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Lineal Adjustable Bed Review

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Are you a fan of having complete control of the angle at which you sleep or relax on your mattress? Well, with the new Lineal adjustable bed, this dream can become a reality. Created by Saatva, the Lineal is the company’s first adjustable bed.

Does the Lineal have what it takes to compete in the adjustable bed market? Continue reading below to find out!

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The Lineal adjustable bed includes a steel foundation, two motors (per Twin XL), and a polyester cover. Its legs are adjustable as well, giving sleepers the option to select a leg height ranging from 6-10”.

The cover of the Lineal is one piece of fabric, creating a single platform look on top, where other adjustable beds may contain multiple sections, each individually wrapped with their cover. The Lineal also contains a layer of poly foam around the edges to help avoid painful bumps when getting in and out of bed.

All in all, the Lineal has an impressive build quality and does a good job of remaining quiet when transitioning between positions.

Lineal adjustable bed, Twin XL size

Lineal adjustable bed, Twin XL size


Assembling the Lineal is about as easy as it comes. When the Lineal is delivered, the two delivery-men will come into your home and completely set the adjustable bed up for you. Therefore, the Lineal’s assembly process will not take you any time at all since you’re not having to put anything together yourself.

Additionally, sleepers are given the option to have the headboard and mattress retainer clips added to the adjustable bed upon delivery, or they can add them later on. If the sleeper decides to do this later on, they are required to do this themselves.

Once the workers who installed the Lineal leave the property they cannot come back to install the headboard brackets or mattress retainer clips. That said, installing the clips, brackets, or adjusting the legs is a fairly simple and quick process.

Lineal adjustable bed - lounge position

Lineal adjustable bed – lounge position


The Lineal adjustable bed is a supportive foundation from all angles. During my sleep test, I slept on both my side and back and never once felt as if my spine was out of alignment.

The different positions available also help provide a high level of support. The Zero-gravity position helps to relieve pressure along the lower back while improving blood flow and air flow.

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Both of these factors play a role in the supportive characteristics of the adjustable bed base. The lounge and TV positions also create a consistent spinal alignment, which allows sleepers to relax in bed while also benefiting from the supportive nature of the Lineal.

Zero-gravity position on the Lineal adjustable bed

Zero-gravity position on the Lineal adjustable bed


Features are what make adjustable beds unique. The Lineal contains several options, such as head and foot incline, zero-gravity positioning, a TV lounge position, a wall-hugging design, one-touch remote settings, full-body massage options, and under-bed lighting.

Foot DeclineNo
A/C outletsNo
USB portNo
Under-bed lightingYes
Flash light on remoteYes
Pre-programmed configurationsYes
Custom settingsYes
One Click SettingsYes
Wireless remoteYes
Mattress clip(s)Yes

To begin with, the head and foot incline can be manually changed. Plus and minus buttons on the wireless remote indicate up or down for both the head and feet. That said, the Lineal does not go past parallel. In other words, once you reach the flat position, there is no further decline.

Zero-gravity is another position the Lineal offers, designed to improve blood flow and help relieve pressure points. The TV lounge position is similar to the Zero-gravity position, but the head is tilted upward a bit more while the feet are dropped just a bit, as well.

A wall-hugging design is a nice feature for those who want to place their adjustable bed against the wall, but also want to avoid scratching the wall while changing the position of the adjustable bed. This allows the sleeper to save space without losing performance along the way.

Lineal adjustable bed under bed lighting

Lineal adjustable bed under bed lighting

The custom remote setting is one of the most impressive features of the Lineal, giving sleepers the ability to pick their favorite position and set it as their “custom” setting. This can be changed at any time, and once it is saved, it allows individuals to get into bed and hit one button, taking them right to their pre-set position.

That said, the pre-programmed positions available on the Lineal are not synced to the “one-touch” setting. You do have to hold down the button on the remote in order to move into the position you’re trying to reach.

Speed on the Lineal is not one of the adjustable bed’s strong points. The slower transition speeds are not necessarily a negative attribute, but the bed does take a little longer to move into position compared to other adjustable beds I have tested.

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The Lineal also offers a few massage features. Sleepers have the ability to select just their upper body, just their lower body, or have the massage work in a wave-like motion up and down the whole body. That said, the massage is not so strong that it shakes the sleeper in an aggressive manner. Instead, the massage tends to send light vibrations from the foundation to the mattress, creating a soothing feeling.

The wireless remote included with the Lineal offers a user friendly interface. The buttons are simple to understand and all worked flawlessly during my testing process.

Close up shot of the Lineal remote

Close up shot of the Lineal remote

Finally, the Lineal contains a small strip light on the bottom portion of the bed that illuminates the floor immediately around the adjustable bed. This under-bed lighting is ideal for sleepers who get out of bed during the night or want to add a subtle aesthetic illumination to their bedroom.

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Twin XL$1,249
King (Split or Synced)$2,498
California King$2,498

Other Details

  • Weight – A Twin XL bed weighs 147 pounds.
  • Height – Adjustable; legs can be manually adjusted from 6-10″
  • Warranty – 25 years, first 5 include part and labor while latter 20 are on a limited warranty basis

Should I buy the Lineal adjustable bed?

I would recommend the Lineal adjustable bed to sleepers who:

  • Want white-glove delivery service – Upon delivery of the Lineal adjustable bed, your new bed base will be fully assembled in your preferred room. There is no assembly required with the Lineal and the delivery-men will carry all parts into your home.
  • Want custom remote features – This adjustable bed contains a custom programmable setting on the remote, which allows the sleeper to pre-set their favorite position. Once this position is set, the sleeper can press the “custom” button and the Lineal will move into their preferred position.
  • Like the idea of a wall-hugging design – The Lineal’s design allows the bed base to adjust without hitting the wall, regardless of how close the foundation sits to the wall. Therefore, sleepers have the ability to push their mattress and adjustable bed base as close to the wall as they prefer and do not have to worry about rubbing the wall during adjustments.

For more information or to purchase the Lineal, visit,, or

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