Miracle Baby Loungers Recalled By CPSC Due to Suffocation and Fall Risks

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If you are a user of the Miracle Baby Loungers for your little one, it might be time to chuck the product instead of using it the next time you put your little one to sleep. On November 22, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warned consumers to steer clear of the product as it can cause suffocation and could be a fall hazard for babies, which violates the federal safety regulations. (1)

The CPSC has a set of required guidelines for infant sleep products known as the CPSC’s Infant Sleep Products regulation, which the Miracle Baby Loungers failed to adhere to since the product does not have a stand that can protect the infant while in the lounger when falling asleep. 

Also, the CPSC regulations require companies to have certain markings, labels, and instructions for consumers to have access to. Specifically, the product does not contain any information regarding the manufacture date which is required for infant and toddler products. 

The maker of the product, Yichang Lanqier Garment Co. Ltd., of China, has been given a Notice of Violation by the CPSC. However, the firm decided that it will not recall the items or offer a new one, but rather customers will now receive a notice personally sent to them. 

These products began selling in June 2022 at prices from $30 to $50 on Amazon until November 2022. The CPSC only assesses the lounger in the New Bear fabric, but the product comes in other fabrics such as New Pink Star, Pink Cross, Deer, Elephant, Bee, Cat, and several other options.

Even though the CPSC made its Infant Sleep Products regulation only pertinent to products made after or on June 23, 2022, it is still sending out a warning for the Miracle Baby Loungers due to its missing manufacturing date on both the product and packaging. 

If you are an owner of this product, the CSPC urges consumers to stop using this product for the safety of your infant. In order to discard this product, the CSPC gave suggestions on how to properly do so. Firstly, cut up the lounger cover along with the sleeping pad and the bumpers on the side. The removal of those pieces in your trash or recycling. 

And as a final reminder, the CSPC gave some tips for parents on how their baby should sleep in a safe environment. This includes sleeping on a flat and solid surface, whether that be in a crib or a bassinet. Fitted sheets should only be used and there should never be any pillows, blankets or crib bumpers in the sleeping area. Finally, infants should always be sleeping on their back and if you notice your baby falling asleep in an upright position, they should be moved to a hard and flat surface.

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