25 Days of Giving 2022 – Leesa Mattress Giveaway!

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Another day, another mattress giveaway from Sleepopolis! We refuse to stop giving you more chances to win a brand new mattress, so to continue the 25 Days of Giving, we’re moving onto Day 18 with a Leesa Original Hybrid mattress giveaway.

Leesa is one of the biggest names in the mattress world and the Leesa Original Hybrid is just like their original all-foam Leesa mattress, but with the added support of coils. The Leesa Original Hybrid is responsive, has strong edge support, and does a solid job of isolation motion. It’s a great option for back sleepers and for couples.

You can read our full Leesa Original Hybrid mattress review to learn everything about the Leesa before entering into the giveaway below:

25 DoG Day 18: Leesa

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Bridget Chapman

Bridget Chapman

Bridget is a Certified Sleep Science Coach and senior editor here at Sleepopolis. From testing mattresses to writing about various sleep health topics, her goal is to help you get a good night's sleep. You can also find her in videos on our YouTube channel. Bridget graduated magna cum laude from San Diego State University with a degree in journalism and a minor in English. Before joining the Sleepopolis team, she was a TV news reporter and worked in cities across the country. She loves spending time outdoors, checking out new restaurants, snuggling with her pets, and of course — getting some quality Zzz’s.

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  1. Oh a new bed would be fabulous mine is 35 years old. Time for new one , be grand to win one for sure. Beds are so expensive, I can dream but cannot afford. So mine may be 35 years old but at least have one.

  2. My wife suffers from back pain in the small of her back and tailbone area. I snore. I want to buy a split king, my wife thinks we need a plain adjustable. Where both side would raise equally.


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