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Brentwood has been around for for over 30 years and is now selling their Brentwood Home line direct to consumers from their website. The Cedar is a bed in a box mattress that uses organic materials in its construction. I will be doing a review of the plush version of the Cedar mattress, but will have some information on the construction and feel of the firm option in my written review. Before I get the chance to review the Brentwood Home Cedar though, I had to unbox it and let it decompress for a while.

Initial Thoughts

  • Sleeps Cool: The construction uses latex foam, which is a material known for its cooling properties, in the comfort layer to defend against trapping body heat. Also, the tall coil support layer creates space in the mattress that allows airflow through for temperature regulation.
  • Bounce: Latex foam has a quick response to pressure and the coils give the mattress some springiness, so you won’t feel stuck in the Cedar.
  • Organic Mattress: The Cedar uses natural materials in its construction, so if you are interested in staying away from chemicals in your mattress, then this could be a good option.

That’s it for now, stay on the lookout for my upcoming review!

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