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DreamCloud Mattress Unboxing

The DreamCloud is a new bed in a box hybrid mattress on the market and I’m excited to get my first look at it! I’m really looking forward to testing it out, but first I have to let it decompress and get it set up on the frame. So let’s get going!


At 15 inches tall the DreamCloud has one of the highest profiles of any “bed in a box” mattress I’ve seen. The mattress uses a combination of foam and coil layers to create a luxurious feel.

  • Cover – The cover of the DreamCloud is a soft material made of a combination of polyester and cashmere. It’s also quilted with foam to provide some initial pressure relief while lying on the mattress
  • Comfort – Below the cover are a few layers of foam that are designed to provide pressure relief and comfort. On top there is a soft layer of poly foam that has a quick response to pressure to allow you to sink in, but not feel stuck. Below that is a layer of latex foam, a material known for providing bounce and for its ability to dissipate heat. Finally there is another layer of poly foam that acts as a bit of a transition layer between the softer layers up top to support center below.
  • Support – The support center of the mattress is made of a pocketed coil system that is zoned to provide extra support where it’s needed. Pocketed coils also provide bounce to the mattress and since they are individually wrapped they are better at motion isolation than traditional innerspring mattresses. There is also a layer of high density poly foam wrapped around the pocketed coil system to provide edge support to the dreamcloud.

Initial Thoughts

  • Value – Even with luxury materials and strong construction the DreamCloud comes in at a competitive price in the market. There is also a lifetime warranty on the DreamCloud, meaning it’s built to last.
  • Luxury Feel – The combination of soft foams and supportive coils as well as the cashmere cover give the DreamCloud a luxury feel.

Check out my full DreamCloud mattress review for more info!

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  1. I am curious to know when you will complete your full review of this mattress (DreamCloud) we are in the market for a new mattress and stumbled across the DreamCloud. We thought it sounded very promising but would love to hear your opinion of it compared to the other hybrid beds.

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