Hyphen Mattress Unboxing

Interested in some of the new memory foam mattresses hitting the market? So are we! This week we decided to unbox and begin our testing process on the brand new Hyphen mattress. Hyphen has created their mattress with the active lifestyle in mind, but is also a great all-around mattress for many sleeper types. Hyphen is a 10″ mattress built from 3 separate layers of foam.

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Watch my full unboxing of the Hyphen mattress below!

My Initial Thoughts:

After my first few nights of sleeping on the Hyphen mattress, here are my initial thoughts:

  • Medium firm feel – the Hyphen mattress falls right at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the most firm). Hyphen has designed this mattress with intentions of meeting the needs of the vast majority of sleepers.
  • Impressive Contour & Support – the Hyphen mattress is soft enough to allow contouring / pressure relief for body parts as light as my arms and head, but yet still supportive enough to support my mid section and heavier parts of my body. It’s one of the most balanced 10″ foam mattress I’ve tested in some time.
  • Very Quick Response – although the Hyphen is an all foam mattress the response time is definitely quicker than most traditional foam mattresses. After applying heavy amounts pf pressure to one spot on the mattress, Hyphen was able to bounce right back into shape without almost any hesitation. The response time is virtually the same as you would get with a latex foam mattress.
  • Very good bounce – with fast response also comes good bounce. Nice benefit for amorous activities.

Be sure to check back in about a week for my full review of the Hyphen mattress.

If you’re looking for a little more information on the Hyphen mattress, visit HyphenSleep.com.

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10 thoughts on “Hyphen Mattress Unboxing”

  1. Hi

    I have been searching for a mattress for months with little success. I have gotten to the point where its vital I make a decision soon. I just feel overwhelmed with the decisions and don’t want to make a poor choice. I have narrowed it down to a HYPHEN or a Helix. I am a side/stomach sleeper that would prefer to sleep on a cool surface. I have neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. Which is best? Is the Helix worth the extra 200 dollars? Which is more durable and has an easier return policy?

    • Hi Trenton,

      Both the Hyphen and Helix are great mattresses. That said, the Helix seems like a better fit for you, in my opinion. Reason being, the Helix will be tailored towards your needs and problem areas as a sleeper. With the pains your experiencing, the Helix may be able to help relieve them by creating a mattress that offers your preferred firmness, support, response, and comfort dynamic. I do not believe you would be disappointed with the Helix mattress.

  2. Hi again. I’m currently leaning Hyphen in the big mattress battle royale. One thing I find a little disturbing is the warranty situation. It looks like if you discover a defect, etc, you have to send the mattress back to them on your nickel. (Who even does such shipping?)I see that BB is the same way. Is this pretty much a standard industry practice?

    Also, I recall reading a post where a person requested a refund on a bed that didn’t work for here (from BB, I think) and had to go to some third party and hand over all her personal info. Is that a standard practice?

    Both situations make one re-think the online purchase idea somewhat.

    • Hi Tony,

      Good timing on this. I actually had another reader bring this to my attention earlier this week. I brought it up with my contact at Hyphen and asked him about it. Long story short, they agreed that they warranty wasn’t great and just rolled out a new and highly improved warranty today. It’s now 20 years, first 10 years are zero cost and 100% full replacement or repair. Years 11-20 you do have it ship it back, but they’ll help with it and it’s $99 shipping each each way.

      Check out the new warranty here – https://hyphensleep.com/warranty/

      I also investigated that issue with BB. Apparently they had some weird issue where they couldn’t issue a refund after 60 days with the company that processed their transactions, so they would issue them via PayPal (that was the 3rd party company) if you requested a refund during days 61-100.

      In any case, they recently did away with that transaction processor so now they can do refunds more easily and without involving PayPal.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with. Thanks!

  3. Can you please make a list of which of these bed in a box have showrooms and where?

    Like i know in nyc we have Casper, Nest, Leesa, and Wright. Any others in NYC?

    • Good idea. I’ll put that on my “to do” list.

      You also have Helix in NYC. I believe that’s the only ones in NYC.

      Tuft and Needle, Amerisleep, and Brooklyn Bedding all have a showroom in Phoenix.

  4. Hi Sleepopolis,

    I’m close to the end of my trial period with the Casper and am desperate for a new mattress. I have never had back pain, but since the trial period started I wake up every morning stiff and in pain. Before the Casper I slept on a mid-range tempur-pedic mattress with no issue for 2 years. After wading through your thorough, awesome reviews, I’m considering a Leesa, Alexander or Loom & Leaf. I’m a side sleeper and tend to sleep hot. Am I on the right track with these options? Many thanks!

    • Hi Leah,

      I’m sorry to hear the Casper is not working out for you. That said, you are on the right track without a doubt. To be completely honest with you, any of these three mattresses could be a great fit. If you’re looking to remain in the same price range, I would recommend the Leesa. If you think you’d like to spend a little more money and purchase a mattress with a few more bells and whistles, then both the L&L and Alexander are excellent choices. The L&L is going to feel a touch softer than both the Alexander and Leesa, but the difference is not substantial. Additionally, both the L&L and Alexander have quilted covers. Therefore, you will receive slightly higher amounts of pressure relief as well as shrinkage.

      All in all, you’re really hard pressed to go wrong with any of these mattresses.

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