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Best Sleep Apnea Hoses

Sleep apnea hoses might not be the stuff of titillating dinner conversation, but they’re a critical consideration for anyone who uses a CPAP machine. These hoses help ensure that air flows evenly and consistently from the machine to your mask, which is essential for combating the symptoms of sleep apnea.

The general rule of thumb is that sleep apnea tubing should be replaced approximately every three months, which means you’ll want to identify the best sleep apnea hoses for your needs sooner rather than later. We’ve put together a list of great (and universally compatible) options to get you started on your search.

best sleep apnea hoses

Editor’s Choice

sleep apnea hoses mars

MARS WELLNESS Premium Universal CPAP Tubing Hose


  • The hose is 8-feet-long, which provides lots of room for maneuvering and gives you flexibility when it comes to where you position your CPAP machine. (It’s also available in 6- and 10-foot lengths.) 
  • The hose is 19mm and comes with standard 22mm rubber end connectors on both ends, so it should fit most CPAP, APAP, BIPAP, and BiLevel systems. 
  • The tubes are available in a single- or two-pack.


  • Like a lot of CPAP hoses, the tubing is fairly stiff. 
  • Make sure to store and handle the tubing gently, or there’s a chance that the inner and outer lining might start to separate from each other over time. 
MARS WELLNESS Premium Universal CPAP Tubing Hose
MARS WELLNESS Premium Universal CPAP Tubing Hose
MARS WELLNESS Premium Universal CPAP Tubing Hose

The 8-foot MARS WELLNESS Premium Universal CPAP Tubing Hose gives you tons of room to maneuver comfortably. The universal tube comes in a single- or two-pack. 


sleep apnea hoses resplab

RespLabs Medical Inc. Original Universal CPAP Hose


  • The tubing comes in three colors: black, grey, and hot pink. 
  • The 22m hose is compatible with most standard CPAP machines. 
  • The hose is 6-feet-long, so it gives you some room to move around comfortably. 
  • All orders come with two travel CPAP wipes and an ebook that lists more than 100 comfort hacks for CPAP machines. 


  • Over time, the hose might start to weaken and collapse a bit, which can restrict air flow. It’s important to replace these hoses on a regular basis. 
  • The hose isn’t particularly pliable.
RespLabs Medical Inc. Original Universal CPAP Hose
RespLabs Medical Inc. Original Universal CPAP Hose
RespLabs Medical Inc. Original Universal CPAP Hose

The 6-foot RespLabs Medical Inc. Original Universal CPAP Hose comes in three colors and is compatible with most CPAP machines. Each order comes with a set of CPAP wipes and an educational ebook. 

Also Consider

sleep apnea hoses cleancpap

Clean Cpap Premium Universal CPAP Tube


  • The 6-foot hose should be compatible with most CPAP, BiPAP, and BiLevel systems. 
  • The thermoplastic rubber (TPR) cuffs are designed to minimize the chance of tearing and kinks. 
  • The hose is more flexible than some other options. 
  • The hose is latex-free, which is good news for folks with allergies. 

One con? Over time, the inner liner could start to separate from the outer liner.

Clean Cpap Premium Universal CPAP Tube
Clean Cpap Premium Universal CPAP Tube
Clean Cpap Premium Universal CPAP Tube

The flexible Clean Cpap Premium Universal CPAP Tube is 6-feet-long and latex-free. The attachment cuffs are designed to minimize tearing or kinking. 

Honorable Mention

sleep apnea hoses vibe

Vive CPAP Hose


  • The 6-foot hose is more lightweight than a lot of CPAP tubing, which makes it easier to shift around during the night. 
  • The helical wall support helps minimize the chance that the hose will get twisted over on itself as you move around. 
  • The 22mm tubing is compatible with most CPAP machines. The universal connectors are designed for easy removal and attachment. 
  • The hose is latex-free. 

One con? The hose is on the stiffer side.

Vive CPAP Hose
Vive CPAP Hose
Vive CPAP Hose

The lightweight Vive CPAP Hose is designed with helical wall support to minimize the risk of the hose twisting over on itself as you move about. The 6-foot hose is latex-free and compatible with most machines.  

How We Picked

To select our top choices for best sleep apnea hoses, we emphasized the following factors.


As a general rule, sleep apnea tubes should be replaced approximately every three months — so any tube worth its salt should last approximately that long. For this reason, we prioritized options that are designed with durability in mind.


Sleep apnea hoses can be made from a variety of materials, and some might appeal to you more or less than others. For example, people with latex allergies will need to steer clear of hoses that use latex; some hoses contain special materials (such as thermoplastic rubber) to help minimize wear and tear; and so on. We included hoses made from (or without) various materials so you can choose according to your needs and preferences.


Every sleep apnea tube on this list is at least 6-feet-long, and some come in other length options. We made 6 feet our minimum length because this size should provide some room for you to switch sleep positions comfortably without having to worry about pulling over your CPAP machine.


Every option on this list is meant to be a universal sleep apnea tube, meaning it should be compatible with most CPAP machines. We deliberately steered clear of brand-specific recommendations, because those would only be useful to people who already own that brand of CPAP machine.

Sleepopolis Buying Tips

Trying to settle on the best sleep apnea tube for your needs? Consider the following:

  • What kind of CPAP machine do you have? While the options on this list are meant to work with a variety of CPAP brands, it’s still a good idea to confirm that any hosing will be compatible with your specific machine.
  • Do you have a latex allergy? Then make sure to seek out options that are latex-free.
  • Do you want an extra-long tube? Most sleep apnea hoses are sized up to 6 feet, but it’s possible to find options that are 8- or even 10-feet-long.

A quality sleep apnea hose is essential for getting the most benefit out of your CPAP machine. To find the best sleep apnea tube for your needs, make sure the tube is compatible with your machine, think about the length of tubing that you want, and consider whether you need a hose that’s made with (or without) certain materials.


Are all CPAP hoses the same?

Not necessarily. CPAP hoses generally follow universal sizing guidelines, including a 22mm connector cuff at the point where the hose and mask connect. But CPAP hoses can also vary a bit when it comes to length, materials, construction, and so on. 

When should I replace my CPAP hose?

Recommendations vary from around three to 12 months, but it’s probably a good idea to stick to the lower end of that spectrum. Bacteria and germs can build up inside of the tube, and even regular washings might miss some buildup. If you’re concerned about when to replace your CPAP hose, consult the doctor who prescribed your CPAP machine. 

Is air supposed to come out of the CPAP hose?

Air comes through the CPAP hose from the CPAP machine, but it shouldn’t leak out around your mask. If air is escaping around your mask, then the machine isn’t working as well as it should. This is a sign that you might need to look for a CPAP hose with a more secure fit. 

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