Happy Beds Goes Green With 100% Cardboard Bed Frame

On a mission to provide green alternatives to traditional bedroom furniture, mattress company Happy Beds has entered a unique product into the sphere: a 100% cardboard bed frame.

The UK brand launched the base this week as part of its newly announced partnership with the German-based “Room in a Box” furniture company. Fully recyclable, the cardboard bed is meant to be both a practical and stylish addition to anyone’s home.

“Our company ethos is ‘because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep,'” explained Happy Beds Sleep Specialist Joy Richards to Ideal Home’s UK website. “That shouldn’t be any different for anyone looking for an eco-friendly alternative to a classic bed.”

 “With strong sustainability credentials and fair production, this Room in a Box bed has been hugely popular in mainland Europe,” she continued. “We’re delighted to bring the cardboard bed over the channel. Helping people in the UK soothe their eco-conscience and sleep that little bit more comfortably.”

The design itself couldn’t be simpler, featuring a grid of interlocking squares that fan out like an accordion for easy assemblage requiring no nuts, bolts or hammers. And since the frame is built with corrugated cardboard, it’s particularly durable, which Happy Beds says helps with longevity. The base currently retails for £99.99 and is available in four finishes: natural cardboard, white, black and blue.

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As far as the green construction is concerned, the Avana cardboard is built with a minimum of 70% recycled paper fibers, with any remaining material coming from what Happy Beds describes as “sustainable forestry.” The bed is also vegan friendly, which is of note because the glue used to bond the frame together is made entirely of animal-free ingredients such as wheat, corn and potato starch.

This marks the first product partnership between Happy Beds and Room in a Box, with both hoping it leads to a long-lasting relationship of environmentally conscious bedroom design.

“We started Room in a Box in 2013 with the vision to create Eco-friendly and super-portable furniture, and we’ve gone from strength to strength,” said Gerald Dissen, Co-Founder of Room in a Box. “We’re very excited to work alongside Happy Beds. And to be able to help British customers to live a more flexible and sustainable lifestyle.”

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Featured image provided courtesy of Happy Beds. 

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