Best Duvet Cover Sets

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Duvet cover sets offer a simple way to experiment with the look of your bedroom, while providing a protective outer layer for your duvet. They come in a range of sizes and styles, and are usually machine washable. This makes them ideal for guest rooms, or for those who don’t want to wash the entire duvet every week. Additionally, switching up duvet cover set is a great way to regulate the temperature of your bedding, as you can experiment with different materials for every season.

Typically, a full set comes with the duvet cover itself, as well as two matching pillowcases. That said, duvet covers are technically designed for duvet inserts, but there’s no rule that says you can’t cover your comforter as well. The versatility and easy maintenance of duvet covers certainly makes them a bedding essential, but how do you choose which duvet cover is the best for your bedding? Keep reading to find out!

Best Duvet Covers

Best for Cool Weather


nestl Bedding Company

Made from 100% double-brushed microfiber, the nestl duvet cover set is warm, cozy, and perfect for cool climate. Button closures keep your duvet insert or comforter snugly tucked away, while four corner loops keep it from shifting around within the cover. The matching pillowcases feature a flanged border for a seamless, elegant look.  

nestl Duvet Cover Set Pros 

  • Sleepers looking to keep warm beneath a super soft and stylish duvet cover are going to be most compatible with this set! Not to mention, it’s completely machine washable and dryable which makes maintenance nice and easy. 
  • Tired of basic white bedding? This duvet cover set comes in over forty different colors, many of which are bright and vibrant.  
  • Personally, I think corner loops are essential to a duvet cover. The corner loops inside this duvet cover are easy to tie and, in my experience, did a great job keeping the insert in place. 

nestl Duvet Cover Cons 

  • This is a matter of personal preference, but I wish the envelope closures were on the side of the pillowcases rather than down the middle of the back. I like to be able to flip my pillow from time to time, but I don’t want to sleep with my face on the pillowcase’s opening. 
  • If you’re prone to warming up during the night, or looking for a duvet cover that’s going to keep you cool, I can’t guarantee this set will hit the mark. I found it to be more warm and cozy and cool and breathable.
nestl Bedding Company
nestl Bedding Company
nestl Bedding Company

The nestl duvet cover set is warm, cozy, and perfect for cool climate!

Best for Warm Weather


Hotel Luxury 3pc Duvet Cover Set

The Hotel Luxury 3pc Duvet Cover Set from HC Collection is made from 100% polyester, which is a naturally moisture-wicking material. It’s light, breathable, and offers a simple design that might particularly appeal to the hot sleeper who prefers a subtle bedroom style.  

HC Collection Duvet Cover Set Pros 

  • The lightweight, breezy nature of this duvet cover set makes it ideal for folks looking to sleep cool. Additionally, it’s made from a moisture-wicking material great for staving off those night sweats! 
  • Button closures keep your duvet safely tucked away, and there’s an additional flap of fabric that covers the buttons for a totally seamless look. 
  • Both pillowcases come with flanged borders for those who prefer a hotel-style aesthetic!

HC Collection Linens Duvet Cover Set Cons 

  • As a sleeper who runs hot, I do appreciate how light and breathable this duvet cover set is. However, this material is so lightweight, it borders on being too thin. If you get the set in white like I did, you’ll be able to see any tags or wrinkles through the fabric.  
  • Unfortunately, the duvet cover does not come with corner loops, so you may find your comforter or duvet insert bunching up within the cover. 
Hotel Luxury 3pc Duvet Cover Set
Hotel Luxury 3pc Duvet Cover Set
Hotel Luxury 3pc Duvet Cover Set

The HC Collection Linens duvet cover and pillowcases are light, breathable, and offers a simple design that might particularly appeal to the hot sleeper who prefers a subtle bedroom style!

Best Value


Utopia Bedding Duvet Cover Set

Made from 100% brushed microfiber, this duvet cover set is very soft to the touch, and totally machine washable. Not to mention, it features a double-zipper closure and corner loops to make sure that your duvet only slips out of its cover when you want it to! 

Utopia Bedding Duvet Cover Set Pros 

  • The pillowcases come with envelope closures on the side rather than down the middle, which is my personal preference. This way, you can flip your pillow without having to worry about resting your face on the opening.   
  • The double-zipper closure makes sure your duvet or comforter stays inside the cover with no chance of spilling out, as can sometimes happen with button closures. Meanwhile, the corner loops keep it from shifting around within the cover!
  • Coming in at less than $20, this duvet cover set is a fantastic value. It’s made from durable, very soft material, and offers full coverage for your duvet insert or comforter.  

Utopia Bedding Duvet Cover Set Cons 

  • This isn’t a reflection on the comfort of this set, but the materials are not listed anywhere on the products’ tags. The wash care instructions are listed, but to find out that this set is made from 100% microfiber, I had to do some digging on the brand’s website. 
  • This duvet cover set is likely to do a better job of keeping you warm than cool. So, if you’re a sleeper who runs hot, this is something to consider!
Utopia Bedding Duvet Cover Set
Utopia Bedding Duvet Cover Set
Utopia Bedding Duvet Cover Set

Made from 100% brushed microfiber, the Utopia duvet cover set is very soft to the touch, and totally machine washable!

How We Picked

Now that you’ve seen my personal duvet cover set picks, let’s dive into the methodology behind my choices. After all, when it comes to finding the perfect bedding, there’s a lot to consider!

Choosing the Best Duvet Covers

Sizing – In my experience, most bedding brands offer its duvet cover sets in a wide range of sizes. However, sometimes duvet covers only come in what’s referred to as a “Standard/Queen” size. So, before you make your purchase, scroll through the product description until you reach the “dimensions” section. There, you’ll be able to figure out if your duvet or comforter will fit the exact measurements of the duvet cover.

Style – In my opinion, one of the best things about the duvet cover set is that it allows you to give your bedroom a quick makeover. If you get bored with the look of your bedding, there’s no need to sink money into a brand new comforter. Just change the duvet cover and pillowcases and — voila — you’ve got a brand new look.

Additionally, duvet covers are easily replaced and typically less expensive than a duvet or comforter itself. So, nothing is stopping you from having many different covers all bearing different designs and materials. When you’re in the mood to play with your bedroom decor, just swap out your duvet cover!

Fabrics – Just like the rest of your bedding essentials, it’s a good idea to shop for duvet cover sets according to the seasons. If you’re trying to sleep cool, I suggest going with breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics like linen, lightweight polyester, cotton, Tencel, or anything bamboo-based. Meanwhile, materials like brushed microfiber, flannel, silk, and fleece are much better insulators when the cold weather rolls in.

Construction – When it comes to the construction of your duvet cover sets, there are a few key things to look out for:

  • Firstly, find out whether or not the cover features internal corner loops. Most duvet covers do, but without them, there’s a good chance your comforter or duvet will slip and slide around within the cover.
  • Next, find out what kind of pillowcase closures appeal to you most. Do you prefer envelope closures on the side, or down the middle? Do you prefer a flanged border, or a traditional “bagstyle” fit? Duvet cover sets almost always come with pillowcases, so take some time to determine which style of pillowcase is your favorite.
  • Finally, pay attention to the duvet cover closures. In my experience, button closures are the most common, and many sleepers prefer them because they add a cute, aesthetic flare. But if you prefer total coverage and want to eliminate the possibility of any material spilling out of the gaps between buttons, go with a zipper closure. That’ll keep your duvet completely locked inside!

Price – Finding the duvet cover set that’s perfect for you can help you get a better night’s sleep, so it’s important not to skimp on quality. That said, price does range quite a bit when it comes to bedding, so take some time to figure out what your personal budget is, and what kind of materials you like best. Personally, I stick to the $50-$60 range, as a price that’s too low can sometimes be a warning sign. But don’t forget: bedding brands frequently offer trial periods wherein you can test a product out before you commit, and I always suggest taking advantage of that when possible.

Sleepopolis Tips

Before you click the “buy” button, take some time to consider these details:

  • Always check the “materials” description before you make your purchase. Oftentimes, what looks like cotton is actually microfiber, and what looks like bamboo is actually silk or satin. This might not always make a difference, but those with allergies, sensitive skin, or specific fabric preferences should make sure they’re getting exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Additionally, going with hypoallergenic materials is not just beneficial for those with allergies. In fact, aiming for duvet covers that advertise hypoallergenic or antimicrobial properties can often keep dustmites, mold and mildew at bay!

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve reached the end of my favorite duvet cover set picks, you’ve probably decided which one is ideal for your unique sleep needs. But if not, don’t worry! The perfect duvet cover set can be hard to find, but a great night’s sleep is always worth the effort. In the meantime, allow this roundup to guide you in your search. Happy shopping!

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