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Ghostbed Luxe Giveaway

In celebration of our recently published guide to the Best Cooling Mattresses on the market, we’re offering our lovely readers the chance to win some pretty incredible mattresses. We’ve currently got a giveaway from Purple going and are adding one from Ghostbed to the mix!

Ghostbed Luxe Mattress Giveaway

The Ghostbed Luxe is a luxurious all-foam bed outfitted with a special cooling cover. As you sink into the thick layers of memory foam for pressure relief, you’ll find that the mattress actively works to absorb and dissipate your body heat.

GhostBed Luxe Comparison Cover
Close up of the cover of the GhostBed Luxe

We’ll be choosing one winner for this giveaway, so enter now! And don’t forget to throw your hat into all our other exciting contests:

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181 thoughts on “Ghostbed Luxe Giveaway”

  1. I think the Zenhaven would be the best for me with the Purple a close second. But honestly, any new mattress would be better than the one I’m using now.

  2. The ghost bed is definitely the best! Almost bought one on Cyber Monday but decided our budget is a bit too tight this year so we’ll grab one in 2019! :)

  3. I’m entering all your amazing mattress giveaways. Because my oldest daughter needs a new mattress. And yours are the best.
    I appreciate the chances

  4. So this fits for two reasons, even in winter I am constantly throwing off my blankets and putting my feet outside the bedding! And since I lost my beloved bed in a devastating fire earlier this year that I am still emotionally and financially trying to recover from, this would be one less worry!

  5. I would love to win this Ghostbed. I have heard so many great things about it. Before being diagnosed with cancer I tried 3 different mattresses and they were all horrible. I would give anything to get this Ghostbed and actually get a good night’s sleep and maybe help my body heal. Good luck to everyone entering and Happy Holidays!

  6. OMG I love this site, the visual of how plush the mattress is by watching his hand sink into it is so satisfying. This mattress looks phenomenal.

  7. Hubby and I have been sleeping on couches for past 3 months because our old mattress gave out. Would LOVE to win one of the awesome mattresses!! Thank you!

  8. My favorite would be the Ghostbed Luxe! I am a hot sleeper and this mattress would help keep me cool while I sleep! Thank you for the chance!

  9. I’d choose the GhostbedLuxe . I’m a hot sleeper and I need a cooling mattress..maybe someday I can sleep thru the night without waking up sweating!

  10. This mattress so comfortable and luxurious. This would be amazing to receive especially since I don’t have a mattress. Good luck everyone.

  11. Cooling mattress? I’m in definitely! I’m a very hot sleeper and in need of a great mattress… thanks for the winning opportunity!

  12. The description of this mattress gives my body hope. We bought a soso mattress because it was cheep about three years ago. My husband sleeps on , in my opinion an even worse soffa because a sizeable dent is now in his side of the matress. My boys have taken up much of our small bed in his absence. I don’t want to wake him by trying to put them back in there room when they crawl into our bed in the middle of the night, so I sleep on the edge. I’d cry if I win, real tears, and I bet it would feel like sleeping in heaven.

  13. I do believe this Ghostbed Luxe Mattress is the best for me and hubby. It is cooling and that is what we are searching for in a mattress.

  14. I love your reviews on any mattress, especially the ghostbed! So much attention to detail and helps on my buying decision. Hope to sleep in a ghostbed real soon!

  15. All your reviews are great. At this time, I’m attracted to the Purple – sounds great – and actually the Ghostbed sounds pretty good too!

  16. Yes, two faves.
    This one Ghostbed Luxe because cooling perfect for S. Florida…hot, hot, hot.
    Avocado for us eco friendly peeps.

  17. The Ghostbed Luxe seems like it would be very comfortable and since I am a senior with a lot of aches and pains this would be an awesome bed in which I might add is something I need. Mine is way overdue to be replaced. Thanks for the chance

  18. I think the Purple mattress sounds like the best one for me because I am a side sleeper with chronic pain and I want a mattress that keeps me cool

  19. I love the Layla because I’m a 100% side sleeper. This Ghost Bed Luxe looks awesome because it’s for hot sleeper, which I am.

  20. I think this luxe cooling one might be the one for us. Due to my fibromyalgia and other issues I go from hot to cold. Getting too hot in bed doesn’t feel good for me. Hubby is 230lb and gets hot in bed also. So something that keeps us cool would help. Our current mattress is a foam mattress but lost it’s renounce really fast. I wake up every hour to 2 hours in so much pain. In the morning I’m so locked up I’m in tears getting up.

  21. Would Love this and actually they all review good, you really make it hard to decide..

  22. The Idle and the Avocado sound wonderful, but all of them have reasons that make them a good fit for me. Just so hard to decide without being able to actually feel them for oneself.

  23. The latex mattress I like the best is the Zenhaven. It’s flippable so you get two different firmness levels depending on preference, sleeps cool and has 5 zone comfort layer to support different parts of your body and offers a 120 day home trial

  24. I’m a side sleeper so the Layla sounds life a great fit, but I also have horrible hot flashes at night due to medical menopause so the Purple mattress sounds great too.

  25. As a hot side sleeper that loves the sinking in feeling, I’ve been considering the change from an innerspring mattress to memory foam. You’re definitely highlighting my favorite ones this week, would LOVE to try the Ghostbed Luxe!

  26. I’m actually in love with the ghostbed now that I’ve seen the Review…. But if I had to choose I would say the purple mattress 💋💕💋💕💋💕💋

  27. Sounds great! We always sleep hot, but husband loves the feel of memory foam for the pressure relief it offers. Currently on some latex toppers that just don’t give enough pressure relief for my husband. Fingers crossed and thanks for the opportunity!!
    Good luck to everyone!

  28. I think either this INSANE GhostBed Lux has got to be MY FAVORITE bed you have reviewed so far!! I have wanted a cooling mattress for so so long!! This looks like the best place ever to be cuddled up in!!

  29. Want to say this. I aways wanted to get me a good mattress like this. But with my fixed income there is no way I could ever buy one. My Friend purchased one of the sleepopolis mattress . She went on vacation and ask me to house sit for her while she went to England. She was gone two weeks. I slept in her bed she purchased and I can say it was the best two weeks of sleep I ever had in 7 months. I had a house fire a year ago and lost everything I had. Starting over hasn’t been easy. God bless.

  30. I wasn’t considering buying this mattress until this review and giveaway Ghosted Luxe. is definitely in my top choices to purchase (or win)

  31. I have heard good things about Ghost Beds! We could definitely use a new mattress, but it just hasn’t been in the budget. Thanks for the chance!

  32. Well it was the purple mattress that sounded great, but now that I’m reading up on the ghostbed I think I changed my mind! Sounds great too. You guys make it so hard to choose!

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