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Best Latex Pillow

Latex is used to create a bouncier pillow and has made its way into many of the popular pillows you see today. After reviewing the top latex pillow options on the market, I’ve made my top choices, as well as written on the properties of latex and how they translate to your sleeping experience. Read on for help making the right purchasing decision for the best latex pillow.

Editor’s Choice

Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow

Not only was this pillow my personal favorite of the latex pillows, but I would pick it for best value as well. Brooklyn Bedding owns and operates its own factory in the USA, so they can deliver on both price and quality. I think sleepers of any style could find great compatibility with this pillow. It’s quick response to pressure and body conformance make this one very cozy sleep accessory.


Great value, good for all sleeping positions, 120 day trial period


Not all-natural

All Natural

Organic Textiles All Natural Latex Pillow with Organic Cotton Outer Covering (Standard – Medium Firm)

Putting your head on an all-natural pillow every night is certainly not a bad idea, and this pillow lets you do that for the lowest price of any natural pillow I have reviewed. Plus I found it to have that wonderful bounce and support that high quality latex pillows offer.


All natural, low price point, lots of size options


Doesn’t have a luxury feel

Premium All-Natural

MALOUF Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

If you want an all-natural latex luxury pillow, this is the one. Though the price point is higher, I think in the case of Malouf you get what you pay for. It has the bounce and support of latex, but also has an indescribable feeling of quality and durability to it. If you are a natural latex lover and looking to upgrade your pillow, I’d recommend you start your search with the Malouf Z.


All natural, luxury feel, loft options


Higher price point

Benefits of Latex Foam

To help you find the best latex pillow, let’s start with explaining the many benefits of latex foam. In order to understand the benefits of latex, you must first understand where it comes from and the properties it possesses.

Latex is the sap extraction from a special kind of rubber tree, specifically the Hevea-Brasiliensis tree. This kind of sap, when processed into a foam, has a higher degree of elasticity, which creates more bounce and moldability without giving sleepers the “trapped” feeling they often experience with other foams.

Tree sap used to make natural latex foam
Tree sap used to make natural latex foam

Aside from the bounce, latex is more durable than other materials used in pillows, which can lead to a longer lifespan.

Latex may not offer the same “sinking” feeling as other foam pillows, but is great for providing the necessary support to keep your head, neck, and shoulders in proper alignment.

Natural vs. Synthetic Latex

Are you someone who places high importance on natural and organic materials? Being completely natural, 100% latex may be right for you. Completely natural latex is known to last just as long as—or in many cases, longer than—any other pillow filling and does so while remaining hypoallergenic and dust mite and mold resistant.

What makes an organic mattress organic?
A Mattress’s Road to Organic Certification

While natural latex may be more appealing, synthetic latex offers some desirable properties as well. Synthetic latex is produced from petrochemicals and aims to mimic the properties of latex. One of the benefits of synthetic latex is the price tag. Many times, synthetic latex will have a similar feel, but is also much less expensive.

Easy Breather natural latex construction
Easy Breather natural latex construction

Of course, with the lower price may also come a shorter lifespan for synthetic latex pillows.

Another difference between natural and synthetic latex is the smell. Natural latex is known for its minimal smell and can be a great choice for sleepers with odor sensitivities. Synthetic latex may have a bit more of a smell, but generally speaking, latex foams will have less of a smell compared to traditional memory foams.

Many of the pillows you will see on the market today contain a blended latex. Blended latex is created by blending natural latex and synthetic latex for a pillow that is affordable, but with more of the feel and quality of natural latex. As with anything, some pillows are more successful at this than others.

Side view of the Naturepedic organic latex pillow
Side view of the Naturepedic organic latex pillow

The best latex pillow could ultimately come down to the personal preferences and needs of each sleeper. In terms of the performance and feel of a latex pillow, there will be similarities across the board.

Generally, latex pillows have a springier feel and offer more bounce than memory foam pillows. Additionally, the best latex foam pillows sleep incredibly cool and limit heat retention while you sleep.

Solid vs. Shredded Latex

When shopping for the best latex pillow, there are two main options to consider: a solid (often contoured) pillow or a pillow made of shredded latex.

The main difference between the two will be overall pillow density and airflow. A solid latex pillow will generally have a denser, more pronounced feel. Shredded latex has a bit of a softer feel and the shredded foam allows more air to flow through the pillow, which helps to limit heat retention and offer better cooling.

Malouf talalay latex pillow - Queen size
Malouf talalay latex pillow – Queen size

Many shredded latex foam pillows are also adjustable. An adjustable latex foam pillow has one open end that allows sleepers to add or remove material to create the perfect shape and loft for their liking.

Noodled latex fill in the Nest Easy Breather natural latex pillow
Noodled latex fill in the Nest Easy Breather natural latex pillow

Should you buy a latex pillow?

I would recommend a latex pillow to sleepers who:

  • Want more natural materials – Pillows made from natural latex are constructed from some of the healthiest materials available. Whether your budget allows for an all-natural latex or a more affordable blended latex, both have natural elements and materials incorporated.
  • Want a quicker response time – A latex pillow offers a high degree of bounce and support. A quicker response time will prevent a “stuck” or “trapped” feeling along with additional support for deeper compression.
  • Want a hypoallergenic pillow – If you’re a sleeper who suffers from allergies, an all-natural latex pillow is hypoallergenic as well as resistant to mold and dust mites. Adding a pillow encasement will also help to keep allergens at a minimum.

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