your floppy old pillow, it may have been too long. It all depends on what type of pillow you have. Down pillows can last 10-15 years, and buckwheat pillows can even last 20. But, latex or memory foam should be replaced in just two to three years, on average. Pillows can get pretty gross, with dust mites and drool and more, especially because some can be a bit tricky to wash. Whether you need a new pillow for your toddler, a sleep apnea pillow, or an orthopedic pillow for your achy neck, your tax return is a great time to replace your pillow, or even all the pillows in your home.

Luxurious Pajamas

We get it — your partner’s old college T-shirt and your favorite shorts are seriously comfortable. And you should keep them. But, if you are trying to optimize your sleep and feel a bit more luxurious when you slide into bed at night, you can invest in some upgraded sleepwear, such as a pair of silk or bamboo pajamas. Even if you aren’t someone who pays particular attention to fabric choices when you shop, it might be time when you are looking to upgrade your pajama drawer. After all, when you feel cozy you just sleep better. And if you happen to want to buy matching pajamas for you and your pet, go for it.

Leveled-Up Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are well known for being both exceptionally soft and quite durable, making them a great investment item in your bedroom. They typically range from $140 to around $200, depending on your mattress size, but will last longer than your old jersey knit or even cheaper cotton sheets, which you might find shrink, pill, or stretch out before you expected. But be warned, you will want two sets once you’ve tried them.

A Deep Dive Into Your Sleep Data

You track your steps, your standing time, and maybe even your meal choices. But tracking your sleep can give you insights into one of the most important aspects of your health, and help you develop strong sleep routines. The best sleep trackers do just that, from wearable rings and watches, to “nearables” that are close to you but not on your body. For example, the RISE app can help you figure out how much sleep debt you might have, while the Oura ring can be less clunky than wearing a smartwatch to bed.

However you decide to spend your extra money this tax season, look first to the one thing your bedroom, or your sleep routine has been missing. 

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