Here’s to the Gift of Good Sleep: Welcome Back to 25 Days of Giving

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What Is 25 Days of Giving?

The holiday season is here, and that means it’s time for sweet treats, sparkly lights, and presents under the tree. It’s also a good time to give back.

We’re a sleep brand, so giving the gift of good sleep is important to us (surprising, we know!). Each December, we host 25 Days of Giving, wherein we give away a different mattress for 25 days. We start on the first and count down to Christmas Day. This year, we’re changing things up a little: In addition to giving away mattresses from the brands you know and love, we’ll also be highlighting a couple of our favorite sleep accessories throughout the month — so keep your eyes peeled (and bookmark this page now!) for your chance to win a set of Cozy Earth bamboo sheets or a sunrise alarm clock from internet fave Hatch.

We also use this time to give back to our community. Everyone deserves a good night’s rest, but not everyone has a safe place they can lay their head down at night. Last year, we partnered with Helix to donate to Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP), an organization working to eradicate childhood bed poverty by donating bunk beds to families in need.

This year, we’ve combined forces with our sister site Sleep Advisor to donate $50,000 to SHP. If you’re interested in donating, you can do so here, but money’s not the only way to help — here are three other ways you can make an impact today:

  • Volunteer with your local chapter of SHP. If there’s none where you live, check out these other groups on the ground working to eliminate homelessness and bed poverty in their communities. Or read the stories of Merideth Spriggs or Shanaide Robinson, who both overcame bed poverty, and learn about how they’re giving back to other people in similar situations.
  • Make an-kind donation. Sleep in Heavenly Peace public relations manager Anna Marshall tells Sleepopolis that recipients don’t just receive a bunk bed — they get everything they need to create a safe, cozy sleeping area. If you can’t volunteer but would like to help in some way, why not donate a set of sheets, pillows, a blanket, or a comforter?
  • Read these statistics and share. 53 percent of kids living at 100 percent below the federal poverty level (FPL) don’t get the recommended amount of sleep, compared to 75 living at 400 percent below the FPL. Sleep is foundational to good health — and good sleep is even more important for young children, whose minds and bodies are still developing. Constant sleep deprivation can take a real toll on young kids and increases their risk of developing long-term health problems such as diabetes, behavioral issues, and academic challenges.

How the Giveaway Works

1. We’ll launch a new mattress or accessory giveaway each day.
2. Each giveaway will be live for 7 days.
3. You have a new chance each day to enter another giveaway.

We will start picking winners in early December and continue all the way through the New Year.

The Giveaways

You’ll be able to use the form to enter and scroll down to see what giveaways are live and upcoming. 

Also, be sure to read our best mattress list to find out more about our top picks.

Live and Upcoming Giveaways

Our 2023 campaign has closed — check back here on December 1st, 2024, for this year’s campaign.

Terms and Conditions

All winners will be randomly selected. In certain cases, winners will be able to choose the size and color of their prize. To enter, sleepers must be 18 years or older and able to receive shipment in the contiguous United States (sorry, Hawaii & Alaska!) And while everyone wants to win, not everyone can. So, let’s keep the mood festive, cheery, and light by supporting all our winners.

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