Dr. Michael Grandner, Ph.D

Dr. Michael Grandner, Clinical psychologist and diplomate in behavioral sleep medicine
Dr. Michael Grandner. PhD., Director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona

Dr. Michael Grandner is a licensed clinical psychologist board-certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine. He is the Director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona and the Director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Clinic at the Banner-University Medical Center in Tucson, AZ. He is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Medicine as well as Nutritional, Clinical, and Translational Sciences. His research focuses on connections between sleep and health. 

This research includes social, behavioral, and environmental causes of sleep problems, metabolic, cardiovascular, and performance-related consequences of sleep problems, and real-world solutions for sleep problems in the context of busy schedules and other lifestyle issues. He has over 175 academic publications, has won numerous awards for his work, and is a frequently-sought expert on sleep. He has lectured to leading academic institutions, served as a scientific advisor to companies/organizations that develop sleep health products, and advised regional, national and international athletics organizations regarding sleep and health/performance.

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