Beautyrest Launches ‘Be More Awake’ Campaign

This month, international bedding company Beautyrest is launching a campaign called “Be More Awake’ to illuminate the impact sleep has on consumers.

This campaign is intended to draw awareness to the correlation between good sleep, personal success, and how a great mattress ties it all together. Be More Awake is not just taking place in folks’ bedrooms; this multi-media campaign includes national TV spots, social and digital content, and live music. The company is on a mission to remind us that we don’t have to settle for bad sleepand the first step towards healthier habits is making sure you have the right mattress.

Chief Marketing Officer Warren Kornblum weighed in on the campaign stating: “The Be More Awake campaign reminds consumers that in order to reach their full personal potential, they need a mattress with advanced technology, and one that fits their individual needs. The Beautyrest brand, along with our retail partners, is uniquely positioned to guide consumers through the purchase journey to find their own best mattress.”

As extra incentive for sleepers to join the Be More Awake movement, the brand has partnered up with composer Max Richter, the composer of SLEEP.  SLEEP is an eight-hour lullaby meant to explore the restorative journey of sleep, and how our bodies need it to be whole. Richter has performed his lullaby at the Austin Convention Center in Texas, though the listeners weren’t seated — they were lying down on Beautyrest mattresses.

Kornblum thinks that Richter is going to help consumers grasp the crux of the campaign: “We both recognize that sleep is an active state where restorative forces are at work overnight preparing us to be our best selves the next day, and what better way to communicate our unrivaled mattress technology than by allowing people to experience it first-hand…for eight hours.”

Beautyrest knows that not all sleepers can afford quality mattresses, so Be More Awake is also committed to donating more than 300 mattresses to charities!

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