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Wright Mattress Giveaway for World Sleep Day

Get out your pajamas, it’s World Sleep Day on Friday, March 16th! To celebrate, we are giving away a memory foam mattress from Wright Bedding!

You may remember those divine cotton sheets from Wright we gave away last month – now it’s time for their luxury mattress. Winner chooses the size!
Wright Mattress Giveaway

The Wright mattress feels like luxury memory foam from top to bottom, with a slightly softer than average feel and small touches throughout the design that make it a pleasure to sleep on.

Wright Mattress Hand Push
The Wright has a very plush feel due to thick comfort layer

Good luck, and let us know your plans for World Sleep Day!

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Logan Block

Logan is the content director of Sleepopolis, which means he not only reviews new mattresses every week, but also curates all the comparisons, best of pages, and video guides on the site. He takes a straightforward, honest approach to his reviews and endeavors to give viewers an objective look at each new product he tries out. Logan has perfected his method by personally testing over 200 different mattresses, so he’s not only able to discern the overall vibe of a specific bed, but to contextualize its feel within the bed-in-a-box market as a whole.

325 thoughts on “Wright Mattress Giveaway for World Sleep Day”

  1. I plan on sitting around in my pajamas and rest as I’m still recouping from my last surgery as I get ready for myself surgery for reconstruction from breast cancer.

  2. I really need a new mattress. Especially as I plan my next surgery (#5) for reconstruction from breast cancer. I’m grateful to God but would “I’ve to have a much more comfortable bed to recuperate in as my bed is old and lumpy and on a fixed income I just can’t afford a new mattress. This would be such a blessing.

  3. This mattress sounds like a dream to sleep on. We have been on an old mattress for so long, this would be the perfect replacement for us. It corrects all the problems we currently have with our mattress.

  4. This mattress looks SO comfortable! I had no idea there was a World Sleep Day! I will make sure to get plenty of sleep this Friday- if possible!

  5. This matress looks amazing and I would love to try it after 5 pregnancies 3 messed up epidurals sciatica and many other issues with pain I could use a good matress

  6. I have been home for a week due to cervical neck and spine issues.Have lost a ton of work because of pain,migraines and lack of good night sleep.Seeing pain management specialist and first thing they told me was buy a new mattress.I had to about cry with all the missed work due to extreme neck and middle back pain I barely have money to get by.Mattresses cost so much money and I’m broke.would love to win this wright mattress and spend my first night getting a comfortable restful sleep

  7. I love the plush comfort layer of the Wright Mattress. Sounds really comfortable. A great mattress makes all the difference in the world. This would provide a great sleep experience!

  8. This would be so wonderful. It looks like it would so perfect. We are definitely in need of a new mattress. Thank you.

  9. My circadian rhythm has been out of whack ever since nursing school. I recently graduated nursing school, and I will be working as a floor nurse soon. As a floor nurse, I will be working 12 hour shifts. It would be nice if I won this prize.

  10. I would love a new mattress and this one fits my needs. On World Sleep Day I will be sleeping in and breakfast in bed will be a bonus.

  11. I really need this…I’m sleeping on a used mattress and box spring..I am 51 with arthritis in my back and I have a really hard time getting in and out of bed… I would be so appreciative……

  12. I think this mattress sounds so amazing. I could really use a new one like this in my bedroom. The one now is so old and lumpy. It’s hard to get a good night sleep. I would sleep like a baby on one of these.. Thanks..

  13. Winning this bed would be beneficial for my body for support and comfort able to sleep without stiffness and aches.

  14. I need a mattress like this so bad. I have severe fibromyalgia making it hard for me to get sleep either due to discomfort of my pressure points or I can’t fall or stay a sleep or getting into a restful sleep pattern. I believe that if I had a great mattress half of my sleeplessness would be solved.

  15. I’m on my 10th mattress in 2 years. I really need to find one that is plush with support for a 105lb side sleeper!

  16. The mattress sounds wonderful! I’d love to give it a try. I’ve got no plans for World Sleep day except to have a good night’s sleep!

  17. I want to win this so badly! My mattress is over 20 years old and I need a new one now! Thanks for the chance to win! I am 71 years old and cannot afford to buy a new one! Thanks again!

  18. I would luv this ,this is must have mattress ,I know quality of life would get better. Start each day and night the WRIGHT WAY.

  19. I think this matress sounds like heaven honestly. I don’t have any specific plans for world sleep day. I never even heard of it till now.Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.

  20. We have been through 2 mattresses in 6 years because it feels okay for a while then I’m not happy with them. It’s so annoying trying to find something that is good for more than a few years. And we not buying cheap mattresses.


  22. I think that Wright mattress is all about comfort! Given the fact that we spend 8 hours sleeping any day, a good mattress is a must. I like that the top layer is gel infused memory foam and reduces heat retention. Other plus points for me are that it’s soft, edge Support ( hate it when mattresses get deformed in months after buying) and that it’s great for side sleeping.

  23. Looks like a fine quality mattress, I particularly like the plush thick comfort layer, would love to try it. Would like to spend the day in bed on world sleep day!

  24. Looks like a great mattress. I have been looking to purchase a new mattress for quite some time. Maybe with my fingers crossed I will win this one!!

  25. Awsome Giveaway. I have entered many sweepstakes for Queen size mattresses. Maybe this one will be my mattress. Thanks for the chance to enter. Looks like a well put together mattress. I am loving the firmness

  26. I would like to win this I am a disabled person with bad knee problems and dibetic and I am on the heavy side ….I am a single mom and latley I have been sleeping In my recliner cause my mattress already has a dent my back hurts so bad and my knees also I have to put over ten pillows to bring my knees up so they wouldn’t hurt as bad I couldn’t afford a good mattress depending on my situation I sometimes want a night I can sleep without waking up and going to the recliner cause I can’t take my bed no more cause my back is killing me.

  27. I wouls SO love to have this beautiful,plush mattress.omigosh..i have been renting a room from my boss for two years & just signed lease on new place 😀 this would be soooo sweet.thank you for this opportunity !

  28. I am impressed by the thickness and support this mattress appears to have. It looks plush but supportive at the same time. The pressure map is also looks like this mattress offers comfortable sleep without getting too hot.

  29. Our mattress is past time 4 a new one. I think I need 2 have one that makes me feel like I’m on a floating cloud. My mattress is 2 hard & it hurts.

  30. I would love to try a Wright sleep mattress! Luxury at it’s finest! On world sleep day I would stay in bed and enjoy my new mattress!

  31. I would love to lay my day away on my new mattress. I have been thinking about how much lucy(My lovely kitty) And I need a new mattress, my back is killing me.

  32. Our mattress is literally over 25 years old. It is so hard my husband and I both get “numb spots” on our bodies. This would be a miracle for us. Thanks for the opportunity.

  33. Well I have a good reason for wanting a good night’s sleep as I lost everything that I had in a massive fire that gutted my whole house, it took everything that I ever owned, I am so broken heartened, it really is sad.

  34. Wow , what an amazing giveaway ! Thank you so much for the chance to win this awesome mattress !! My fingers are crossed !

  35. Cannot find a good mattress where we live !!!!!

    I roll to the other side of the bed every night because my Husband is uch heavier then me.

  36. We’ve been married for 32 years , ( a miracle in itself), and never had a new mattress! What a treat this would be!

  37. I think this is my favorite mattress I’ve seen so far! Was just diagnosed with CRPS, and boy, would this be lovely to win! ❤

  38. I would love to win this mattress! It sounds like it would be perfect of my fiancé and I! Thank you for giving us another opportunity to try and win!!!!

  39. What do you think about the Wright mattress? And any plans for World Sleep Day later this month?!

    looks great to me,and on the world sleep day? i wont know until i wake up thanks

  40. What do you think about the Wright mattress? And any plans for World Sleep Day later this month?!

    looks great to me,and on the world sleep day? i wont know until i wake up that day

  41. This would be perfect for my mother….she hasn’t had a new one in….omgosh I can’t remember….a long time.

  42. I really liked the low preasure points this mattress is able to produce. I am paralyzed and have to worry about preasure points when I sleep so this mattress would be perfect for me! On World Sleep Day I plan on staying on bed all day and nap! It will be a perfect day to put on some good classic movies and snooze on and off all day!

  43. The Wright mattress looks really comfortable and it would be the perfect mattress to own, I haven’t had a really good night sleep in such a long time and I know I would get one with the Wright mattress and I don’t have any plans for World Sleep Day.

  44. I think the Wright bed is the right bed! It looks very comfortable. I’m going to sleep in on World Sleep Day.

  45. I think this is an awesome selfless promotion that you are doing. It is very helpful to those who need a new mattress, and are not in a position to afford one. Always remember you will be rewarded for all of your generosities. I have learned that word of mouth is an awesome reward too!

  46. I’ve been mattress shopping for well over a year while sleeping on my couch. I need a comfortable mattress with my back and neck problems, I’ve been afraid of overpaying for one that isn’t right for me. Would really love this so I can hopefully finally celebrate a good nights sleep! Thanks for the chance!

    • As a side sleeper, it sounds like Wright really does have what one needing a softer yet supportive mattress without a lot of negatives!

  47. The review says the Wright mattress really shines for side sleepers. I’m a side sleeper, so this would be the best present I ever received if I am chosen.

  48. They look very comfortable and are nice looking also. The luxury memory foam feel really appeals to me and I need a new mattress. If I had a mattress like this I might celebrate world sleep day by staying in bed all day!

  49. I like it and it looks like it would be good for my lower back. For World Sleep Day, I’ll be working our farm.

  50. Oh, how grateful and happy I would be to win this mattress. I moved in to my 97 year old Mother’ s home 1 year ago too be her caregiver, and I have been “sleeping” on a 31 year old mattress.

  51. Celebrating world sleep day by buying a new mattress very soon. This mattress seems good however does it sleep cool or does it get hot? You may have already said it in the video and I didn’t catch it. Very tired due to poor sleep from out current mattress.

    • Nevermind answered my own question by reading the review. It should not sleep hot so that’s a huge plus.

  52. I want it! My mattress is uncomfortable even with a memory foam overlay. This would really help me enjoy my retirement

  53. I think it sounds like a great mattress, really comfortable. I’m a side sleeper, so it would be ideal for me.

  54. Looks to be a solid memory foam mattress I’m sleeping on a Layla now which so far I love only about a month in. Like the build on the Wright though could be a sleep changer

  55. Some memory foam mattresses can be deceiving, in that they initially feel firm and not as cushioned, due to the use of denser, slower-response memory foam. This is a common complaint with Tempur Pedic mattresses which feel very firm and not comfortable.

    After doing extensive research on the Wright for an extended amount of time, I found that your bodies adapt to the mattress and molded to the memory foam without feeling stuck or trapped in the foam.

    • My back is killing me. I’d dearly love to win..Granny needs a new bed..Make my dreams come true..The most wonderful mattress of all time
      Wright Mattress..Thank-You for the opportunity to enter❗💚🍀💋💗💜🍀

    • I like the fact that the Wright bed has cooling technology in their foam As for World Sleep Day just hoping to sleep through it as I am a night shift worker lol


  57. I need this mattress! Mine is on the hard side, thinking soft and wonderful with this mattress ahhhhh A good night sleep

  58. Love your reviews. Helps keep me informed of what is happening as well as giving me the chance to win a mattress.

  59. With the top 5 inches of the mattress being made of memory foam, the comfort layer is extremely soft and there is a long way to go before hitting the firmer base layer. People of different body types and shapes will feel firmness differently. Side sleeping is where the Wright mattress really shines. The mattress’ thick comfort layer handles pressure relief really well, and I didn’t feel any major pressure points when in this position. I side sleep. I back sleep and I stomach sleep, so this mattress will work for me.


  61. Love the thought of memory foam. I have two little kids who are early risers so I’m hoping to sleep in on World Sleep Day!

  62. I like the idea of the comfort layer. Saves buying a mattress topper later. Just planning on sleeping in for World Sleep Day.

  63. i have no plans for world sleep day. however, i do desperately need a new mattress. it sounds like a great mattress. i like a firm mattress.

  64. I would love to sleep on World Sleep Day; however I have to work! Lol I weigh around 100 pounds and when laying on a bed, it doesnt sink, so I love the thought that its softer than most and the cover on this looks way better. I have seen cheaper brands fray up and this looks like nice material.

  65. Hey main mattress man! THank you for your review. It has been soooooo long since I have bought a mattress. I prefer a medium to firm mattress.. This one looks very comfortable. I hope to win!

  66. With my Extremely bad back It sounds just what I need. I tried the rest maybe its time to try the best. Thanks for tge Chance to win I sure hope I do.

  67. I’m excited for the Wright mattress! I’ve needed a new mattress for a bit now and the prices don’t necessarily align with the quality. I’m hoping that the Wright mattress is the right mattress for me.

  68. I’m in the market for a new mattress, and am interested in trying memory foam after a lifetime of inner spring mattresses. The wright sounds like a good choice for a side sleeper like me!

  69. Mattress looks hard when doing the sink test. I don’t think this would work for me as I have chronic pain and need a plush style mattress. This would work great for my husband who needs a firmer mattress. We have two beds in our master so that neither one of us are uncomfortable and we can still sleep together. I would take the other one out and slide this one in, in its place.

  70. Glad to hear that this is comfortable for side sleepers, I start off laying on my back but mostly stay on my sides throughout the night so this one sounds perfect for me.

  71. DEsperately need a new mattress, and this one seems to fit the bill for everything I could wish for, thanks for opportunity, ❤️ LOVE TO WIN!!

  72. I’m a stomach sleeper, so I was at first concerned that all of that memory foam would be too soft for me. However, Logan seems comfortable testing it on his stomach, so it would probably work fine for me.

  73. I would love to win this Wright mattress. I’ve had back problems since an accident in high school and I’m still having surgeries and procedures done today. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a nice mattress.

  74. I watched this review and also read their reviews! The reviews speak volumes about Wright mattress and this looks to me to be one great purchase. National Sleep Day I’ll be getting in a few naps throughout the day.

  75. First, thanks for this awesome giveaway opportunity! I really need a new mattress! World Sleep Day happens a lot at our house any more, since my wife had two types of breast cancer at the same time. After chemo, surgery and radiation, she has no energy anymore and needs to rest. I don’t care how much she rest, as long as I have her! We have an old waterbed that I need to have a mattress and box spring placed down into the bed, as my wife doesn’t have the strength to pull herself up and out of the waterbed. Anyway, thanks for this amazing opportunity!

  76. 7 minutes is too long to review a mattress in a video. 4 min Wil suffice. We cannot feel the mattress through our screens so over explaining is a waste of time.

  77. I’m especially excited about this giveaway after not getting much sleep last night & then waking up with a sore hip & back! I see the Wright Mattress is GREAT for side sleepers! I love the extra layering of foam! The pressure points are perfect for side-sleepers…. YAY!!! Now I need to get super lucky!

  78. If I had a nicer mattress, I might be more enthusiastic about this holiday! I’ll still celebrate by reading in bed and sleeping!

  79. I’m disabled and sleeping on a hand-me-down twin bed, sadly. I truly need and would love to win this mattress.

  80. I think this looks very comfortable and would love the chance to try it out. World Sleep Day? I have not heard of it before, but i plan to participate.

  81. I currently am sleeping on my couch I have yet to find a mattress that doesn’t hurt my back so I am hoping to win this one

  82. Not sure why this mattress would be worth 60% more than other memory foam brands covered on this site? Seems to have pretty standard components….

  83. Aloha After I finish paying off my Christmas bills,I will buy a new queen size mattress. I bought one of those that had a Comercial with a glass of wine and a bowling ball. Needless to say it only lasted 4 years and now it doesn’t give you much support. Mahalo for reading, Paul

  84. I would love to have a new mattress due to back pain. I had a Verto-bro plasty but it would be nice to have a firmer mattress to lay on. Thank you for the chance.

  85. Wow..Looks like a great bed..I like it is good for side layers..As I get older I notice the pain in my shoulders and neck..I know it’s my bed and the Wright mattress looks like it will fix that Wright up..

  86. I think this mattress sounds awesome! I think I’m going to lay in bed all day one day this month for World Sleep Day. I have numerous chronic illnesses, one terminal, so I tend to be bedridden anyway :-(

  87. All of the Sleepopolis beds look great…I like the info they give regarding the matress itself and I think the best is the 120 day try it to see if you like return policy…Hope to win and best luck to all..Thanks for the sweep Sleepopolis..

  88. I recently relocated an am in need of a new bed. I have 3 vertebrae out of place in my neck and back and an extremely disc in my lower back so I am in the market for a bed that will help with the pain. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to try this mattress to see if it helps my situation. Thank you.

  89. Why do your contests not allow me to enter?

    Says the promotion is not available in my area. I live in Toronto, Ontario.

  90. I think my son would love this mattress. He prefers a more “cushiony” one that me, and this looks like it would fit the bill.

  91. I would love a new mattress. I have rods in my back due to Scoliosis. It would be great to get a good night sleep.

  92. This looks like a great mattress!

    I plan on getting eight hours sleep on World Sleep Day. I would try for more but I have to work and I do get up very early, 4:20.

  93. I think the Wright Mattress would be the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in! For National Sleep Day, I will take a nap.

  94. My mattress is so old a new one would give me a good nights sleep finally. This mattress
    is so well built with quality.

  95. i think the wright mattress would be the right mattress for me and mine. we both have bad backs and need a mattress just like this to help us get some sleep and “good” sleep at that.

  96. No plans for World Sleep Day later this month. :) Great review on the Wright mattress, thanks! Despite the top layer being memory foam, I appreciate how it’s designed to avoid trapping heat. As a side sleeper, it sounds like the Wright mattress would be right up my alley & I’d absolutely love to try it!

  97. It would be wonderful to replace my very old mattress with this new one to see how well I sleep on it! I really like the features of this mattress and feel that it would be PERFECT for me!

  98. The Wright mattress seems like an excellent mattress! My husband and I need a new mattress so very badly! I surely would like to win🌸❣️

  99. My mattress is old and so hot and uncomfy so I will not be spending World Sleep Day in bed! The Wright Mattress sounds wonderful and I could finally get a good nights sleep.

  100. Sounds absolutely perfect! Husband and I both love the feel of memory foam, but cannot stand how hot it gets. Hope we win! Thanks!!

  101. I think the Wright mattress look awesome! It looks so soft which is what I need for my sore back, hopefully I will be sleeping for World Sleep Day,If I had this mattress it could be possible!!

  102. The mattress looks very comfortable. And I feel will help with my bad back. I have no plans for world sleep day other than sleeping a little longer.

  103. Logan,
    I purchased at least a queen size mattress from you about a year-and-a-half ago. What does a leesa king size mattress run. I have been singing the Praises of the leesa mattress to my brother and he is interested in a king size mattress.

    Lex Lofgren

  104. The Wright mattress sounds wonderfully comfortable — perfect for a great night’s sleep. I don’t have any plans for World Sleep Day later this month.

  105. I didn’t know there was a World’s Sleep Day! I hope I can honor the day by sleeping through the night, which I rarely do. Something worth celebrating for sure! This mattress sounds ideal for me. Sure hope I win it!

  106. The soft feel is what my wife needs. i will be looking into the Wright mattresses. As for World Sleep Day, my plan, as always, is to nap when I can.

  107. I think it looks comfortable and I would to try one in my home ;) The only plans I have for World Sleep Day is eat and sleep :D

  108. I think this would be the perfect mattress for me!! Mine is 20 years old. World sleep day? Thats a real thing!?

  109. I’d like to win this, but there are so many conflicts of interest on mattress review sites, it’s impossible to take any of the mattress reviews seriously. But since you asked, on World Sleep Day I plan to run nude in Central Park during lunch hour.

  110. Seems like a decent matress, though a little on the soft side and not looking like firm edge support..

    No real plans for national sleep day – maybe sleep in a bit!

  111. I really like that this mattress is excellent for side sleepers. My current mattress isn’t quite that comfortable when sleeping on my side.

  112. The Wright mattress, is absolutely beautiful. I am in the market for a new mattress. Thank you, for sharing, this review!

  113. This mattress looks amazing! Absolutely would love this definitely need it!Thank you for the chance to win!

  114. I didn’t even know there was a world sleep day! I think I’ll have to plan to sleep-in and take a few naps that day. ;)
    This mattress sounds incredible, I like that it’s so plush/ soft. My hubby might not care for it because he loves a super firm mattress, but that’s ok it’s called compromise!

  115. Thank you for the detailed review! My boyfriend’s major complaint about our current mattress is edge support, which I didn’t even realize was an issue, so thanks for covering it.

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