TikTok is Obsessed With This Sleep Mask That Doubles as Skincare

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Sleep masks have become all the rage over recent years. Sleep masks, which were originally patented in 1930 as the “sleep eye shade,” (1) have grown increasingly popular on social media, with influencers sharing viral bedtime routines. They’ve even influenced some of us to buy hair protecting silk pillowcases, sleeping masks, heatless curlers, and more. 

One of the newer trends on TikTok is a sleep mask that creators claim improves your skin as you sleep. Sign me up!

Read on to find out if a silk eye mask can really help improve your sleep — and your skin — for the ultimate beauty routine. 

What is this Skincare Sleep Mask?  

A TikTok creator films the clean, minimalistic packaging of a sleep mask, opening the box to reveal a shiny sleep mask covered in a thin layer of tissue. Given the aesthetically pleasing unboxing video, you might expect the product inside to be a luxury handbag.

One creator says the mulberry silk sleep mask “helps prevent acne and breakouts for [the] skincare girlies” and is also “hypoallergenic and antibacterial.” (2)

TikTokers are claiming that this sleeping mask can also prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and acne. But can something as simple as a silk sleep mask be a potential cure to your skin concerns? 

The brand in question, Dore and Rose, offers two variations of this silk mask, one called the Skin Recovering™ Sleep mask and another called the Deep Sleep mask. Dore and Rose also sells silk pillowcases, duvets, and hair ties.

Both sleeping mask variations are made of 100 percent 23 Momme mulberry silk, and are also infused with natural silver ions, which according to the product listing, aid in eliminating 99.7 percent of bacteria. On their website, Dore and Rose claims that the material, “prevents acne and skin irritation” and “prevents fine lines and wrinkles.” (3) 

The Dore and Rose website also states that the products are “designed by dermatologists to recover your skin overnight and protect it from irritation and acne causing bacteria.” (3)

It’s safe to say that sleeping masks have come a long way since 1930. 

Skincare Expert’s Opinion on Silk Sleep Masks

Sleepopolis spoke with Dr. Mary Alice Mina, a Harvard-trained double-board certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, to see if silk sleep masks can really help to improve your skin.  

Dr. Mina said, “Silk provides a great, frictionless material against the skin and hair. It helps reduce wrinkles and creases that can happen from pillows, sheets, and other eye masks made from other materials when sleeping.” (4)

When looking at mulberry silk, specifically, Dr. Mina said, “Mulberry silk is probably the most versatile silk out there and it’s extremely soft and durable making it commonly used for pillowcases, sleep masks, and sheets.”

That said, she clarified that silk unfortunately “doesn’t stop wrinkles that form from aging (sorry).” So, the silk eye mask may reduce the wrinkles caused by your sleeping products, but it can’t fight gravity. If only! 

If silk isn’t for you, Dr. Mina recommended a few other materials for good sleep and skin health. “Stick with natural materials like cotton, silk, and bamboo for the best sleep. These natural materials help with temperature regulation as they are breathable and won’t leave your skin sweaty or hot which can cause rashes and irritation.” 

Dr. Mina told Sleepopolis a few more skincare tips to add to your bedtime routine: “Stick with natural products and avoid fragrances that can be irritating. Be sure to wash regularly to remove oil, dead skin cells, and debris.”

Getting sufficient, high quality sleep shouldn’t be overlooked for its potential skin benefits.


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