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Living on the island paradise of Hawaii or in the great wilderness of Alaska isn’t always perfect. When it comes to ordering products from the mainland, especially large products, it can be difficult, expensive, and in some cases impossible to order what you really want. When it comes to mattresses most Hawaiian and Alaskan residents are stuck with whatever mattresses happen to be coming into the traditional mattress stores.

However, Leesa is hoping to change that. Starting today you’ll not only be able to order and ship Leesa mattresses to Hawaii and Alaska, but shipping is 100% free. This change comes on the heels of growing customer requests for shipping services to Hawaii and Alaska.

I asked Leesa’s CEO David Wolfe about the change, who responded with the following:

Leesa President - David Wolfe

Leesa President – David Wolfe

“We received a lot of feedback from residents of Hawaii and Alaska saying [they’d] happily pay extra if we would ship to [their] States. We’ve responded, but we’ve gone better with FREE SHIPPING to Alaska and Hawaii. The only difference is that, in the unlikely event that you don’t love your mattress, we will deduct a return fee of $100 from your refund if you choose to return your mattress after you’ve tried it for up to 100 nights.”

To celebrate this expanded shipping Leesa is offering a super discount of $75 off for the next few days. The discount is available for everyone, not just Alaska & Hawaii residents. You can instantly save $75 off with our exclusive promo code for Sleepopolis’ readers. Just use code “SLEEPOPOLIS75” on the checkout page.

If you’re new to Leesa make sure to check out our full Leesa review here


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