Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep Acquire Bear Mattress

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Brooklyn Bedding, manufacturer, retailer, and pioneer of the bed-in-a-box mattress, and Helix Sleep, the leading direct-to-consumer custom sleep brand in the country, (collectively, “Brooklyn-Helix”) today announced the acquisition of Bear Mattress.

“Aside from solidifying our goal of building a house of exceptional sleep brands, this acquisition offers a huge opportunity for the manufacturing side of our business,” said Brooklyn Bedding CEO John Merwin. “In the next few months, we’ll begin to take over the manufacturing for Bear and fill capacity in our world-class, vertically-integrated facility. We are excited to use our new space to work efficiently and effectively, with the ultimate goal of passing the savings along to the customer.”  

Brooklyn Bedding
Brooklyn Bedding’s manufacturing facility in Glendale, Phoenix.

The acquisition of Bear Mattress follows Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep’s combination last year in partnership with Cerberus Capital Management. The addition expands Brooklyn-Helix’s leading direct-to-consumer mattress platform with the highest quality of active lifestyle sleep offerings. Bear Mattress will continue to operate under its brand name and be led by its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Scott Paladini.

“From a marketing perspective, we look to leverage each brand’s respective strengths and highlight the platform’s best-in-class capabilities,” Merwin added. “Bear Mattress is a trusted sleep brand that brings a ton of experience to our portfolio. Together, we’ll be able to further drive our mission of providing our customers with the best, healthiest, and most affordable sleep ever.”

Merwin added that “Bear Mattress’s expertise in the sleep-wellness mattress segment, along with our cutting-edge manufacturing, technology, and digital capabilities, will allow us to scale further as one of the industry’s leading DTC platforms.”

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