Best Linen Sheets on Amazon

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Linen is one of the world’s oldest and most beloved textiles for a reason! It’s exceptionally durable, breathable, and only gets softer with time. But when you’re on the hunt for the perfect set of linen sheets, how do you separate the best from the rest?

Well, don’t worry, I’m here to help. In this guide, I’m presenting my top five favorite linen bedding sets from Amazon, as well as the methodology behind sheet shopping. Rest assured — I picked a variety of styles, textures, and price points so that every sleeper can find their perfect match. Let’s get started!

Editor’s Pick

Dapu Pure Stone Washed Linen Sheet Set


  • These sheets have been garment washed in order to cut through linen’s distinctly coarse texture, and create a super smooth feel.
  • Folks in search of deep pocket sheets are sure to be compatible with this set, as it can fit mattresses up to 16-inches tall. 
  • This sheet set comes in ten different colors, ideal for shoppers looking to get creative with style.


  • Sleepers who prefer the slightly rough texture of linen might find these garment washed sheets to be too smooth.
  • Ranging from $120-$145, these sheets are relatively affordable in the realm of linen bedding — but they’re not going to fit in everyone’s budget.
Dapu Pure Stone Washed Linen Sheet Set
Dapu Pure Stone Washed Linen Sheet Set
Dapu Pure Stone Washed Linen Sheet Set

Woven from 100% flax, these sheets are strong, breathable, and completely organic. Additionally, every piece of bedding in this set has been stone washed for extra softness.

Best Budget-Friendly

Simple & Opulence Belgian Linen Sheet Set


  • This bedding blends cotton with Belgian flax, considered by many to be the highest quality flax on the market.  
  • If you’re looking to get creative with decor, you’ll be glad to know that this set comes in four different colors. Plus, frilled ruffles border the top sheet and pillowcases for a stylish flare. 
  • These sheets are OEKO-Tex certified, which guarantees that they were made without harsh chemicals, dyes, or genetically modified materials.


  • If you’re looking specifically for 100% linen, this probably isn’t the right fit for you. 
  • While I found it to be an attractive style, not everybody is going to like the frilled ruffles on the top sheet and pillowcases. 
Simple & Opulence Belgian Linen Sheet Set
Simple & Opulence Belgian Linen Sheet Set
Simple & Opulence Belgian Linen Sheet Set

Made from a blend of cotton and Belgian flax, this bedding offers a super cozy and breathable feel. Plus, it’s more affordable than sheets made from 100% linen, which makes it a great pick for sleepers on a budget.

Best Style

Roore French Linen Sheet Set


  • These sheets are made from 100% French linen, which is widely regarded as a superior type of linen thanks to its extra soft feel.
  • This fabric is yarn-dyed, a textile manufacturing technique that can boost color retention. 
  • Hot sleepers are bound to be compatible with this bedding’s great breathability!


  • If you prefer solid-color styles, you might want to look elsewhere. This sheet set only comes in a dark gray striped pattern. 
  • This can happen with linen fabric in general, but this sheet set is prone to wrinkling.
Roore French Linen Sheet Set
Roore French Linen Sheet Set
Roore French Linen Sheet Set

Sleepers looking for linen bedding that’s as soft as it is stylish are sure to enjoy this sheet set. It’s made from 100% French linen, and features an attractive, dark gray striped design.

Best Deep Pocket Linen Sheets

Oasis Fine Linens Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set


  • If you love the soft feel of cotton and the great breathability of linen, rest assured — this bedding offers the best of both worlds! 
  • This sheet set can fit mattresses up to 22-inches tall, perfect for folks in search of deep pocket sheets. 
  • This bedding is very reasonably priced, ranging from $50-$60 depending on size.


  • It’s important to note that this sheet set is only available in a solid white color. 
  • If you’re shopping for a Queen size, you’ll have to look elsewhere. This set only comes in Full, King, and California King.
Oasis Fine Linens Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set
Oasis Fine Linens Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set
Oasis Fine Linens Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set

Made from a blend of natural cotton and linen, these sheets were crafted to be extra soft and durable. Not to mention, the fitted sheet in this set has super deep pockets capable of accommodating mattresses up to 22-inches deep.

Best Eco-Friendly Linen Sheets

Lausonhouse French Linen Sheet Set


  • Out of commitment to eco-friendly practices, this sheet set comes packaged in a reusable linen garment bag. 
  • Folks with tall mattresses are sure to be compatible with these deep-pocket sheets!
  • These sheets are durable, breathable, and great for year-round use. 


  • While you can technically dry these sheets by machine, it’s recommended that you line-dry them to guard against material damage. 
  • French linen tends to come at a higher price point, and these are no exception with cost ranging from $140-$200.
Lausonhouse French Linen Sheet Set
Lausonhouse French Linen Sheet Set
Lausonhouse French Linen Sheet Set

Spun from fine French flax, these sheets offer a luxuriously soft feel. A full set includes a top sheet, two pillowcases, and a fitted sheet with deep 15-inch pockets. 

How We Picked The Best Linen Sheet Sets on Amazon

Okay, shoppers, now that we’ve seen my top five favorite linen sheet sets on Amazon, let’s discuss the methodology behind my selections. While picking the perfect bedding is largely a matter of personal preference, there are some tips and tricks that can help guide you in your search.


When you’re browsing for linen bedding, the very first thing to pay attention to is materials. Some sheet sets are made from 100% linen, and others are blended with cotton (or bamboo on rare occasions). While one is not necessarily better than the other, it’s important to note that every material brings different qualities to the table.

Bedding made from 100% linen offers a distinctly coarse texture that’s unique to this material. It’s derived from natural flax fibers, which makes it a great eco-friendly option for sleepers looking to go green. Additionally, pure linen bedding is known for being one of the most durable and breathable materials on the market, perfect for year-round use.

That said, sheets made entirely from linen tend to be on the pricey side, which is why sleepers on a budget may want to opt for a blend of materials. Blending cotton with linen can also be a great choice for sleepers who shy away from that distinctly coarse texture, as cotton can soften things up a bit. A mix of linen and cotton may not be as naturally moisture-wicking or durable as 100% linen, but it still makes for an exceptionally strong, soft set of sheets!

Garment Washing

As I mentioned, some sleepers avoid linen because of its uniquely coarse texture… but that’s where garment washing comes into play! Bedding brands will often employ this textile manufacturing technique in order to cut through the coarseness of linen fabric, and boost its smooth feel.

Garment washing can come in many different forms, and some manufacturers use a proprietary method. But regardless of the specific technique, I always suggest that shoppers keep an eye out for linen that’s been garment washed. It reduces any scratchiness, and leaves the finished fabric feeling extra soft to the touch.

That said, some folks find linen’s rough texture to be that basis of its appeal, in which case I’d suggest avoiding garment washed fabric altogether. Linen does tend to soften on its own over time, and you might like to watch that happen naturally. Plus, linen bedding that hasn’t been garment washed is usually more affordable!

Colors, Prints & Patterns

Something that many sleepers love about linen is its casually lived-in look, and its rustic aesthetic. Yes, it does tend to crease and wrinkle easily, but that’s part of its signature style! That said, folks looking to get creative with bedroom decor should take some time to pick the colors, prints, and patterns that appeal to their personal aesthetic preferences.

That said, you’ll notice that some brands offer a much larger selection than others. So, before you land on a specific sheet set, you might want to make sure it’s offered in the color or style you’re looking for. It would be a shame to find the right price and materials, only to learn that it’s only offered in plain white. By the same token, some retailers only offer sheet sets in playful patterns and prints, which might deter those in search of a more subtle, muted aesthetic.


Like with most bedding, linen sheet sets are typically offered in sizes ranging from Twin to California King. However, some brands only offer select sizes, so it’s important to make note of the size chart before you throw your items in the cart! For example, if you sleep on a Queen mattress, make sure the sheet set you’re looking at is offered in a Queen size.

Similarly, it’s important to check the “dimensions description” in order to determine the depth of the fitted sheet pockets. If you sleep on a taller mattress, you’re going to want to make sure that the fitted sheet can accommodate the depth of your mattress, and then some. For example, if your mattress is 13-inches tall, I suggest picking a fitted sheet with 15-inch pockets.

On the other hand, there’s no need to prioritize deep-pocket sheets if you’re snoozing on a mattress that’s 10-inches tall or less. Instead, make sure that the sheets you choose can accommodate that specific dimensions of your own mattress.

Wash Care

Caring for linen bedding is generally pretty simple, though wash care instructions can vary from brand to brand. Personally, I like to follow the specific care instructions as given by the bedding brand itself to make absolutely sure that I’m not damaging the fabric.

That said, linen bedding isn’t always compatible with high-heat dry cycles. In fact, allowing your linen sheets to air-dry naturally is a great way to maintain the integrity of the fabric, prevent shrinkage, and guard against color fading. But if you do choose to dry your linen by machine, try to avoid fabric softener or dryer sheets, as these products can leave a residue on the surface fibers of your bedding.

Whatever your wash care methods may be, remember to wash your bedsheets once a week to keep them feeling fresh and smelling clean!


Like I said earlier, linen sheets tend to be considerably more expensive than cotton or polyester, for example. This is mainly because linen bedding costs more to make, but keep in mind that it’s built to last for years (and can offer the best bang for your buck!).

That said, sleepers can save a little money by shopping specifically for linen bedding that’s been blended with another material. While it won’t feel exactly like pure linen, there are some fantastic linen-cotton blends that are super soft, breathable, and cost half the price of pure linen sheet sets.

Sleepopolis Buying Tips

Okay, folks, we’re almost at the end of my guide! But before you get to shopping, allow me to leave you with a few tips and tricks:

  • Stone Washing – Stone washing is a type of garment washing that actually involves large stones inside an industrial washing machine (don’t try this at home!). If you’re looking for garment washed linen that feels extra soft and has a very rustic aesthetic, stone washed fabric is a great way to go .
  • OEKO-Tex Certification – While it’s true that all pure linen bedding is derived from natural materials, some brands may still use harsh dyes that can irritate the skin. That’s why it’s good to keep an eye out for the OEKO-Tex certification, as this guarantees that no harmful chemicals, dyes, or pesticides were used in the manufacturing process.
  • Night Sweats – If you’re prone to night sweats, you might want to avoid linen that’s been blended with cotton. Linen is a naturally moisture-wicking material, but cotton is not!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen my top five favorite linen sheet sets, you’re well on your way to picking the one that’s perfect for you. Just be sure to keep a close eye on materials, sizing, and all the little details that appeal to your personal sleep needs. Happy shopping, folks!

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