Parenting Battles – Most Common Child Fights and Outcomes!

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No doubt every parent-child relationship has its ups and downs. Whether you’re fighting about cleanliness, bedtime, or privileges, there’s always an issue to work through! We at Sleepopolis decided to ask – what are the most common parenting battles, and what are the outcomes? Scroll down to see the results! Or jump to see our survey methodology.
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Survey Methodology

The survey was conducted online by OnePoll from Oct. 26 to Nov. 11, 2018. The panel consisted of 2,000 American parents with children aged 2-18 who have had an argument with their child. Respondents were 35.6 percent male and 64.4 percent female, with the majority (95 percent) aged 25-54. Children were identified by five age brackets: 2-5 (27.3 percent), 6-9 (44.4 percent), 10-12 (38.7 percent), 13-15 (36.3 percent) and 16-18 (23.4 percent). The survey was 23 questions long, with a mix of free text and multiple choice.


Our parent battle survey results are as follows!

  • Parents report having an average of 5 disputes per week
    • The average dispute lasts 14 minutes
    • Parents estimate they win 63% of fights
  • Top reasons for disputes with children are:
    • Household chores (69%)
    • Messy bedrooms (64%)
    • Not cleaning up shared space (63%)
    • Homework (63%)
    • Bedtime (62%)
  • The majority of arguments occur in the night or evening
  • 78% of parents have a bedtime routine in place for their kids


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