What’s the Best Bed Height?

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If you’re on the search for a new bed frame or mattress, you may want to keep your bed height in mind. Some people are going to want a low bed height, while others are going to do better with a high bed height. Today, I want to go over what bed height means, why some people will do better with different heights, and what you should look for in a bed frame.

What Does Bed Height Mean?

When I talk about the bed height, I’m referring to how high or low your bed is, and how far up from the floor it is. This includes space added by your bed frame or foundation, a possible box spring, and your mattress.

Why Does Bed Height Matter?

This height matters because it’ll help determine how easy it is for you to get in and out of bed. It also can play a role in how your bedroom aesthetic and overall design looks.

What Bed Height Is Right For You?

The average knee height for most adults is between 16 inches and 24 inches, so the general rule of thumb is to have a bed height around there as well. However, you’re also going to want to look at your own height and your partner’s height to see what would work best for you personally. A shorter person will likely want a shorter bed, and a taller person will want a taller bed. However, it’s okay for a shorter person to have a higher bed as long as they’re comfortable putting in a little extra effort to get in and out of it. Sometimes a higher bed height also means more storage space beneath it — we’ll dive into this more soon.

The easiest way to see if your bed height is the right fit for you is to sit on the edge of the bed,  see if your feet can comfortably sit planted on the ground with your knees at a 90-degree angle, and then make sure you can effortlessly get in and out of bed.

Being able to easily go to and from the bed is especially important for anyone who’s eld

erly or who has mobility issues. Depending on the specific issues someone may have, a lower bed could be good since they could roll out of bed easier than trying to get up and then find the ground. 

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Bed Frame Types

Let’s go over the main types of bed frames you can get to achieve the heights you want. 

Platform Bed Frame

1 Platform bed

A platform bed frame is typically very low to the ground with wooden slats running across it to support your mattress. This usually doesn’t need a box spring, and instead, your mattress goes straight there. So since it’s low, it’s typically a better fit for shorter people.

It has a sleek, modern look – which could fit many people’s aesthetic. A downside of the platform bed frame is there’s usually not much storage space beneath it. 

Divan Bed Frame

2 divan

Your mattress goes straight on this type of frame as well, so no box spring needed. This frame usually sits on a base that has drawers built in, so they’re going to be higher because of that and are also great for storage.

They definitely are popular for having a modern, simple design.

Traditional Bed Frame

3 traditinal

These typically have box springs that go on top of them, which can also come in different heights or profiles. So this makes them a great fit for a lot of people and a lot of different heights. But on average, they’re about two feet off the ground.

Design wise, this is kind of your classic, traditional bedroom look — and it will give you more storage space. 

Poster Bed Frame or Canopy Bed Frame

4 poster

These both have posts on each corner of the frame that can be low or high. If the posts are connected up top, then it’s considered a canopy frame. These frames typically need a box spring. They can come in different profiles as well and work for different people of different heights. 

They’re known to have a luxurious look and can often offer nice storage space.

Antique Bed Frame

5 antique

These aren’t as common as the others, but a lot of people still enjoy having them. Also, a quick online search shows they’re still easy to find for purchase. These tend to be taller and need a box spring as well. So taller people may really like these. 

They have an 18th-century look, and tend to be solid wood or brass. Since they’re higher up, that also leaves more room for storage space beneath. 

Loft Bed Frame

6 loft

These have such high profiles, you need a ladder to get up to them. They’re typically better for shorter people and since it involves climbing, I’d recommend anyone with knee issues to steer clear. They often go above an office space or play space.

Adjustable Bed Frame

8 adjustable

As the name suggests, these bed frames can be moved into different positions to change how your mattress sits. You can choose to raise or lower different parts of the frame in order to have different parts of your body elevated, such as your head or feet. 

These have been used in hospitals to help with injuries but can also be beneficial for a variety of reasons — from enhancing comfort to easier mobility to reducing snoring. They also often have cool perks like USB ports, lights, and even massage modes. 

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Futon Bed

7 futon

These are kind of couch/bed hybrids. They’re low to the ground and you don’t need a box spring or a mattress on top of them, because they are a bed in themselves. They definitely tend to work better for shorter people, but are typically better fits for a guestroom, dorm room, or extra sleeping space to have. 

They do save space in the sense that you can turn them into the couch mode so they’ll take up less room when they’re not being slept on.


What specifically should elderly people be looking for?

Experts say somewhere between 20 and 23 inches. This should provide room for them to easily get in and out of bed and is in that sweet spot of not being too tall or being too short. But again, it’s all about finding the right accessibility height for the individual. You can also check out our favorite mattresses for seniors for more information and bed choices.

What if I want to make my bed taller?

There are a few things you can do. You can get bed risers, which you put your bed frame legs on and it gives them some extra height. You can also look for a higher box spring if your frame calls for one or you can add a mattress topper – but keep in mind that a mattress topper can change the feel of your mattress.

Does my bed height affect my sleep?

Just the bed height doesn’t since it really just plays a role in how easy you can get in and out, and whether it could cause issues over time for you. The height that could matter is if you have a really thin mattress, or a mattress that isn’t thick enough to support your body weight.

Final Thoughts

There are other bed frames out there, but these are some of the ones we come across the most. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the perfect bed frame, mattress, bedding, etc. Here at Sleepopolis, we’ve got you covered with it all. Be sure to browse our different guides, like our mattress buying guide, to be fully equipped when setting up your sleep sanctuary.

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