Lucid Natural Latex & Memory Foam Mattress Unboxing

Most mattresses reviewed on Sleepopolis are lower profile, typically 10″ mattresses. Today, we’re checking out something totally different with Lucid’s ultra thick 16″ natural latex and memory foam mattress. At 16″ thick the Lucid mattress is the thickest mattress we’ve tested to-date.

Watch as we unbox the Lucid mattress below:

Initial Impressions

  • Very Soft – in addition to being the thickest mattress we’ve tested this is also the most soft. I would rate the the Lucid mattress at a 3 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It has an ultra plush cover with lots of sinkage, hug, and great softness.
  • Deep Hugging Comfort & Support – the Lucid mattress hugs sleepers in a deeper contouring hug. A normal lying position on the back allowed me to sink 1.5-2″ into the layers.
  • Surprising Edge Support – the extra thick profile, especially the thickness of the comfort layers, provides a surprising amount of edge support. The edges hold up well for both sleeping positions and amorous activities. Sitting positions are naturally going to be more pronounced, but considering the total thickness they were not alarming. We’ll have the full sinkage tests for the full review later this week.
  • Adequate Cooling – the Lucid mattress isn’t the most cool mattress I have tested, but it’s also not the worst either. Any mattress that has this level of softness and sinkage is going to naturally be a little bit warmer. While it is certainly warmer, compared to older / more traditional memory foams it still does a pretty good job of managing heat retention.

My wife and I are testing the Lucid mattress this week. Check back later this week for my full review of the Lucid 16″ latex / memory foam mattress.

If you have any questions or specific areas you’d like us to check out don’t hesitate to drop me a comment down below. Happy sleeping!

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    I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to finish an overall complete review of this bed (16″ Natural Latex and Memory Foam Mattress by Lucid)? I’m very interested in this bed due to it’s price point and availability on, plus all of the positive reviews I’ve read up to this point.


    Michael Murphy


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