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Molecule Mattress and Sheets Giveaway

I know, I know. It’s tough to return to work after a nice long Memorial Day weekend… but perhaps a new mattress giveaway will cheer you up? How about if we add a cozy new sheet set to the deal? Now we’re talkin’! We here at Sleepopolis recently reviewed the Molecule mattress and are now happy to offer you a chance to win a new mattress and set of sheets from Molecule — winner chooses the size!

Molecule Mattress Giveaway!

Summer is right around the corner, so preparing yourself with a mattress that focuses on breathability might not be a bad idea. Not to mention, the cover fabric of the Molecule mattress bears special moisture-wicking properties to help keep you cool and dry while you sleep. This way, you can enjoy all the sweaty fun of hot summer days, but have a nice cool place to rest when the sun goes down.

Molecule Front
Queen size version of the Molecule Mattress

Speaking of sweaty fun, did you know this mattress was designed with athletes in mind? Its gentle all-foam design provides sleepers who are very active during the day with that extra pressure relief at night. Good thinkin’, huh? This mattress also comes with a brand new sheet set (you pick the size, of course) so your bed is nap-ready as soon as your goodies arrive.

Molecule Corner
The Molecule Mattress

So what do you say — ready to test your luck? Enter now for a chance to win (and then read the full written review to get extra stoked)! Good luck, sleepers!

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256 thoughts on “Molecule Mattress and Sheets Giveaway”

  1. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. Ill bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I’m quite certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next! ggaccdgkdfeeebgd

  2. It sounds great. I like that it is designed to provide a soft, cool sleep. It sounds like it is a luxurious quality mattress.

  3. Thanks for sharing the awesome review. I am so looking forward to that good night sleep, and it is a matter of within the year.

  4. I’m so excited for this giveaway! I’ve had non-stop back pain since I’ve bought my current “memory foam” mattress. This seems like such good quality & looks sooo comfy!

  5. I like that the Molecule mattress has a cover fabric that helps keep you cool and dry while you sleep. I always get too hot when I sleep so this mattress would help with that.

  6. I need a new mattress so badly and this one looks so comfortable. Every time I have the money saved up something else breaks down and my back and sleep are paying for it. Thank you for the chance to win and have a good nights rest again.

  7. Thank you so much for this amazing mattress giveaway Sleepopolis, I really appreciate it & I’m so excited! 👍🏻😂🙌🏻 This Molecule Mattress looks & sounds amazing, I love mattresses like this because they really give you great support but they’re also soft & comfy. ❤️🛌😴💤 I’m really embarrassed to admit how long it’s been since I replaced my mattress, it’s been about 15 yrs or so.🤭🤦‍♀️ I have really bad chronic pain from a bad motorcycle accident and some health problems too so a good night’s sleep is really hard to come by. 😞😭☹️ I have been following you guys for a while and I just wanted to say that I really love your website, and the giveaways too of course. 😍❤️🤟🏻 Well thanks again for the chance Sleepopolis, I truly appreciate it!😂🤞🏻🍀 Have a blessed day! 🙏🏻😘✌🏻

  8. The Molecule Mattress is nothing short of a rluxurious, restful and dreamful nights sleep. The mattress is designed for you to have the best sleep, and I absolutely believe it. I love that its made of quality, green/eco friendly materials, it will keep you cool, as well as very comfortable all night. As a mother of 4, I know this bed would have me feeling like pampered royalty every morning! If I had the wonderful opportunity to win this, my house would be transformed into a Snow White Disney film, because that’s the power of an amazing mattress. Thank you!

  9. This sounds like an interesting bed since I’m a side sleeper. Not sure about the sinking in feeling though. I’d love a chance to try it. Thanks.

  10. The Molecule Mattress looks like a great option for side sleepers. It would be perfect for my dad, who had both of his hips replaced in 2011 and needs plenty of cushioning and support for sleeping on his side.

  11. My mattress is so old and lumpy. It’s hard to get a good nights sleep and feel ready to meet the day. I really hope I win. :)

  12. I think the Molecule mattress would be wonderful for me because I am a side sleeper and I wake up in so much pain from my old mattress.

  13. Mattress Looks Amazing Great Review! Thank you for the chance To win this.This would be amazing to win. Good luck to everyone!

  14. The Molecule Mattress sounds heavenly. I like the cooling feature because my mattress is so hot I have trouble sleeping.

  15. This is perfect!! I’m remodeling a bedroom and this is absolutely the mattress I would pick for this room! it has all the features, bells and whistles I’m looking for!! Thanks for the chance to win it!!

  16. Great review. Thanks! I’m a side sleeper so this sounds like a good one for me and I’m in need of a new mattress! :) I also like that it has some breathability so it’ll help me stay cool when sleeping.

    • This mattress looks so inviting! It has all the features made for support and comfort.
      I would wake up feeling very refreshed and ready for the day!

  17. The main feature that gets my attention about this mattress is the moisture wicking feature, and I love the construction. I am really hoping I can win this one!

  18. I think the Molecule Mattress sounds amazing. I like that the Molecule Mattress has a lot of cooling and pressure relief properties and is build to help you achieve slow wave sleep.

  19. I had no idea that mattresses had advanced so much since I last purchased one and therefore was seeing their functions. This mattress sounds wonderful.

  20. The Molecule Mattress is exactly what I am looking for when it comes to a comfortable mattress that shapes my body with the perfect amount of firmness. I really do like this and am anxious to give it my all to try to win in this exciting giveaway.

  21. oh boy! a nice new bed! It would be wonderful to win! My bones are so old. Good luck to all because we all want to win this bed.

  22. My grandson really could use this. This would be such the perfect mattress for him. His mattress his very old. It makes him hot and very uncomfortable.

  23. Awesome prize. I feel my eyes getting tired just thinking about how good it would feel stretched out on this mattress GLTA

  24. My whole life I have suffered with sleep. I’ve never had a new bed so I can’t imagine what it would be line to sleep on a mares that actually doesn’t have springs poking me or wore out on all sides. Winning this bed would probably solve all my back and sleeping problems.

  25. It’s been almost a year since I’ve slept for 8 hours! This Molecule mattress looks & sounds soooooooo wonderful! Love the cooling technology! Thank you!!!

  26. As someone whom has a incurable Rare Diseases and spends LOTS of time in bed. I couldn’t think of a better mattress than the Molecule, that provides pressure relief.

  27. This mattress sounds amazing. I suffer from chronic back pain and our current mattress is almost 15 years old. Winning this would be an absolute blessing! It would change my quality of life drastically.

  28. My mattress is so old. I definitely need a new one. This mattress seems wonderful. Maybe my sleep problems would go away! Hope I win!!

  29. Cool and dry!!! My kind of sleeping. I like everything this mattress offers. I toss and turn all night and always wake up tired.

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to win (King) :)

  30. This mattress sounds like the answer to my prayers!!!! I am a VERY poor sleeper. I am sweaty. I toss and turn and wake every hour.

  31. This mattress looks interesting I don’t know about the sinking but it looks amazing would love to win it and find out ;-)

  32. I suffer with chronic pain mainly caused by neuropathy but also fro degenerative disc disease in my neck and back. I have no choice but to sleep on my sides but my current mattress causes shoulder and hip pain. This mattress sounds like it would relieve my pain caused by the pressure points and the cooling effect it offers is also a big plus

  33. The Molecule Mattress claims it is built specifically conceived to help users achieve optimal “Slow Wave Sleep,” which some experts believe is the most revitalizing kind of slumber. Who doesn’t want that? It’s also cooling and It’s also breathable and soft, providing the sleeper with immediate comfort. It’s also a great mattress for side sleepers!

  34. The idea of a softer mattress appeals to me, but I wonder if a person’s back would be a little out of whack due to the hips sinking so much.

  35. You got me at the word “cool”…I would really like to have a nice cool night. Right now I have to have a fan at my bedside to be able to sleep.

  36. I soooo need a new mattress, currently doctoring on my sprained lower back from sleeping in current bed. This mattress looks amazing, I know it encourages nothing but sweet dreams!

  37. This mattress would help my Mom’s back so much. The chiropractor is getting rich off of her. Thank you for the opportunity!

  38. This sounds amazing. I am a strict side sleeper and love good sinkage into a mattress. I also get a bit warm so the cooling would be great!

  39. I like the 3 layers that it provides, each with its own specific benefit. Sounds like a great way to get a good night’s sleep!

  40. I think it sounds very nice! Each of the 3 layers described in the review has some benefit to getting a good night’s sleep and when added together, definitely assure one will be rested in the morning.

  41. I have issues with my back & chronic pain from fibromyalgia. I often avoid sleeping in my bed due to how uncomfortable it is and my inability to get comfortable. I dream of one peaceful night’s sleep on a perfect mattress. I’d love to win a Sleepopolis mattress.

  42. I love the knit cover of this mattress. I can surely sleep on it right now and it would be great to own. Thank you for making many peoples lives change and come true. You are doing a great thing for so many people and providing better lives to everyone reading about mattresses and helping them chose quality sleep.

  43. I want to win this for my 92 yr. old mama. She’s on a very old mattress and has a lot of trouble sleeping. With this perfect for side sleepers and not having that bounce and giving you that sinking in feeling that she loves, this would be perfect for her.

  44. This mattress sounds heavenly! I really need the pressure relief. I have many chronic illnesses, one terminal, and my pressure points hurt so badly causing disruption in my sleep. Thank you so much for this chance!

  45. The cooling and pressure relief properties sound like just what I need. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    • I would really love this mattress. The comfort, cooling and pressure relief is just what I truly need.

  46. There seems to be quite a bit of sinkage to this mattress and it would have been nice to know how it typically performs on slatted platform beds. That much sink with slight pressure could worry someone that the bottom of the mattress could get ruined. Either way, though, pretty solid review. The mattress definitely seems like it would be worth it on the comfort scale as sooooo many foam mattresses and even hybrid mattresses sleep so firm. I would love to try out this mattress.

  47. I would love to try this mattress. After 3 spinal surgeries, I do not sleep well. Thank you for the chance to win.

  48. This mattress looks perfect for me! As a side sleeper, I love sinking into a soft cuddly mattress. Thanks for the demonstration using weights, that was very helpful.

  49. This mattress would be perfect for my husband and I. Our mattress is too small, a full size, and having a queen size would be great.

  50. I love this bed! It seems to be very comfortable and soft. I like something that doesn’t make me hot while I sleep.

  51. Wow another great mattress that would solve a lot of my pain problems. Good luck and thank you Sleepopolis for all the reviews you do.

  52. I really like the moisture wicking properties of the Molecule mattress because I tend to go hot and cold during sleep.

  53. This comment is about the Molecule mattress (even though the entry field said comment about Yaasa adjustable). You say it would be good for side sleepers, but it seems too soft for me. I like a Medium firmness but don’t really like to “sink in” to a mattress.

  54. would love to win one of these great beds.am disabled and back is a mess==think i would sleep better on one of these beds. let me know when there is a contest.

  55. I am totally impressed with this item. Coming from a manufacturing and machine design background I can tell you that the frame is of a solid construction. I have built race cars, utility trailers, and automation machine bases. This unit is well built! The motors are quiet and the control is simple to use. This is a winner!

  56. The Yaasa Adjustable bed would be perfect for my guest room as I have visitors year round that vary in height and this would be a good fit, no pun intended.

  57. I’m revamping my entire bedroom to enhance my sleep. I even luxed out on linen sheets. I’ve got the lighting right, removed the tv and now am deciding on the perfect bed.

  58. Adjustable beds have never been a favorite of mine. Even the pictures do not look appealing. As a result, nor do i have a particular fondness for The Yassau Adjustable.

  59. I’m shopping around for a new mattress (for when I have the cash, ha), and the Molecule is going on my shortlist of contenders!

  60. The photo in your review of you sinking in side lying looks divine. The more I read your reviews, the more I want to break up with my chunk of memory foam from Sam’s Club.

  61. Great review – thanks. However, I have a Dilemma. I sleep an equal amount of time on my back and side, and I like a little bounce. I prefer a soft mattress. What mattress would you recommend for me?

  62. My wife and I are very active and athletic and it has been very hard to find to the right kind of mattress.

  63. Want good sleep but a good mattress like the yaasa or the Layla or the Casper or the molecules want to know all about them SLEEPOPLIS

  64. As a side sleeper who likes a cooler sleeping environment, this mattress warrants consideration. And the relief it provides for shoulder and hips is what I am looking for.

  65. I have never heard of the Molecule mattress before, but it looks amazing! Fingers crossed, would love to win!

  66. I have not had a new bed in over 15 yrs. I’d love a new mattress then my back wouldn’t hurt so much every morning.

  67. Love this sites reviews! Hard to buy a mattress online not knowing how it feels, this site really helps to inform the consumer!!!

  68. Everything about this bed sounds perfect to me – especially the free part as I have had the same mattress for about 12 years and am fairly desperate. :)

  69. Just what I like to hear, this mattress is a great for side sleepers and it has a lawyer for that cooling affect. Both of which are very important qualities when I’m looking for a mattress. I am currently on a very firm mattress that has no gifts for my pressure points. Another plus for this mattress as it will give me some relief where I need it most

  70. As a strict size sleeper from serious back injury who also sleeps extremely hot, I would LOVE to see how this mattress feels! Really love a soft bed that I sink into so it seems to check all boxes for me.

  71. I’m having to replace all of my mattresses and upholstery, plus I’m tired of my rock hard mattress anyways! This mattress sounds delightful!

  72. I love everything about the Yaasa adjustable bed… well, maybe except for the amount of assembly. It sounds absolutely terrific.

  73. This Mattress looks amazing and so comfortable love everything about this mattress I am a side sleeper so I know this mattress would be so good for me!!

  74. I Would Love to Win this!!!!!!!!!
    I Need A New Mattress because I have a bad back and I could use all the help I can get

  75. Never won anything since I was 14. I won a boombox at a raffle drawing at an auction my dad took me to. I sure could use a fine mattress like this. It would help my bad hips and back. Was in an car accident and it’s not going to get better only worst.

  76. I really like that this mattress offers extra pressure relief at night as I toss and turn constantly.

    Thanks for the chance to win (Queen)

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