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25 Days of Giving: Aviya Giveaway!

We’ve reached Day 15 of our 25 Days of Giving spectacular and we’re pushing on with a brand new mattress giveaway from Aviya!

25 Days of Giving: Aviya Giveaway!

The Aviya is an innerspring mattress featuring gentle foam layers over a thick section of pocketed coils. The result? A pressure-relieving and supportive structure that could be especially great for couples.

Aviya Mattress Corner
Corner view of the Aviya mattress

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155 thoughts on “25 Days of Giving: Aviya Giveaway!”

  1. Merry Christmas! I’m still on the Zenhaven team, as a side sleeper who runs warm. It has so many advantages for my individual quirks & preferences.

    All of the mattresses you have reviewed are lovely & I would be very happy to own any of them.

  2. My new favorite mattress is probably the Bloom mattress from Brooklyn Bedding! This Aviya Mattress looks and sounds really nice, and would definitely work well for me & the hubby! We are both combo sleepers. We fall asleep on our back and switch to our side, spending most of the night on our side. Funny, the hubby was not even aware of this! I’ve been more aware of this for the last few weeks, trying to pinpoint which mattress is best for our needs. Thanks for all the information, and great reviews!!! Love being an informed consumer!

  3. Aviya seems like it’s a really good deal for the price. The website says they have the “best” warranty when theirs seems to be very standard, if you want to nitpick.

  4. I would really love to try this mattress. I’m definitely a side sleeper and my fiance drives a tow truck for a living so he has back problems. It’s hard to sleep on his back so I believe the side sleeper would be perfect.

  5. They ALL have so many great benefits it’s hard to choose.
    But I do like the Casper and the Zenhaven. I really like that the Zenhaven can be flipped and is cool.

  6. My favorite is probably the Nest Hybrid….but I like so many of them; the ghostbed, the avocado green, zenhaven, Aviya….so many I really like! :-) Thank you.

  7. I love the sounds of the Zenhaven. I get hot flashes at night so the cooling effects sound amazing. I also love that it has the “pressure free support” to gently support key body areas without being uncomfortably firm.

  8. I need a mattress that’s good for side sleeping couples and doesn’t transfer motion. I’m surprised that an innerspring mattress can deliver that. It sounds great!

  9. All the mattresses sound wonderful. But I’ve heard so many good things about Tempur-Pedic for so long, I would love to have a new Tempur-Pedic mattress!

  10. The reviews are amazing. I love the fact that it sleeps cool and I am a dude sleeper so that’s good too! I would love to win a new mattress. I haven’t had a good nights sleep in I don’t know how long. Thank you so much for the chance.

  11. I think ANY of them would be great and a lot better than the one I sleep on now. It is over 12 years old and was used when I got it.

  12. These reviews are great. I am slowly makin my way thought them, and hope to buy a new mattress when I get to the end. thanks for al your hard work.

  13. Dear Santa, I’ve been a little naughty but it’s due sleeping on a bad mattress. Please let me win this one and I’ll be good again lol.

  14. ‪Any mattress would be such a blessing! Thank y’all so much for this amazing opportunity. My Army Veteran husband and I need a new bed so badly! Good luck everyone! 🍀🍀🤞🏻🤞🏻 Happy Holidays! ‬

  15. From the review provided I like the Aviya Mattress hybrid design since it seems good for side sleepers like me, and has good edge support which I need.

  16. I really need a new mattress. Watching the YouTube video of this mattress and it looks exactly like one I hope to get one day. It’s perfect and exactly what I need.

  17. Love your summation of the Aviya!

    Aviya is one of the few companies offering an innerspring mattress online, and at a noticeably lower price point than its online competitors. The mattress offers great bounce and edge support as you’d expect from a quality innerspring mattress.

  18. I’m sleeping on a traditional mattress now so quite like the similarity. Personally I think I’d go for the softer plush version since I like to sink in not sleep on top of. Really like the number of coils in this mattress as well as the layers.

  19. I like the Zenhaven latex mattress. It’s for side sleepers, sleeps cool, can be flipped and has different zoned levels of support to address different areas of your body

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