Bedding Maker Classic Brands to Open Factory in Long Beach

Specialty sleep products producer Classic Brands is bringing its bedding closer to West Coast sleepers with a new factory, warehouse and office in Long Beach, California.

The 157,000-square-foot facility will operate as the main receiving grounds for the company’s Asia-sourced products, which officials hope will simplify shipping for retailers as well as manage freight costs. Classic Brands CEO Michael Zippelli thinks this business expansion will go a long way in providing sleepers all over the country with better rest:

This new facility will improve our service to our West Coast retail customers, and streamline the logistics for all of our dealers. Our new location will make it easy to order from us from anywhere in the country. We’re excited to be able to make these service and product upgrades. It will keep us at the forefront of designing and producing innovative products to help people get a better night’s sleep.

The new facility will not only be manufacturing Classic Brands‘ extensive bedding collection, but also developing a production line set to employ about 30 people. This new West Coast warehouse will supplement the company’s main production sites, which are located in its 170,000 square foot headquarters in Maryland.

Unfortunately, the launch date of the new location has yet to be disclosed, but the company predicts that the sleepers of Long Beach will be pretty excited to have its bedding be more accessible, especially in the summertime.

“We are constantly trying to bring new and innovative products to the marketplace that feature unique materials like our cool-knit fabric and ventilated high-density memory foam,” Zippelli explained of the brand’s mission to always be adapting to its customers’ specific sleep needs.

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Products like its cooling gel mattresses, Cool Gel Travel Pillow, ventilated mattress toppers, and other temperature regulating sleep accessories will certainly come in handy when the nights begin to heat up. In fact, Classic Brands launched a new line of cooling mattresses earlier this year. Talk about good timing!

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