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Sleep Number 360® i8 vs. 360® i10: What’s Best for You?

SO_i8vsi10Graphics_Similarities Sleep Number 360® i8 vs. 360® i10: What's Best for You?SO_i8vsi10Graphics_Similarities Sleep Number 360® i8 vs. 360® i10: What's Best for You?The Sleep Number 360® beds are two of the softest and most plush beds from Sleep Number. They’re part of the “Innovative Series,” named as such because of unique temperature-balancing technology used in their comfort layers to regulate heat. In addition to retaining heat, these beds offer a lot of other luxurious features. This series also includes the i7 bed, but for today, we’re going to be doing a deep dive into the i8 and i10 models.

Before we discuss the key similarities and differences between the Sleep Number 360® i8 and i10, here’s some quick background on Sleep Number in case you’re not familiar with the bedding brand.

SO_i8vsi10Graphics_Mattress Sleep Number 360® i8 vs. 360® i10: What's Best for You?

Sleep Number is different from other foam, latex, or spring mattresses because they actually don’t have any of that fill. Instead, they are adjustable air beds that offer different mattress covers that provide various levels of contouring support. Because the mattress is filled with air, you can adjust the amount of air in the chamber and find your Sleep Number setting, a number between 1-100 that dictates how hard or soft your bed will feel. You can adjust your sleep setting with a remote or app.

Additionally, the i8 and i10 models are part of Sleep Numbers smart bed series. In addition to being able to adjust your side of the bed to your exact liking, the mattress can also read your sleep movements and adjust the support automatically. Other perks include foot warming, sleep tracking, massaging, and more.

Now, let’s discuss the key similarities and differences between these two beds!

Sleep Number 360® i8 and i10: How They’re SimilarSO_i8vsi10Graphics_Similarities Sleep Number 360® i8 vs. 360® i10: What's Best for You?SO_i8vsi10Graphics_Similarities Sleep Number 360® i8 vs. 360® i10: What's Best for You?SO_i8vsi10Graphics_Similarities Sleep Number 360® i8 vs. 360® i10: What's Best for You?

These two beds are super similar, yet there are some important differences. Before we give that all away, here is how they’re alike:
They’re adjustable…in more ways than one. All Sleep Number beds allow you to inflate or deflate air automatically to adjust the amount of pressure in the bed and find the exact level of support you need. In addition to this feature, all the 360® beds (i8 and i10 included!) also have a Responsive Air™ technology. This technology senses your movements and automatically adjust the bed’s firmness, comfort, and support via pressure sensors inside the bed while you sleep.

They’re super soft. You can tell how soft or firm a Sleep Number bed will be by looking at its model number. “10” in i10 is the highest number in the series, so it’ll come with the most cushion. If you want the cushion, but just not seven inches of it, then the i8 bed might be a better option. Model numbers go all the way down to c2, which will be your firmest bed. While these beds have slightly different comfort layers (more on that below) they both will feel really soft — making them good options for back sleepers who can get away with plush, all-around support.

They’re under the same warranties. Both beds come with a 25 Year Limited Warranty. The fine print says that Sleep Number will repair or replace your bed if there’s a defect that isn’t caused by human error for the first two years. From year 3-25 of the limited warranty, you will become responsible to pay for a portion of the repair and replacement cost. Additionally, any tech-related issues that arise that are “related to defects in materials or workmanship with the SleepIQ module” will be covered. Oddly enough, the remote falls under a separate warranty. For the smart remote, if there’s an error made on Sleep Number’s side, your remote will be completely covered for the entire two years. Unfortunately, remote control returns can’t happen in stores, so there’s a chance there will be a waiting period between the time you send one in and get your replacement. Make sure you don’t personally tamper with the remote, or else it won’t be repaired or replaced!

Sleep IQ is included. Both beds include Sleep IQ integration, which records and monitors your sleep activity at night. When you wake up, you’ll have access to a comprehensive review of your sleeping habits, including your Sleep Score. These will all display in an app that can integrate with other health and fitness apps so you can track your sleep along with your exercise and eating regime.

Both beds offer cooling relief. Each mattress includes cooling material that actually grabs heat and transfers it to the foam so the surface of the mattress stays cool to the touch. Across the board, reviews from both models said these beds did a great job at regulating temperature and keeping cool.

Sleep Number 360® i8 and i10: How They’re DifferentSO_i8vsi10Graphics_i8vsi10Differences Sleep Number 360® i8 vs. 360® i10: What's Best for You?

Here are the key differences between the Sleep Number 360® i8 and i10. Pay close attention to these disparities — this might help you decide which bed is a better fit for the bedroom!

The i10 is the softest bed. Both of these beds are really soft, but the Sleep Number 360® i10 wins for having the thickest layer of comfort foam. Above the air chambers is a 7” foam comfort layer made up of two different types of foam — ThermaLux™ and Ergonomex™ — to promote contouring, support, and pressure relief. The i8 has similar foam that also promotes contoured support, but you only get six inches of it.

Mattress profile. The i10 bed mattress profile is 13”, while the i8 bed is 12”. The profile is measured from the base to the top of the mattress.


Here’s a chart that differentiates the price between the two beds.

SizeDimensionsNumber of air chambers360® i8 Price360® i10 Price
Twin XL38” x 80”1$3,099.00N/A
Full54” x 75”1$3,374.00N/A
Queen60” x 80”2$3,499.00$4,999.00
King76” x 80”2$4,199.98$5,699.00
Cal King72” x 842$4,199.98$5,699.00

Overall Comfort and Feel

These beds will feel super similar. With the i10 having one extra inch of comfort layer, you’ll probably be able to feel that extra bit of plush support. That said, I was interested to learn that neither of these beds was reviewed as way too soft, leading people to sink directly into the mattress. Instead, customers noted that the foam on top is “just the right amount of sink in softness” and the support of the air chamber with a slightly higher Sleep Number setting balanced out the soft comfort layer very well. Both focus on providing ample and targeted pressure relief.SO_i8vsi10Graphics_Similarities Sleep Number 360® i8 vs. 360® i10: What's Best for You?

Who Should Buy the Sleep Number 360® i8 :SO_i8vsi10Graphics_i8RightforYou Sleep Number 360® i8 vs. 360® i10: What's Best for You?

  • You want the slightly more affordable option. It might be hard to really feel the difference between six and seven inches of comfort foam. If “slightly less” will save you a good chunk of money, the i8 might be your best bet. Additionally, if you’re not sleeping with a partner, the i8 offers smaller bed sizes with just one air chamber.
  • You want a bit more firmness. The i8 is, by definition, more firm than the i10. If you want a bit more support for your body as your sleep, this model is the way to go.

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Who Should Buy the Sleep Number 360® i10SO_i8vsi10Graphics_i10RightforYou Sleep Number 360® i8 vs. 360® i10: What's Best for You?

  • You want the entire package. The i10 model has all the bells and whistles, is the biggest bed, and will have the plushest feel. If you want to go all-in, this bed should be your be your choice!
  • You sleep hot. While both beds do a great job at regulating temperature, the i10 knocked it out of the park with customer reviews that spoke to the bed keeping cool.


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If you know you want a super soft bed that adjusts to your exact firmness level, comes with smart technology, and provides plush pressure relief, both the i8 and i10 will be stellar bed options. However, make sure to read about the small differences between these two beds to choose the one that is exactly right for you.


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