You Can Now Buy a Japanese Cardboard Bed from Rakuten for $50

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We all remember Beijing’s remote-controlled beds that blew Tokyo’s cardboard beds out of the water, right? (The Summer 2020 Olympic Games featured cardboard beds to allegedly prevent sexual interaction amongst athletes and thus preventing the spread of COVID-19.) Well, it turns out that even after that there’s still a market for cardboard beds in Japan.

Enter Aasu Danboru, or “Earth Cardboard,” a Japanese cardboard box company. They’ve made a cardboard bed available to the public online via Rakuten, and get this – it’s just $50.

While the infamously “anti-sex” style of Airweave beds was put in the spotlight during the Olympics, Earth Cardboard has highlighted that they can actually have a different intended use. According to Yahoo News, they’ve been a longtime go-to in disaster relief efforts due to “the ease of mass production, transport, and disposal.”

Earth Cardboard created the bed in accordance with Japan’s Disaster Relief Law requirements in mind. The bed measures 72 by 29 by 12 inches, slightly smaller than a twin-sized bed. The brand also reportedly put it through a durability test by having a 5-foot-9-inch, 176-pound man sleep on it for a week – and it passed with flying colors. 

Why is this mattress so inexpensive? It’s made of moving boxes. The moving boxes make up the bed’s base and also double as containers for transporting materials when taken apart. 

While we’re not completely sure who would try this bed (unless you’ve found yourself in a disaster relief situation), it is available online for purchase nonetheless. 

Cardboard Box Bed Concerns 

If you are one of the daring humans who are looking to try an Earth Cardboard bed, no matter if it’s for novelty or necessity, there are some things to keep in mind.

A cardboard bed alone is not sufficient enough to improve to support pressure points, according to one study. You need a bed that contours and relieves pressure for hip and shoulder pain if you sleep on your side or back. A cardboard bed won’t do you any good if you suffer from one of the two. A cardboard bed also lacks any kind of support, so back pain sufferers, you’re out of luck there. 

Point blank – It’s made of cardboard. We’d only recommend this bed for the healthiest of folks who experience zero joint pain. Otherwise, you’re looking at some discomfort. Ideally, you’ll also want a mattress that’ll last you 8 to 10 years before you’ll need to replace it. All we know is that this one lasts a week.

Cardboard Box Bed Alternatives

And if you’re just looking for a cheap, non-cardboard bed, we’ve got you covered too:

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