New Trend in Fitted Sheets: A Foolproof Strap Method to Make the Process Easier Than Ever

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Have you ever tried to put on a fitted sheet, but one corner just won’t stay down? Before you know it you’re huffing and puffing desperately pleading for the fitted sheet to stay in place. Now imagine a sheet that was easy to put on and stayed in place. Welcome to the new world of fitted sheets. 

To fix these common annoyances, two brothers created the bedding company, The Lad Collective. They introduced fitted sheets that include labeled straps to show where the corners are and straps attached to each corner making it easier to put the sheet on the bed. 

After receiving over three million views on one of their TikToks, people seem to love their idea and their product has received five stars from reviews on their website. (1)

One of the top comments said, “As someone with chronic pain, I LOVE this and I feel like it would be so helpful.” (1)


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While the addition of elastic on fitted sheets to keep them in place isn’t new, it has grown in popularity with brands now ensuring their products have this feature.  

SOMÉ, a global luxury wellness brand, launched a new line of sheets to help address another sleep problem, night sweats. 

There are many sheets on the market to keep you cool at night, SOMÉ’s continuous cooling sheets are set apart by their first-of-its-kind temperature regulation technology. The tech is designed to keep the body at an ideal temperature all night long

Not only do these sheets help ensure no unnecessary sweating, they’re also outfitted with elastic and corner elastic bands to ensure they stay in place and the fitted sheet is labeled long and short so you don’t have to wonder if you’re putting it on the right way. 

Martin Seeley, sleep expert and founder and CEO of Mattress Next Day, told Sleepopolis it’s a good thing that more sheets are coming with the addition of an elastic band. 

“By keeping the sheet firmly in place, these straps lessen the need for many adjustments during the night,” Seeley said. “Elastic straps help provide a more solid sleep environment by keeping the sheet from slipping off, allowing for uninterrupted slumber.” 

Now instead of worrying about your sheets moving off the bed while you sleep, Seeley explains your quality of sleep can be improved knowing the elastic is doing its job throughout the night. 

Why Do You Need a Good Fitted Sheet?

Even if you’d yet to hop on the latest fitted sheet trends, Seeley explained the top reason it’s important to have a good fitted sheet to sleep on.  

  1. Aids in shielding mattress from allergens, precipitation, and grime

Trying to keep your mattress protected from this build up over the years can help with the longevity of the bed. 

  1. Improves sleep health by having a clean sleeping environment.

No one wants something unsanitary. Having a fitted sheet that you regularly wash adds a level of cleanliness to your sleep space. 

  1. Provide a smooth, wrinkle free surface for sleep. 

By having this smooth layer between you and your mattress, it can lead to more uninterrupted and restful sleep which we can all use. 

After all, a well made bed can lead to well rested sleep, so next time you’re in the market for some new sheets, you’ll know what to look for. 

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