Why Snoozing on the Couch is the Latest Bad Habit to Break

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Have you ever found yourself snoozing on the sofa? According to Business Insider, it turns out the term “couch-potato” may prove more true than you thought – it could be lowering your productivity.  

Neurologist Karol Uscamaita told Rac1 it’s quite common for people to fall asleep on the couch and later find themselves unable to sleep at bedtime. 

He roped this phenomenon in with the realm of insomnia, noting that many may have false beliefs on what is actually good for their sleep. It’s common for people with sleep problems to develop bad habits or beliefs; for example, thinking that a quick nap on the couch will send them into deeper sleep in the bedroom.

Uscamaita added that this all occurs with the way bad habits form in the brain. Just like the repetition of eating a meal at the same time every day can put you into a schedule, regularly dozing off on the couch can trick the brain into thinking it’s time to go to bed.

And the more you do it, the harder the cycle is to break. It’s very similar to the way I recommend against blue-light in the bedroom – because it stops the release of melatonin and makes your brain think it’s a safe space to use technology when it’s not.

However, all hope is not lost, you can form a new, healthier habit. Uscamaita recommends engaging in some relaxing activities after dinner, like taking a bath or reading, not phone use. You can still rest on the sofa, but if you feel yourself drifting closer to sleep, it’s time to get to bed. 

If you’re a serial couch-sleeper, send me the low-down on its impact on your sleep routine at carley.prendergast@pillarfour.com. And if that’s not you, happy relaxing!

Carley Prendergast

Carley Prendergast

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