Purple Debuts New Pet Bed

Mattress company Purple announced this week that it would soon be adding a new item to its growing line of sleep products: the Purple® Pet Bed.

The popular bed-in-a-box retailer shared the news on Tuesday with the launch of its latest Kickstarter campaign, which is all about raising funds to develop and distribute a mattress for its customers’ furry friends. The company has had great success with the fundraising website in the past; not only was the Purple mattress first funded there, but the retailer actually broke Kickstarter records in 2016 when it amassed over $2.6 million for the Purple® Pillow.

Now, the brand’s hoping to strike the same gold when it brings its polymer technology to the world of pet beds.

“With the incredible popularity of our mattresses since our launch two years ago, one of the most frequent requests has been to extend our comfort technology to our customers’ pets,” explained Sam Bernards, CEO at Purple. “We’re excited to launch this campaign and bring Purple magic to pets and their families.”

While the pet bed will be outfitted with a fairly similar construction to the standard Purple mattress, it’ll feature a few unique characteristics geared toward animals, including:

  • Pet-specific comfort – The bed will employ the company’s patented Smart Comfort Grid™, which combines pressure relief with support for a sleeping experience that’s well-suited to any pet’s body. The material is also non-toxic, hypoallergenic and vegan.
  • Stain and Odor-resistant – Purple has infused this bad boy with materials that are antimicrobial, moisture-resistant and odor-neutralizing. This means that even if your pet has a penchant for rolling around in the mud, their pungent odor won’t linger on the structure.
  • Durability – The pet bed is also ultra-durable, so it’s built to withstand the wear and tear that comes with even the most mischievous of household animals.

“Everyone in the family deserves a relaxing place to sleep. Pampered pets of all varieties and sizes will appreciate the support and comfort of their very own Purple bed,” said Director of Innovation at Purple, Russ Whatcott. “The Purple® Pet Bed is comfortable, ruggedly durable, easy to clean and is the last pet bed you will ever have to buy for your furry friend.”

Purple plans to roll out the pet bed in June 2018, but is encouraging interested consumers to get in on the ground floor to take advantage of some pretty killer discounts. As of this writing, The Purple® Pet Bed will come in three different sizes: small ($149), medium ($189) and large ($269).

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Cody Gohl

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