25 Days of Giving: DreamCloud Mattress Giveaway!

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Day 6 and the giveaways will not quit. Today is your chance to enter to win a brand new DreamCloud for your bedroom! Click below for all the ways you can enter into the competition.

25 Days of Giving: DreamCloud Giveaway!

The DreamCloud is an awesome bed in a box hybrid that provides great support and an impressive 15″ tall profile. I really like the DreamCloud for back/stomach sleepers as well as couples. To get all of my thoughts you can click the link to check out my full review of the DreamCloud.

DreamCloud Corner

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Logan Block

Logan Block

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111 thoughts on “25 Days of Giving: DreamCloud Mattress Giveaway!”

  1. Any mattress would be a blessing to win! Thank y’all so much for this amazing opportunity. My Army Veteran husband and I need a new bed so badly! Good luck everyone! 🍀🍀🤞🏻🤞🏻

  2. Very educational info. and I had a dog named pepper too. I’m sore everyday I wake up and I think it’s the mattress.

  3. In all honesty at this point any of the mattresses would be my favorite as we need a new mattress really bad. I toss and turn all night. I have bulging discs in neck and lumber. Sacrolilic joint dysfunction,hip bursitis,slight scoliosis,pelvic nerve issues and fibromyalgia. There’s more but you get picture. I believe I would need a firm mattress that has like the pillow too for that bit if cushion. I would love to have a mattress that helped me get more than an hour sleep at a time.

  4. After seeing the DreamCloud mattress on another site I was hopeful it would be a bit more of a medium firm, or even slightly soft given the name. Seems wonderful other than the firmness.

  5. I’m a big gal 260lbs as of now and I’m a forced back sleeper and sometimes side sleeper due to back surgery. I run hot and wonder if this mattress would be a good fit for me?

  6. Sleep – so important for entering the day with a smile! This contest is a Godsend to those who win, for they will enter the day smiling, and ready to take on what the day brings! I want to begin the day with a smile, pick me! : )

  7. I’ve been interested in trying DreamCloud but it seems like it might be really firm. Plus it looks super heavy with that tall profile! I wonder if it feels like sleeping on a cloud?

  8. Thanks so much for this chance! We need a new bed so bad! Now you are giving your fans 25 changes! You are amazing and generous for doing this

  9. I am really hoping to win one of your mattresses. We desperately need one. It is all sunken in and squeaks every single time we move. So my fingers will be crossed. Give Pepper a pat from me and I hope you find a great cheese burger. :) I have heard New York has great burgers. :)

  10. I just discovered your site today while researching adjustable beds.

    I have a general question about mattresses for adjustable frames. Are they squishier than the average mattress, since they are required to bend in 2 places? I am a bit advanced in my years and I prefer a firmer mattress. I’m wondering if perhaps that’s just not possible with an adjustable frame.

    Your thoughts?


  11. Thus Dreamcloud Mattress is great for back or stomach sleepers, and it will give you a great night’s sleep. Would love to win it!

  12. My favorite mattress is the Zenhaven. I’m a side sleeper and I think it would be the best mattress for me. Thank you !!

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