Emery Insulated Total Blackout Curtain Panel Review

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Today we are talking about the often necessary but sometimes difficult to test at home, blackout shades – specifically, the Total Black Out Dual Layer curtains in Emery Sage. Read on for my feedback and review.

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Emery Blackout Panel
Emery Blackout Panel
Emery Blackout Panel

Thermal weaving and a special light blocking technology make the Emery blackout panel ideal for sensitive sleepers. 


The Total Black Out curtains in Emery Sage are 100% polyester, including a polyester thermal weave lining and 100% Light Blocking Technology. The curtains are one of the heftiest models I have reviewed. The thick, woven, sage green curtain has a white fabric on the alternate side, which offers additional light reflection.

The product was created to block light, drafts, reduce noise, save energy and maintain warmth. The curtains are 95 inches in length, 50 inches in width (currently this colorway is only available in this size, but typically there is also a 54 inch long option) and also come in black, blue haze, charcoal, maize, oatmeal, smoke and spice.

Emery Total Blackout Curtain Review

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Instructions and Care

Though straight forward in assembling, it is worth taking note: these curtains are in the heavyweight division, meaning it is not a bad idea to have a second set of hands when installing. Once you have some extra support to hold the “body” of the curtains, then place curtain rod through the hole in the top of the curtain and push across the window to desired placement.

For care of the curtains, if you need to wash (a possibility since these are a medium shade), simply machine wash separately in cold water with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low and remove promptly. You may use an iron if needed, but select low heat for best results.

My Experience

The Total Black Out curtains are insanely thick. The quality is evident before opening the package, since the weight of the fabric is so significant. After removing the plastic casing, I was struck by the professional quality of the curtains. Upon initial inspection these exceeded my expectations of black out curtains. I really had no idea that there were designs this well made available in “black out” category. I am more accustomed to the “desperate parent trying to block out any slivers of light so using what is easiest and most readily available” variety. This is a whole new world.

The Total Black Out curtains were an all around success. They blocked the outside light and noise, made the room twice as dark as it had been previously and provides some much needed insulation (I can only assume they would also keep the room cool in the summertime). Essentially they are the all around MVP in black out curtains – the Total Black Out curtains check all the boxes.

The daylight hours in the PNW are not known for being incredibly bright, but even during a sunny day the Total Black Out curtains easily blocked out the early morning and afternoon sunlight; something that is a necessity for this mother of a three year old who is a sensitive sleeper (and who desperately still needs naps).

Obviously my experience was positive on the effectiveness of the curtains. The only negative is the style, they just do not align with my rather particular interiors aesthetic. That said, these definitely don’t read traditional black out shades and the fabric is polished in appearance – it is only the style itself that is more classic than my personal liking.

Emery Total Blackout Curtain Window

Pricing and Availability

Easily available through Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond, the panels typically cost $50 for one, with a discount when you purchase two. The cost of two panels on Amazon is $82.

Common Praise and Complaints

The Total Black Out curtains have been widely praised and I was hard pressed to find anything negative from online reviews.

“I have been searching for total blackout curtains and have returned many due to them not being 100% blackout. These have a blackout thermal panel behind the curtain that you cannot see an ounce of light through. The ONLY light you will see is from the top of the curtain as it hangs on the rod. But at night, that’s not a problem. Even for a nap it’s dark in my room. I purchased the Blue Haze and also purchased the black out rod that wraps around to hug the wall. That way no light can seep through the side panels.”

The only downfall I found was in the cost. The Total Black Out curtains are at a higher price point than most of their counterparts on the market.

“The curtain does darken the room and helps keep the room cooler. When I was making the purchase I assumed I was getting two panels for that price, because that is what was displayed in the advertising photo. However, it is only a single curtain panel, which makes it a bit pricey as far as I am concerned.”

Emery Total Blackout Curtain Package
The Emery Total Blackout Curtain in its arrival packaging

Final Thoughts

The “cream of the crop” in black out shades, the Total Black Out curtains are well made and more of a financial investment than many of their competitors. But, in my opinion, this product is well worth the cost. The quality of the fabric alone masks that this is intended as a black out curtain, especially in the traditional sense.

While the style of the curtain may not be my particular taste, I do think it will appeal to many. It is effective and impressive in its ability to block light, and the thickness of the fabric offers significant insulation in both warm and cool weather. Overall, this is a product with a purpose and if you choose to buy it, I doubt you will be disappointed (just be sure to confirm the color palette of your room before pulling the trigger).

The Total Black Out curtain in Emery Sage is particularly great for:

  • A larger room with larger windows, i.e. living room, family room, master bedroom or even a daylight basement.
  • People with a traditional design sense, as the style is very much aligned with this aesthetic.

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