Bethenny Frankel Reveals Her Bougie Secret to “Instant” Sleep

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Good sleep can be tough to come by, so millions of Americans rely on medications like melatonin, Tylenol PM or Ambien to get some rest. But creator and influencer Bethenny Frankel might just have a more natural alternative. In fact, she claims that users of her favorite lavender-scented sleep wrap will “sleep like the dead.” 

In a TikTok video from July 14, Bethenny explains how she uses her herbal wrap saying, “Right before bed I wrap it around my neck and close my eyes.” (1) The wrap features a faux fur fabric covering and is packed with lavender, an herb known to promote sleep. In the video, Bethenny uses a towel warmer to heat up her wrap, but says you could easily use a microwave instead. As of press time, Bethenny’s video has over 500 comments with most clamoring for details on the product.

Commenters like Marty Ann ask, “Where did you get these? Also, I’m all about the blanket warmer cabinet. Where is that from????” Dozens others echo her question. In the comments, Bethenny confirms the wrap is made by the Sonoma Lavender Company , but some commenters like KHop330 say they found the product on Amazon for less than $50. She says: “Just ordered the Amazon one!” The Lavender Spa Heat Wrap in Arctic Circle Faux Fur weighs 2.5 lbs and measures 26” x 9”. As Bethenny recommends, the manufacturer says the wrap can be warmed up in the dryer or microwave (or chilled in the freezer). 

While it’s possible the cozy wrap simply has a placebo effect on users, there does seem to be evidence that lavender has therapeutic benefits. Sonoma Lavender Company claims that, “The sedative quality of lavender can induce sleep and ease problems of insomnia, restlessness and agitation. One study of people with sleeping difficulties found that inhaling lavender oil was as effective as tranquilizers.”

Nate Masterson, a natural ingredients expert for the skin care company, Maple Holistics, says there are reasons to believe Bethenny’s lavender wrap could improve sleep. Masterson says, “Inhaling the scent of lavender can influence our circadian rhythm, which is our body’s biological clock that influences sleep-wake patterns. Maintaining a consistent sleep-wake pattern is essential to healthy sleep. Additionally, [lavender] interacts with neurotransmitters such as GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and serotonin which play an important role in encouraging relaxation and regulating our mood. Furthermore, lavender encourages alpha brain waves, which are brain waves directly linked to relaxation. People who exhibit more frequent alpha brain waves are more likely to be less stressed and be in a serene state of mind.”

We still need more research on how effective lavender is on sleep quality, but we do know that not getting enough Zs can be very harmful to our health. Poor sleep is associated with negative health outcomes such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression, so besides feeling groggy, lack of sleep can have serious consequences.

And while they may be a quick fix, prescription medications might not be the magic answer. Bethenny addresses this in her video saying, “Do you want to sleep like a rock with no sleeping medications? I’ll show you.” Many of the video’s commenters say they rely on medication for rest and they’re not alone; an estimated 10 percent of Americans use a sleep aid like Ambien most days of the week. Unfortunately These pills can cause unpleasant side effects such as daytime drowsiness, dizziness, and nausea, so a non-medication alternative could be a game-changer.

If you’re in the market for something that is soft, cozy, and all natural, Bethenny’s lavender sleep wrap checks all the boxes. At the very least, the wrap looks comfortable and will make your bedroom smell like a spa!

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