Layla Mattress Giveaway – 25 Days of Giving

Day 14 of the 25 Days of Giving brings us the Layla mattress!

The Layla is a plush flippable memory foam mattress that has a great design and great marketing. Winner chooses the size of this mattress, so scroll down and enter below!

Layla Mattress Giveaway

One of the coolest things I noted in my Layla review was that the mattress is flippable! That’s two firmness options in one mattress, and it’s really easy to pull off, check it out!

Both sides of the mattress have that memory foam feel (with copper infused to make sure it doesn’t sleep hot). In addition to being incredibly comfortable, the mattress is great for motion transfer. Check out the results of my motion isolation test below:

Layla Soft Motion Transfer Test
Motion transfer results for ball dropped from 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches on the soft side of the mattress

Good luck with the Layla Mattress giveaway! Now head over to our 25 Days of Giving page and enter a few more contests while they’re still open!

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Logan Block

Logan is the content director of Sleepopolis, which means he not only reviews new mattresses every week, but also curates all the comparisons, best of pages, and video guides on the site. He takes a straightforward, honest approach to his reviews and endeavors to give viewers an objective look at each new product he tries out. Logan has perfected his method by personally testing over 200 different mattresses, so he’s not only able to discern the overall vibe of a specific bed, but to contextualize its feel within the bed-in-a-box market as a whole.

57 thoughts on “Layla Mattress Giveaway – 25 Days of Giving”

  1. I don’t ever comment on anything, but, I really need a mattress… any mattress… i’ve slept on an inflatable POS for months and wake up to extreme back pain every morning despite being only 26 and generally healthy. I often just sleep in my car (or don’t even sleep at all) just to avoid the painful awakening… that being said, I have never won a contest or giveaway in my entire life (and I’ve entered quite a lot.) I’m a huge fan of the site. Merry Christmas.

  2. Love this mattress. Especially because it’s flippable, that’s my biggest complaint with most memory foams… I just end up rotating them 180 but I’d love to be able to flip them.

  3. I really like some of the aspects of this mattress. I like that it is copper infused and that it is flippable. It appears to be quite comfortable and supportive of pressure points. The edge support doesn’t seem to be a strong as some of the others

  4. I love that you can choose between the two firmness by flipping the mattress, but I can imagine who would have to compromise (me or him), ha!

  5. I love the flipability feature of this Layla mattress. Maybe I could convince my husband that softer is better with this one. Very impressive motion transfer stats, a good mattress for two. Thanks!

  6. I really love this mattress , I love that you can pick your firmness and it can be flipped .
    this might be a new mattress for my spare room …

  7. Seeing all these reviews on mattresses, and being a side sleeper, all foam mattresses seem to fit me best. And Layla is a top choice.

  8. I’m loving this mattress! I really like the memory foam feel on both sides and that it’s flippable! The temperature regulation is a big plus as well.

  9. I love the socks you have on when you first start reviewing. They have to be the ones from Pact. Quality socks for a quality mattress.

  10. The Layla mattress is flippable! That’s two firmness options in one mattress. Which means no matter what firmness you like, you will get it and a good night’s sleep.

  11. I would like to try out the copper top to see if it would help me stay cool at night. It’s really neat that they thought that up! I like that this mattress is made to flip to fit your comfort level. I’ve been sleeping on hard coils my whole life and ready to try something new.

  12. I absolutely love this mattress ! I love that it has two sides of comfort to fit my sleep needs. Thanks for a chance to win this amazing mattress.

  13. Thank you!! I’ve been unsure about a complete foam mattress (no springs) but you did a great job helping me see how versatile this one would be to find my personal comfort!

  14. I think it’s great Layla offers two firmness options and copper infused memory foam had been my favorite for its cooling properties so far. I’ve heard from others that turning the cover over can be a challenge/pain. I wish they had the same cover design and gel feel on both sides so all you’d have to do is flip it, like with the Tango, because I like their constriction and warranty better. I think it’s a great idea for a guest bedroom.

    • To clarify, I like Layla’s warranty and copper infused memory foam better. I haven’t dug too deeply into the Tango, but their warranty is for only 10 years.

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