Short Queen vs Queen

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Short Queen vs Queen

If you know anything about mattresses, you’re probably familiar with the standard queen sized mattress. But did you know there’s a different variation of this classic mattress size? It’s called the short queen, also known as the RV queen or camper queen. This mattress is the same width as the standard queen but is five inches shorter, hence the name “short queen.”

You may be able to guess why the short queen is sometimes called the RV queen. These mattresses are extremely popular among folks who frequently sleep in RVs, campers, or other tiny homes. Subtracting five inches of length lets these beds squeeze perfectly into small spaces while still providing the width necessary to accommodate two sleepers.

Short Queen vs Queen

  Dimensions Price Range Occupancy Room Size Ideal For Surface Area
Short Queen 75″ x 60″ $600-$1,500 2 adults 9.6 ft x 10 ft Average height couples or people with RVs 4,500 square inches
Queen 80″ x 60″ $1,000-$2,000 2 adults 10 ft x 10 ft Average to tall couples  4,800 square inches

What Are The Differences?


The difference in size is the most obvious difference between the queen and short queen mattresses. As mentioned above, these mattresses are the same width. However, the short queen is, believe it or not, shorter. A standard queen is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, while the short queen is only 60 inches wide and 75 inches long — a five-inch difference. This means the queen has a total sleeping surface area of 4,800 square inches, while the short queen has a surface area of 4,500 square inches.


Since the short queen is smaller and therefore made using less material, it is generally cheaper than the standard queen. On average, a short queen will be priced between $600 and $1,500. The standard queen is usually priced somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000. 

Mattress prices can differ depending on the features, manufacturing, and materials. Check out our guide on how much you should spend on a mattress to learn more. 


Since the short queen is five inches shorter than the standard queen, it makes sense that it also weighs less. Mattress weight will vary depending on the materials it’s made of, but the short queen will generally be about 25 pounds lighter than the standard queen.

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s touch on some quick pros and cons for these bed sizes.

Short Queen Bed Pros

  • Can fit into smaller spaces: The shorter the bed, the less room it will take up. The short queen can easily fit into smaller areas, such as an RV or camper.
  • Great for unique room layouts: Not all bedrooms are made equal and some have layouts that are a bit funky. If you’re struggling to find a bed that fits in your bedroom, the short queen could be a good option.
  • Easy to transport: Because this mattress is smaller and lighter than a queen, it’s also a lot easier to transport. This could be beneficial for people who tend to move around a lot or people who like rearranging their rooms every once in a while.

Short Queen Bed Cons

  • Can be uncomfortable for tall people: This bed lacks the extra five inches the standard queen provides. For some heights, this isn’t an issue, but taller people may find they’re hanging off the edge. Those extra five inches may be crucial for some sleepers.
  • Not as common in mattress stores: This size bed is unique, and you likely won’t find it in your local mattress store. If there’s a certain mattress feel or material that is important to you, there is a chance you won’t be able to find it in the short queen size.
  • Harder to find sleep accessories: A uniquely sized bed means you’ll also need uniquely sized sleep accessories. You’ll not only have to find a place that sells the short queen size, but you’ll also need sheets, a bed frame, a comforter, and maybe even a mattress topper.

Queen Mattress

Queen Bed Pros

  • Tall people can fit: Unlike the short queen, tall sleepers likely won’t find themselves hanging off the mattress and can sleep comfortably all night.
  • Easy to find: The standard queen size bed is the most common mattress size that people shop for. Because it’s so universal, it’s easy to shop for and can be found at every major mattress retailer. 
  • Can fit two adults: This size is great for couples, as it can easily accommodate two people.

Queen Bed Cons

  • It’s heavy: The queen bed is, on average, about 25 pounds heavier than the short queen. If you’re trying to fit it in a camper, it can weigh it down and cause you to spend more gas. It also may be harder to transport if you tend to move frequently.
  • More expensive: The standard queen is more expensive than the short queen despite them being the same width. If height isn’t an issue for you or your partner, the short queen may be cheaper for the same sleep quality.
  • Can’t necessarily fit in all spaces: Some campers are large enough to fit a queen mattress, but many won’t be able to accommodate its length.

Short Queen Mattress 1

Which Type is Best For Who?

Now that we’ve covered the nitty-gritty, let’s go over the factors you may want to consider while choosing which bed size is right for you. 


The standard queen will be the better choice for people over six feet to ensure they have enough legroom. Both beds can comfortably fit two adults. If you like sleeping with your furry friend, the standard queen may be able to fit a small pet. The short queen likely won’t have enough room at the end of the bed for a pet to sleep.

Room Size

As we mentioned before, the short queen will fit better into smaller living spaces, such as RVs or tiny homes. The minimum size bedroom a short queen could fit in is 9.6 by 10 feet. For a standard queen, the smallest room it could fit in is 10 by 10 feet. The space you’re shopping for could determine which size is best for you.


If you’re looking for quick and easy shopping, then the standard queen wins. These mattresses are a standard size at all mattress and sleep accessory retailers, and you’ll have no problem finding a bed and accessories that meet all your comfort and aesthetic needs. The short queen may be much harder to shop for and find fitting sleep accessories. 


If you’re shopping on a budget, the short queen may be a good way to shave off a few hundred dollars while keeping the same width as the standard queen. However, be sure to check out our Sleepopolis deals and coupons whenever you’re shopping for a new mattress. We update these regularly to ensure you’re always getting the best price. You can also check out some of our favorite budget-friendly beds in our cheap mattress roundup.


As far as comfort goes, this will be subjective based on your body type and sleep position. If you’re taller than six feet or just tend to gravitate more towards the end of the bed throughout the night, then the short queen may not be the most comfortable for you. 

In addition, keep in mind the short queen is a hard size to come by. If you need a special type of mattress, such as one with materials to accommodate for back pain, then you may not be able to find what you’re looking for in a short queen size.

Other Types of Queen Mattresses

The short queen isn’t the only alternative-sized queen mattress on the market. There’s the California queen, which is the opposite of the short queen — it has the same length as a standard queen but is four inches wider. Another non-standard queen size is the Olympic queen. The Olympic queen has the same length as the standard queen but is six inches wider. 

  • Standard Queen: 60 by 80 inches
  • Short Queen: 60 by 75 inches
  • California Queen: 60 by 84 inches
  • Olympic Queen: 66 by 80 inches

If you’re on the hunt for a specific size, there are variations of the queen to accommodate whatever space or body type you’re shopping for. 


What does short queen mean?

Exactly what it sounds like! It’s a queen mattress but just five inches shorter than the standard size.

What size is a short queen RV bed?

The short queen is 60 inches wide and 75 inches long. The standard queen is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Can I put a regular queen mattress in my RV?

It depends on what kind of RV you have and how much space it provides. A standard queen size needs a room that is a minimum of 10 by 10 feet to fit comfortably.

Is an RV queen the same as a queen?

No. The RV queen is shorter than the queen by five inches.

Will a short queen fit on a queen bed frame?

Yes, but it won’t take up the entire mattress frame. Since it will be slightly too small for the frame, it may shift as you move throughout the night.

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