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Leesa Mattress Unboxing Video

It’s a new day and time for a new sleep experiment! Our new Leesa mattress (king sized) just arrived yesterday. My wife and I were quite excited to give the Leesa a test drive, so we immediately cut it loose and gave it the inaugural sleep test last night.

Watch our Leesa mattress unboxing video below and hear some of our initial thoughts on quality, construction, and more.

If you prefer to read rather than watch, here’s the summary of our 1st night with Leesa below.


Overall, it feels extremely comfortable. It’s definitely towards the middle of the road in terms of firmness. The memory foam sinkage / “hug” factor is an interesting one. It has a very subtle balanced sinkage, which it combines with a great level of support. I typically never sleep on my back, but was obliged due to recent rotator cuff surgery. I was pleasantly surprised with the overall feel. Even as someone who admittedly hates sleeping on my back, I could definitely see myself doing it on occasion with the Leesa.


The other notable feature of the Leesa is the cover. It’s one of the most unique and unusual covers I’ve seen (especially from factory direct mattresses). The 4-bars look super sharp. The cover itself is very clearly high-quality, the material is thick and soft. It’s cut from a single piece of fabric, which only adds to the feel and aesthetic look. Granted, this is going to be covered up with sheets, but it speaks volumes to me that Leesa would go through such effort to put together a beautiful and quality cover.

If Leesa put that much into the cover, I fully expect the other materials and construction to be just as high quality.


After day 1 I would have to say, I’m impressed. Very comfortable, looks great, feels great.

But alas, it’s only day 1. We’ve got a lot more to test and fully vet out on our Leesa mattress. Within the next 1-2 weeks we’ll be releasing our full review of the Leesa mattress where we’ll look at firmness, construction, materials, pricing, customer service, comparison options, and a whole lot more.

If you have any questions or specific areas you’d like us to take a look at please drop us a note in our comment box below.

And as always, happy sleeping! :)

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6 thoughts on “Leesa Mattress Unboxing Video”

  1. At this stage, it really is a toss up for me. I’ve only been sleeping on the Leesa for a couple of weeks. I previously was sleeping on the Casper (and did so for 3 months). I’d like to give it at least another week or so before I post my full Casper vs. Leesa review.

    Both are great mattresses. I think the biggest difference maker comes down to the foams. Casper is 1.5 inches of latex and 1.5 inches of memory. Leesa is 2 inches of Avena and 2 inches of memory.

    Avena is a new type of foam that I’m unfamiliar with. I’ve requested the specs from the manufacturer, so I’ll have those in addition to the Leesa vs. Casper review ASAP.

  2. We’ll definitely be posting a full review of the Leesa in addition to comparison reviews of Leesa vs. Casper, Leesa vs. Tuft and Needle, and a few others.

    It’ll probably be about 1 week before the first reviews start to be ready (want to make sure I’ve had enough time to test it out).

  3. I’m very interested to see how this compares to the Casper mattress. Could you please post any thoughts you have on that comparison as you test this mattress?

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