Luxi 3 in 1 Mattress Unboxing

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The Luxi 3-in-1 mattress is designed to to offer adjustability in the mattress, allowing for the sleeper to choose between three different firmness levels by flipping the foam layers. Along with that, layers can be added to the 3-in-1 in order to provide a better feel for those with special sleep needs such as injuries, pregnancy and those that are 300+ lbs. The mattress ships compressed in a box in the medium configuration and that is the firmness level I will be performing the review on.

Initial Thoughts

  • Adjustability – The strength of this mattress comes in the form of its adjustability. For those that aren’t sure what firmness level they prefer, or have special sleep needs, the 3-in-1 can be easily adjusted to find the perfect fit.
  • Good for Couples – The Luxi 3-in-1 comes with a split construction for all mattresses sized queen and above. This means that there can be separate feels and firmnesses on either side of the mattress for couples that have different sleep preferences.
  • Support Balancing Technology – The Luxi uses what they call the “SBT” layer to provide an interesting mix of support and comfort. The columns created by the channels cut in this layer allow it to conform to your body in multiple positions.

That’s it for now, stay on the lookout for my full review!

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Logan Block

Logan Block

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3 thoughts on “Luxi 3 in 1 Mattress Unboxing

  1. Please do a full review of the Luxi!!! My husband and I have different needs. He prefers firmer and I prefer softer. We bought our Casper 2 years ago and find it way too firm. Casper used to send their clients mattress toppers, but we missed out on that. They have now come out with a new bed option that’s twice the price we paid and supposedly better, but given there are companies that offer lifetime warranties, and Casper is not one of those companies, we wouldn’t buy from them again. I like the sounds of the luxi because we don’t have to agree on one mattress, he can adjust his side and I can adjust mine. PLEASE do a review?!!!

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