How This TikToker Creates the Fluffiest Comforter Ever

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Have you ever seen a bed that looks so comfy you wonder if you could recreate that in your own bedroom? Look no further, because according to TikTok this is the hack that can transform your comforter from flat and dull to fluffy and lively. 

After receiving over 4.5 million views, TikToker Brianna Via knows what she’s talking about when it comes to comforters. She starts the video by explaining she found the world’s puffiest comforter, that it might even be considered too fluffy for her bed. (1)

Her secret? Via breaks it down into two simple steps. (1)

Step 1: Buy a comforter one size too big for your duvet cover. 

The extra size allows for extra fluff when folding your comforter over. Via explains she bought a super king size comforter for her king duvet cover. If you happen to have two comforters lying around, you can get the same effect by adding them to your duvet instead of the larger comforter.  

Step 2: Tumble your comforter in the dryer after getting it. 

Allowing your comforter to spread out in the dryer creates the puffiest comforter possible. 

After completing these two steps you can recreate Via’s viral comforter that the comment section went wild for. 

While lots of the comments were explaining how comfortable the comforter looked, others were pointing out sleeping under it would be pretty toasty

“I would need a crazy AC system,” one person said. “I would be DRIPPING in sweat,” another pointed out. 

An Expert Weighs In

Angelo Albertini, sleep expert and founder and CEO of MyBespokeMattress, told Sleepopolis it’s all about finding a balance between coziness and breathability. 

“An overly puffy comforter might trap too much heat, especially if the filling and fabric don’t breathe well,” he explained. 

If you’re trying to enhance the coziness of your comforter, Albertini explains there’s a couple of things to look for, including what it’s filled with. 

What your comforter is filled with can play a big role in the comfort level of your comforter. Natural fillings are considered to be luxurious because of their softness and warmth, but wool is hypoallergenic and is great at regulating temperature, Albertini said. 

The duvet you use matters. Albertini suggests looking for a duvet made of Egyptian cotton, bamboo, or even microfiber to enhance your bedroom coziness. Having a duvet cover adds an extra layer of softness and warmth too. 

Taking care of your comforter is of the utmost importance if you want to keep the softness of it long term. Something as easy as regularly shaking your comforter can help to maintain its fluffiness Albertini said. 

Also remember to routinely wash your comforter, opting for a gentle cycle with cold water. When putting it in the dryer try adding a clean tennis ball to the load. Albertini explains it can help to fluff the comforter as it dries. 

Now that you have the knowledge to turn your bed into the comfiest and fluffiest place, just remember to not get carried away with the puffiness.

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