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Purple Mattress Unboxing

Update – full Purple mattress review is now live!

Help me to welcome in the new Purple mattress! The Purple mattress has a unique set of materials, combining a hyper-elastic polymer with two layers of polyurethane foam. This mattress is a solid 9.5″ in height and is looking to shake up the mattress industry with one of the most unique materials I’ve tested to date.

But can an elastic polymer create quality sleep? Take a look at the full mattress unboxing video below!

Initial Thoughts

After my first few nights of sleeping on the Purple mattress, here are my initial thoughts:

  • Medium firm feel – the Purple mattress comes in at a 6’ish out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the most firm. The mattress also does a great job relieving pressure points your body tried to create.
  • Very cool – is easily one of the coolest mattresses I have slept on to date. The layered design, breathable cover, and hyper elastic material really keep the sleeping surface quite cool. The Purple polymer material has a web-like pattern with lots of air pockets. These pockets create a tremendous amount of airflow you won’t see anywhere else.
  • Great response – the hyper-elastic polymer has extremely fast response time when pressure is applied. While lying on the mattress, you can roll over and the mattress will quickly adjust to your new lying position. It will actually pop right back into shape immediately after you remove any pressure applied to a specific spot (even faster than latex).
  • Rounded balanced contour – unlike traditional foam mattresses, Purple displaces your body pressure. In other words, the mattress does not sharply contour around the shape of your body. Instead, it actually feels more like a rounded contour, similar to latex in some respects, but with more bounce and even better cooling. It’s one of the most unique feels I’ve experienced in any mattress.

As always, if you have any questions about the Purple mattress feel free to drop me a comment down below. It is my pleasure to provide any help I can!

Don’t forget to check out my Purple mattress review.

Happy sleeping!

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365 thoughts on “Purple Mattress Unboxing”

  1. My boyfriend and I just replaced our busted up spring mattress and gel memory foam topper with a purple 2 mattress. We really liked the feel of it in the store, however after about 3 weeks of sleeping on it we are both finding it too firm. Our upper backs have started hurting (though my lower back pain has significantly decreased) and we haven’t gotten a full night’s proper sleep. He has stated he wants a firmer mattress, hence why we went with purple 2. I am struggling with numbness in my arms when I sleep on my side and often wake up to adjust since there is a lot of pressure on my shoulders during side sleep. I also sleep on my stomach and find that this is wonderfully supportive for that option, however I tend to throw a pillow under my hips anyway since that is what I’m used to for support.
    We are debating upgrading to purple 3 as we both love the purple grid feel, but agree that the purple 4 would be too soft for my stomach sleeping position (and too $$).
    I have also purchased purple sheets to increase the stretchy feel and allow us to sink further to the purple grid.
    What are your thoughts on switching to purple 3 over the 2 for more plushness but still being supportive? Or are there completely other options we should be looking at? (He hates the memory foam sink-and-stay feeling).

  2. Purchased the Purple 3 and liked it but decided the Purple 4 would better suit us. The exchange was smooth and working with Purple was very easy and they were very accommodating. We love the Purple technology.

  3. I like the idea of the responsiveness of the purple mattress. It feels like the new purples are gonna last longer. With that said, we are small ppl so apparently, the 2 is not gonna work for us. The problem is that the 3 is too expensive, I was wondering whats your opinion about adding aemory foam topping to make it softer?

    • I think adding a memory foam topper to the Purples would kind of defeat the purpose to be honest. The benefits of the Purple mattresses are the hyperelastic polymer is bouncy and sleeps cool, two things that would be significantly dulled by placing memory foam on top.

  4. We just got a Leesa but I seem to be extremely sensitive to the offgassing chemical smell of the mattress which makes me sick. We have been sleeping on it for about a week and I still smell it which wakes me up at night and gives me a sore throat (my husband doesnt notice). I even got an allergen mattress cover which seems to help contain the smell but I am worried about how long it will take to finish offgassing. I am not sleeping well with this smell at all.
    Meanwhile I am wondering if we should try the Purple before our 100 nights is up on the Leesa and see if that is a better option for us. Have other people who are more sensitive to chemicals complained about Purple? I weight 95 lbs (husband is 180) and I have a ton of back pain from scoliosis. We sleep mostly on our sides.

    • We have a leesa mattress and just received the purple to try for the same reason before our 100 free trial is up.
      Our daughter has the purple for almost 3 months now and she loves it. She has the pillow too but we didn’t like the pillow as it’s too flat and unconventional, but I do like laying in her bed because of pressure points that I can’t seem to get relief from with Tuft & Needle and now the Leesa. This will be the last one I try.

  5. Hi! I just received my purple and Had my first nights sleep. It is comfortable, BUT it’s so thin!! I don’t think I have come across anybody making this comment. I feel like I’m sleeping on the ground. I certainly need a 4″ foundation or something. Makes me wonder about quality level? Thoughts? Our previous bed was the Simmons (Westin heavenly bed at the time, 12 yrs ago) and we loved it, was just time for a new one. I’m hesitant to buy a foundation box incase I don’t love the purple- can’t return box. Any idea on longevity for such a thin mattress?? And why so thin? I don’t feel like it’s too firm At all. I weigh 136, hubs 200. I love my parents tempurpedic wondering if I should go that route ($$$)?!

  6. Hello! I have read your reviews a lot and would really appreciate some help! My husband and I got a Leesa mattress and he finds it wayyyyy too soft. He sleeps on his back most of the time and I sleep on my side. I find it pretty comfortable but it is a bit soft and squishy.

    We decided to try the Saatva firm and that was the worst idea ever. We got it today and it feels like your laying on the floor. Any suggestions?!

    • Hi Anne,

      Two totally different mattresses, so a bit difficult to compare just in terms of firmness!

      Certainly you could go for the Saatva luxury firm if you like the mattress, just not the firmness. Or are you looking for a different mattress altogether?

      – Sleepopolis

  7. Hi!
    I am hoping you have some advice for me after reading through other comments. My fiancé and I are both large people (200-300lb). I have fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. I am in constant pain everywhere. He has a bad hip. We are currently on a Habitat Furnishings latex mattress. I sleep terribly. What would you suggest we try? I want to have a good nights sleep! I want to feel awake during the day. Help!

  8. We’ve had our Purple mattress for about 6 months now. At first we loved it! It was the perfect combination of firm support without any discomfort on your joints. My husband and I are both in the 160lb-190lb range and we are both mostly side sleepers- him with back issues and me with hip pain.
    Starting 3 months ago my ability to fall asleep had started to suffer; once asleep I’m fine. Now I have full blown insomnia and my hips are horribly out of whack. I never would’ve thought it could’ve been due to this high quality brand new mattress, but I didn’t have the same issues while staying at my sister’s for two nights on an air mattress.
    Have you heard of this, or do you think it’s unrelated?

    • I haven’t received feedback from any of my readers like this on the Purple to-date, however, I have received similar comments on other mattresses. Most mattresses gradually break in over the first few months, sometimes that break in results in a feel that just no longer works for your body.

      So it’s definitely a possibility that the mattress just isn’t a good fit, especially if you are sleeping fine on other mattresses.

      You may want to try adding a topper, especially if it’s more of a comfort / pressure relief issue. See here – https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-topper-reviews/ Though if you feel the support just isn’t right you may end up needing to change to a different mattress.

      I’m sorry to hear about your sleepless nights :(

    • Ditto on the first 6 months. I now have piriformis syndrome. There isn’t any edge support and I found my self falling off of the edge when rolling over. So while I sleep my lower body is constantly jerking and tenses to keep the balance. The knees get stiff as well because there isn’t any support for them. All the little voids and spaces your body has in different sleeping positions are not supported. We contacted Purple and they are always wonderful and professional and they chose to send a replacement thinking ours might be defective. Not more than 3 months later I am now in constant pain awake or asleep. Simple tasks like standing are now painful. Insomnia kicks in because of the dread of having to sleep on that mattress. We have since placed a 4″ gel foam on top of the Purple bed frame because we were starting to feel the metal and then later the mattress on it and I have a tightly rolled towel propping up the area where my hip lays. It keeps me awake because of the pain and numbness and told my husband we are not eggs! Slept in a hotel for 4 weeks due to relocation and it was a dream with no pain and peaceful sleep. But those mattresses are really pricey and we are saving up for it. Very soon the local dump will be the final destination of this horrible mattress or I’ll offer it to the local egg farm. That and those pricey pillows. Wasted money. Tried the Saatva too and that was a disaster. Marriott’s bed worked best for us.

  9. What is sleepopolis’ opinion about the white dust powder purported to be inside the purple mattress purple matrix layer? I have one on the way, and just saw something online about it. Makes me worry.

    • I don’t feel that I am qualified to have an opinion on the Purple powder. It is something that I think Purple as a company needs to address.

    • They’ve stated it’s a non-toxic, food grade powder that ensures the matrix cells don’t stick together. I’ve held the cells without the powder in my hand at their factory and they are quite sticky, hence the powder ensures they don’t bind together

  10. I love my Purple mattress but my wife seems to be in pain because of it. I’m about 200 pounds and my wife is 95… judging by some of the comments, she is simply too light for the Purple.
    What would be a good option for the both of us to be comfortable in?
    Would the Ghost mattress be any good?

    • The GhostBed is a fine choice, but the Leesa may the more appropriate fit based on your wife’s weight. At 95 pounds, your wife may encounter a lot of float on the GhostBed mattress, causing pressure points. On the other hand, she should see a balanced level of sinkage and hug on the Leesa mattress.

  11. Hi, my husband and I are interested in the Purple. I have fibromyalgia, so a lot of pain due to lack of alignment in a soft bed. But my bones poke into our firm bed. Purple sounds great. My only question is if I’m too small. I’m 5’2″ 110lbs.I don’t mind not being cozy if my pain is better. But will it not bring pain relief if I don’t weigh enough? P.S. My husband is normal-sized and likes a firm bed.

    • Hi Candace,

      While the Purple is a fine mattress, it may not be the most appropriate option for you, in my opinion. Reason being, you aren’t heavy enough to really compress the hyper-elastic polymer top layer. This will lead to more of a floating feeling, potentially creating some other issues.

      I would recommend taking a look at the Leesa and Helix mattress as alternatives. They are also very responsive and offer the same level of firmness but you will encounter a little more sinkage. The sinkage is not enveloping by any means, but in my opinion these two mattresses will better suit your needs.

  12. I’m a week into owning a purple, and I think it’s killing me. I’m waking up 5 to 10 times a night in various discomfort – ranging from my arm being numb if I’m on my side to aching back pain, which has never happened before and now lasts through the day. I wish I had looked at your website before we ordered because it seems I don’t weigh enough (115-120) for the purple to be comfortable, I feel like I may as well be sleeping on the floor. My husband (175-180lbs) is pretty comfortable on it, and never really loved our previous pillow top spring mattress (now 15 years old), but I definitely need something softer. My question is, given that I’m feeling worse by the day do I really need to give this mattress 30 days, and what should I look at next?? We had bought a 3 inch memory foam topper to make the previous mattress last another year or so, and see if we like memory foam. The memory foam was fun we had no issues with it, but it seems a shame to have to put that topper on a brand new mattress.

    • If you’re experiencing a level of discomfort that is blocking you from sleeping whatsoever, then I say forgo the 30 days and begin looking for something new.

      Based on the information you’ve hared thus far, I would recommend taking a look at the Leesa, Loom & Leaf, and Helix mattresses. Each of these could potentially be a great fit for you. You will be able to sink more into the mattress, creating a more well balanced feel overall.

  13. I would like to here from individuals who have been using purple for about a year now. Are they still happy with the mattress? My husband and I are looking at purple, tuft and needle and Casper. I pull towards T&N because they are local to where I live and will donate 25% to the school I teach at and my daughter will attend but I don’t want that to be the only reason I go with T&N. I want long lasting expectations. Thanks!

    • I’ve had my Purple for over a year now. During that year I’ve slept on it off and on for 4-6 weeks. Overall, I still like the feel. It is definitely a mattress that grew on me more over time.

  14. Been researching mattresses for what seems like 2 years now with no luck of figuring out what we need. The purple sounds interesting and is within our budget, but just not sure. We currently sleep on an 8.5 year old king size Sterns and Foster Estate luxury plush euro pillowtop. It was wonderful when we first got it, but at around year 6 it started causing both my husband and I back and neck pain. We discovered this year the box spring broke, litterally the wood and springs had bowed and broke inside and had massive body impressions in them which I feel helped break down the mattress. Have no idea how they even broke as we are not that active in bed..Lol! We replaced the box springs with a platform bed/frame (almost the exact same one Purple sells on their site just two inches shorter in height). That actually helped the mattress some, but not enough. We never want a box spring again. I can not sleep on a latex as I have a severe allergy to it. I am a side sleeper and my husband is mostly side and sometimes back. He is 6’2″ and around 250 lbs and I am 5′ around 160 lbs. We have no desire to ever spend $3,000 on a mattress again as I don’t feel we got what we paid for. I would like to spend half that on a king mattress. As far as firmness, we have always just purchased plush because I liked the feel in the store, but don’t know what part of the scale we are at and maybe we have been buying too soft. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thank you!

    • Based on everything you’ve shared, I would recommend you two take a look at the Loom & Leaf (luxury firm), WinkBed, and Alexander hybrid. I personally believe any of these mattresses could be a good fit and have a positive impact on your sleep.

  15. Hello! I just purchased a purple queen sized mattress and I am having soo much trouble finding a bed to go with it. I would like a platform bed that has no more than 3 inches apart int the slats and is able to go on risers. Do you know of any beds that would match that? Thank you!

  16. Hi Sleepopolis, I’m looking for a mattress at the moment and I’ve been reviewing purple and leesa but not sure which one would work better or if you recommend something else. I’m sleeping on a queen pillow top mattress it’s a little on the softer side but it’s starting to dip. I have chronic back pain constantly in this bed and not sure if a more firm bed would be best. I weigh 135 and I’m a side and back sleeper(mostly side). I like the hug of a bed but not to much where it’s not supporting my back and I’m sinking into the bed. I’d like a fast response time so it’s not hard for me to move around in the bed and I sleep on two very soft pillows so that my shoulder doesn’t get smashed while I sleep. Any recommendations on what you think would be best for me would be awesome. Thanks:)

    • I’d be happy to help, Ashley! One more question though, what would you say is your ideal firmness on a 1-10 scale, where 10 is the most firm?

  17. I have Lyme, along with metal poisoning & chemical toxicity and am extremely sensitive to mold & mildew. I spend a bit of time in bed, and our old mattress was making me more ill. We bought a night therapy memory foam mattress by Zinus, and after 5 days of open windows, baking soda trays, fan on high, air purifier, and other things, it still smells like mold and gave me a migraine & nausea.
    We need a Queen sized, lower priced – mid priced mattress on the softer side that has no metal and no smell. We are both 130 lbs. Do you have a suggestion? We greatly appreciate you.

    • I’d be happy to help!

      Just to clarify you needs.

      Do you have a firm budget number in mind that you’re trying to stay under?

      On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm, what would you say is your ideal firmness?

  18. I have a moderate to severe idiopathic scoliosis with many related complications and injuries but no surgical hardware. I am 6’0 and about 150-155 depending, sometimes less depending on health factors. I have terrible chronic pain, especially in my right thoracic spine, left si joint, left knee, and lowest right floating rib that is constantly getting stuck under the rest of my deformed ribcage and stabs me in the guts. I’m a side sleeper but both sides and back hurt to sleep on. I’m on an older used tempurpedic, pretty squishy and not nearly enoughsupport . Very bad pressure points in areas mentioned and I’m really struggling with sleep. I love the idea of the purple, and I’m also very interested in a custom helix done for a couple, one side for my back and the other for side sleep. But I’d probably end up using the side sleeper half way more. I’m wondering if you have any recommendations. I am on a very low fixed income and a new mattress would have to be a family gift, so I would love to keep this purchase around $1000 for a queen unless it’s absolutely necessary to go with something that costs more. My key issues are simultaneous hot spots and lack of support from an overly squishy worn out tempurpedic. I don’t care if I sleep hot as long as I can sleep without so much pain. I spend a lot of time on my bed. Please, can you advise? I really need guidance.

    • That said, I do live in LA, it does get ridiculously hot, and I’d I could, I’d prefer to be nice and cool. But pain relief is more important. Though I imagine a budget, I would absolutely find a way to raise the money if there was something out there that was better for me. I would love a no hassle trial Period.

    • Based on the information you’ve shared, I do believe the Helix could be a very good option. The ability to customize this mattress to your needs makes a huge difference. That said, regarding the medical needs, I must say that I am not a doctor nor a medical professional and I cannot give medical advice. Always consult your doctor for specific recommendations.

      The Purple is a great mattress, but I do believe you need something tiered more directly to your wants and needs as a sleeper. Since you have a very specific need set and also very specific medical concerns I think the Helix has a better chance of properly meeting everything you need.

  19. The slats in our King sized bed are just under 5″ apart (empty gap) with the slats 2″ metal. Do you think this is sufficient for the bed size? We’re both under 200lbs.

    • 5″ is a little too big. I would advise you adding a bunkie board, boxspring style foundation, or 3/4″ sheet of plywood (which makes it like a platform bed).

    • Hi Sleepopolis.

      I just purchased a king purple and was going to put some plywood on top of the slats just to be sure that the foundation is as solid as possible. However, I’ve been reading that this sometimes adding plywood creates a mold issue with other mattresses (especially memory foam).

      Do you have any thoughts on the plywood = mold topic?

      I have a 5-sided Sleep Tite mattress protector but am not sure if that affects potential mold issues in any way.


    • Hi Robert,

      I don’t have a lot of info or research on mold via plywood. But if we just break it down, the reason you have mold is due to moisture. So you need to make sure that the plywood isn’t holding any moisture and doesn’t have moisture in it when you purchase it. I believe Home Depot sells moisture resistant plywood, which would probably be a good fit for this.

      As a secondary preventative measure you can upgrade that 5 sided sleep tit protector to a full encasement, like this – http://amzn.to/2fJx3om That way it protects both the bottom, as well as the 5 outer sides.

  20. I have slept on the purple mattress three times now and I sleep cool (finally!) and don’t wake up with any aches which is awesome. However, I miss sleeping “in” the bed and not “on” it. If I lay on my back I feel like I have the perfect posture almost with my chest poking up – odd when you are not used to that in a bed. I really want to love this bed but I really really miss a comfy cozy feel. We previously had a traditional coil mattress with a topper that had foam and sort of pillowy top – so hot but so so comfy. Is it worth it to keep trying, to add a comfy layer topper, or just move on to other options? I weigh less than 160 so maybe this is just too firm for me. My hubby sleeps well but says he isn’t excited to get into bed either. Make sense? I would love your suggestions. Keep trying? Topper? Luxi? Leesa? I love sleeping cool and no aches but I miss cozy.

    • Hi Kristina,

      Thanks for your comment and my apologies for the slow reply. My wife and I were out of town for a little getaway and my emails / comments got way backed up. Very sorry!

      A good first step would be to make sure you give your body time to adjust to the new mattress. It takes your body 3-4 weeks to adjust to a new mattress. When the feel / design / materials are very different compared to your old mattress that adjustment period can be more difficult. If you’ve got 3-4 weeks and your still not loving it you have a few options.

      As you stated, you could add a topper. For most, I don’t recommend getting a topper for a mattress that’s still under trial period. However, it sounds like the Purple is working out, you just need more cushion. So adding a nice plush mattress pad (check out this one https://sleepopolis.com/eluxury-bamboo-mattress-pad/) could be all that you need to round out the experience of the Purple.

      Outside of that, we’ll need to get you a new mattress. Based on your experience I think you need something similar, but just a touch softer. Leesa, Brooklyn Bedding, and the Loom & Leaf would be my top 3 choices for you.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

  21. Hi Sleepopolis,

    Per your reviews, I went with the Brooklyn Bedding mattress, medium. I’ve slept well on it, but it still strikes me as a bit firm and doesn’t have as much sink as I apparently like. How long do you recommend giving a mattress in terms of adjustment period?

    The mattress I had previously was a very thick posture-pedic by Sealy, so I’m wondering if the memory foam “sinking in” feeling works better for me. I’m a 160 pound side and stomach sleeper.

    • Hi Bethany,

      Typically I recommend giving your body 30-45 days to become fully adjusted to the feel of your new mattress. If after that period of time you are still not happy, then it is time to explore other options.

      The memory foam feel could most certainly be a better fit, but I would give the Brooklyn Bedding mattress a fair chance before making any immediate decisions.

  22. Good Morning,

    I’m looking for advice for my 82yr old Mom. Back sleeper, 165 lbs. severe back challenges (neck & back hardware installed) and likes a soft mattress. We pad her mattress now with cheap toppers. A friend told us about Purple, but wondered if there may be any others?

    • Hi Bev,

      I’m afraid the Purple could be slightly too firm based on the information you have shared. That said, I would recommend looking into the Loom & Leaf, Nest Bedding Alexander (soft), and the Brooklyn Bedding (soft). All 3 of these have great support and should be soft enough to relieve her of any pressure points she may have on her current mattress.

  23. Thanks for your recommendation! I’ll certainly consider it, but I really need to try to stay in my budget if at all possible. The hybrids were what I first looked at, and if the all foam or latex options don’t work, that will be my plan.

    I’ve been more intensely looking at the Brooklyn Bedding mattress, Leesa, and the Eluxury mattress. I may end up hating it, but I’d like to try a foam or latex if at all possible. Of those, what would you recommend??

    • Gotcha. In that case, I’d say go with the Leesa or BB mattress. As far as performance for the money goes, I really like the Leesa mattress. I think it’s the best value of any mattress on the market.

      BB is close also. It really comes down to the cover you prefer. If you want a traditional quilted cover and/or latex comfort layers, go BB. If you want a modern thin cover and a great value, go Leesa.

      eLuxury isn’t a bad mattress, but I do feel like you get better performance out of Leesa or BB. If you’ve got the budget for it, spend a little more and get one of those.

  24. Hello! Love how involved you are with the comments here.. I was wondering what your best suggestion is for a mattress for someone who is overweight.. My current mattress is over 10 years old and its time for a new one, I just want to make sure I make the right choice! Thanks!

    • Hi Del,

      Thanks for your kind words! I would be happy to help provide you with a mattress recommendation. If you could please answer the following questions these will greatly help me to provide the best recommendation based on your preferences and needs:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)?

      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?

      What positions do you primarily sleep in during the night?

      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?

      What size mattress are you looking for?

      How much do you weigh? (this is important for sinkage, especially as it relates to cooling)

      Feel free to email me here if you’d rather keep these responses private: https://sleepopolis.com/contact/


  25. Hi, question for you.

    I’m (finally) replacing a 15-year old double pillow top innerspring (18 inches)! I broke my leg and spent 3 three weeks sleeping a pretty firm couch, went back to my bed and couldn’t sleep at all without back pain, waking up sweating, and lots of tossing and turning. This is my first mattress purchase (I’ve always gotten the family hand-me-downs), so it’s all a bit overwhelming. I’ve been looking at your reviews and would like some more custom suggestions if possible.

    I’m 5’4, weight about 160, am pretty curvy, and tend to fall asleep on my side or stomach and wake up on my back. I get really hot, so a cooler mattress is a must. I’ve never had memory foam, so I’m not sure what I would like, but it seems to be a more supportive option overall.

    I really want something high quality, and my budget is around the $600-900 mark, but if I need to I can wiggle that a bit. I was looking at the Purple, Brentwood Homes, and Leesa models. Suggestions?

    • Hi Bethany,

      Thanks for your comment! I’d be happy to help you find a new mattress.

      So first things, I’m a little concerned that you may find the transition to a foam mattress really difficult. Sleeping on a coil mattress for 15 years and then transitioning to a new mattress can be difficult on your body. This fact, combined with your desire or something cooler leads me to think you’ll be best off with the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid. It’s a bit over budget at $999 for a Queen, but it just absolutely nails everything you’re looking for.

      It’s tied for the top rated mattress on Sleepopolis at a 96% and for good reason. It really is an amazing mattress. The design and feel is similar enough to your pillow top coil mattress that the transition would be easier for you. Additionally, it’s going to have better cooling due to the hybrid design than just about any foam mattress.

      Check it out here: https://sleepopolis.com/alexander-hybrid-mattress

      If you think you’d still like to go with foam just give me the word and I’ll pull together some recommendations there for you.

  26. I recently purchased the Purple. I was hoping for something softer and cooler then the Bed in a box Pac memory foam mattress I have slept on for the last 7 years. I found the Purple to be extremely hot and much firmer then my old mattress. I typically sleep on my back and will rotate to a side position during the night. I woke in a sweat puddle and rotated to my side. Within a short amount of time my side was aching. Not sure how long you slept on this mattress or in what climate to determine it was a cool sleeping mattress. It is cool to the touch initially but quickly warms and does not dissipate body heat. I found my memory foam mattress slept cooler. Keep in mind my house temperature is 76 degrees at night. I live in Phoenix Arizona. I may go back to a coil mattress just due to sleeping cooler. Just a comment for those considering buying Purple.

    • Hi Roger,

      I’m sorry to hear the Purple did not work out for you. I also live in Phoenix, Arizona and during my sleep tests I did not experience a similar situation. That said, every sleeper is different. With your situation in mind, I am going to pull my Purple mattress back out and go ahead and test it out once more.

      Once again, I’m sorry to hear the Purple mattress is not working out. if you’d like, I’d be more than happy to provide you with another mattress recommendation. You say the word and we’ll get the ball rolling.

  27. Had my first night in the Purple matress. I think my body getting use to it. I liked it though. My husband is heavier than I am. When I rolled over to his side I definitely was rolling down and a noticeable indentation. I’m trying not to be too worried but does and will the polymer flex back? I laid in the middle of the bed as to try to even out the polymer. This is just making me worry that we will have a new sagging bed. What are your thoughts on this? Should I give the matress time? Thanks

    • Hi Emily,

      That’s interesting. If the polymer is not returning to its original shape you may have received a defective mattress. Definitely give it time and analyze the performance of your mattress and if the problem continues, do not hesitate to contact Purple about a new mattress.

  28. Very solid website, I love the information you provide, truly insightful for those of us looking for a new mattress. I’ll try to keep this brief; I’m coming from an old school (2006) tempurpedic supreme – loved it when i first got it, but it just gets way too hot, and either due to age or old technology, is just too soft/sinks in, more than I’d like; I’m finding I might do better on something more firm.

    I was initially brought here by the GhostBed, but then started diving into the vast array of mattresses, so I’m also looking at the Leesa or Purple (unless you recommend something totally different). I’d like something that stays much cooler than my current mattress, has a firmer feel and response, yet still ‘molds to the body’ similar to my tempurpedic; I often have sleep troubles, waking in the night, etc…I know a new mattress won’t necessarily solve that, but maybe the placebo effect will :) I’m a back-sleeper for the most part; wife is every side sleeper lol, but mostly on back as well.

    Can you give your recommendation please?

    me- 6’1 195lbs
    wife- 5’1 120lbs

    Thanks Sleepopolis! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Hi Aleks,

      I sent you a complete email answering all of these questions just a bit ago. If I didn’t get everything answered in that email please don’t hesitate to reply back. Thanks!

  29. Hi Sleepopolis,

    I have read a bunch of reviews and am leaning toward a Leesa or Purple. Having a hard time deciding on that or something else. Currently have latex Sealy something 5 or 6 years old. Way too soft at this point feel like my feet barely are on the mattress I sink so much.
    Six foot two and 230. Side sleeper with hip pain and sciatica. Please let me know 2 or 3 good choices. with the good trial periods, I will try as many as I need to… Thank you so much.

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks for all of this background information. This is helpful.

      Based on your weight, needs, and other desires I agree, I think the Leesa and Purple are both solid choices. You might also consider Ghostbed, which has a similar firmness level.

      Go Purple if you want faster response, more bounce, slightly better cooling
      Go Leesa if you want the best value, a classic medium foam feel, very good response and very good bounce
      Go Ghostbed if you want more of a memory foam hug, but with strong pushback

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you!

  30. Sleepopolis,

    Thank you for your response. My wife who weighs 130lbs decided to gain 30 more lbs so that she will sink better into the purple, problem solved haha. No your help made us decide to go with the leesa, using your discount code of course. We thank you for your time and help.

    • Lol…nice.

      I’m glad I could help, Tom! Definition let me know how you like the Leesa once you get a chance to sleep on it.

      Take care!

  31. Hi, I recently purchased a Dromma soft mattress and both my husband and I think that it’s a bit too soft and when we sleep together it puts us in sort of a sinkhole. We’re average size & weight (140 & 185 pounds). My husband says he sinks too much. When I sleep alone, I’m mostly comfortable, but when he lays about a foot away, I do feel a bit of a slope towards him.

    I was wondering if there are some other mattresses that you could recommend? Having slept on mostly firm mattresses my whole life, I do like the softer feeling, however this Dromma soft may be way too sinking-soft for our liking. Thanks!!

    • Hi AlaMakota,

      I would say take a look at the Leesa, Loom & Leaf, and Purple. All of these are a step up in terms of support over the Dromma. Also, they are a bit firmer than the Dromma soft, without being too firm.

      I think they’d be a nice happy medium for you.

  32. Sleepopolis,

    I am so torn between the purple and the Leesa mattress. I can be anywhere between 185-195lbs and like to sleep cool so from reading I feel like the purple would be a good match for me. However my wife is around 130-140 lbs, thinking of having a second child in the next year as well, she often likes to sleep a little warmer than me. So for her the purple might not be the best because she is lighter and might float on top too much and won’t get any sink in, I on the other hand don’t care for much of a sink in and like more responsiveness. The other consideration I am taking into the decision making is the motion transfer, it takes me some time to fall sleep and often move around until I fall asleep. This of course drives my wife nuts. I’m at the point now where I wish I could just lay on both the mattresses. One other thing you say that concerns me is when you talk about the top layer of the purple, you call if “different”. We are coming for a pillow top mattress that have craters, mainly where I sleep, so anything will be better right now but am really looking for your help. I know the Leesa is cheaper, but I am not letting that be a factor for me. Maybe because I came across the purple mattress first online, I for some reason have a urge to want to like the purple mattress more.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your comment.

      So first up, I think it’d be helpful if you took a look at my complete comparison here: https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/leesa-vs-purple-mattress-review/ Might help to sway you a bit more towards one or the other.

      Your wife’s weight is the biggest concern. She is definitely going to float more above the Purple. Many people don’t like this type of a feel. Even though the extra cooling is there, I’m afraid she might not like the feel as much. Additionally, since you’re switching from a pillow top that’s a pretty big change.

      I think it really comes down to what you’re wife would like. If she’s okay with floating + a medium to slightly medium firm feel, then Purple can be a good fit. As far as your desires / needs / weight go, either Leesa or Purple will work great for you. You are in that sweet spot where many mattress makers target their specs.

      If your wife wants more of a true medium and more of a hugging feel the Leesa will be the better choice.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

    • I also felt that the Layla mattress was lacking in support. Lighter sleepers who exclusive side sleepers may be okay with it, but I think there are probably better options.

    • Regarding Luxi. I just wasn’t impressed with Luxi’s design. To the contrary, I felt like it was lacking in support. It’s not a mattress that I could in good faith recommend.

      Regarding Brooklyn Bedding, it’s a little too firm. The 3 I recommended are a little bit more on the softer side. The only exception would be if you want to go very soft, in which case the BB soft version could be a good fit.

    • The Loom & Leaf comes in at a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the most firm). Therefore, it is more of a medium feel and could potentially be a good fit for you. The quilted top layer will also add a degree of softness upon initial contact, helping to relieve pressure points your body tries to create.

  33. What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)? I’ve always preferred on the softer side

    Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses? No. Whatever works

    Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the mattress)? I think I like the hug, but not positive.

    Do you have a price that you need to stay under? Yes, but let me worry about that.

    What size mattress are you looking for? Queen

    How much do you weigh? (this is important for sinkage, especially as it relates to cooling) 180, hoping to get down to 160

    • Great, Ben. Based off of your answers, I would recommend taking a look at the Nest Alexander Signature Select, Loom & Leaf, and Helix mattress. All 3 of these could be be a great fit for your style of sleeping in addition to the preferences you have listed. I’m afraid the Purple would be a little too firm based on your needs / desires.

  34. Hi Sleepopolis,

    I am going to be purchasing a new mattress starting a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy in August (yay for ergonomics!). I have mild scoliosis and shoulder issues and have had problems with sleeping on my current mattress (simmons beauty rest with a 2″ gel foam topper) for years. Yes, years! I’ve tried sleeping on firmer mattresses but as an almost exclusive side sleeper I end up with my shoulders and hips killing me in addition to back pain. With either mattress type, I’ve ended up having to sleep in a cocoon of pillows (It’s a pain in the you know what) every night. I also get hot quickly. I am seriously debating between Purple and Leesa based on your reviews. I really like the coolness factor of the Purple but you had mentioned that lighter sleepers won’t benefit as much – I’m about 145 now and am trying to lose a few pounds but I was wondering if I’d still get the support I’d need from Purple. I really love the uniqueness of the Purple mattress. I also like that Leesa donates to homeless shelters so that factors into it as well. I appreciate any of your input. Thanks!

    • Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for all of the background information. This is super helpful.

      Based on your needs and desires I agree, I think the Purple and Leesa mattress are going to be your two best choices. Leesa is such a balanced and well designed mattress it’s great for many sleepers. If you want something a bit more traditional in design / materials then go with the Leesa.

      Purple’s polymer gives it a little faster response and better cooler over the Leesa, however, the feel is also a bit different (some love it, some not so much). At 145 you’re on a bit of a border area. If you have a little more weight in your hips / chest you’ll experience a more medium firmness and better pressure relief with the Purple. However, if you’re taller / fairly uniform from top to bottom it’ll likely be closer to that 6.5 out of 10 with a slightly firm / slightly floating feeling. Not necessarily bad, but probably not what you’re looking for.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

  35. Sleepopolis:
    I sleep on my side and suffer from chronic upper back pain (rhomboids particularly). What do you suggest, or do you need more information?

    • Hi Ben,

      I need a little more information to make sure I can recommend the best mattresses for you.

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)?
      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the mattress)?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?
      How much do you weigh? (this is important for sinkage, especially as it relates to cooling)


  36. I am currently looking at Casper, Purple, and (thanks to you – never heard of them until now) mostly leaning toward Leesa (TN was in the running until one too many people said it was too firm). I have never had a good mattress (we just bought a random one when we got married and have suffered through it for the last 15 years), so I don’t really know what I’m looking for. I know that I hate memory foam (the kind that you sink into and feel like you’re drowning in a warm, stinky pool). I don’t appreciate super firmness, either, as I am a side (and stomach – but trying to kick the habit so I can quit going to the chiropractor for my neck) sleeper, and my hips and shoulders ache after sleeping on my parent’s guest bed, which is VERY firm. My husband is also a side and stomach sleeper. I have heard so many mixed reviews that I have lost confidence in my ability to choose! I weigh 105, and my husband weighs 150, and I wish people would post their weight and sleeping position on their reviews so I knew who to trust! What do you recommend?

    • Hi Andrea,

      Based on your needs, desires, and weight it sounds like the Leesa or Nest Bedding Alexander Signature (medium) are going to be the best options for you. While Purple is an excellent mattress at 105 you are going to float above the mattress and it’ll probably feel firmer than what you’d be comfortable with.

      Leesa and the Alexander are a bit softer and do better at lower weights.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

  37. Sleepopolis,Thanks so much for your helpful reviews. My husband and I are really needing a new mattress and are very intrigued by the Purple and Leesa. My husband is 6’8″ and almost 300 lbs and I am 5’9″ and 160. He is a side and back sleeper and I am an exclusively side sleeper. I think we are about on the 6-7 scale of firmness. With his size, do you have an obvious recommendation between these two (or any of the other ones.)

    A new Ikea store just opened in our town and wondered if you have ever compared their mattresses, specifically the Matrand and the Myrbacka – memory foam/latex. Price points for queen are between $400-500 and they felt very good for the 5 minutes I laid on it in the store. Also have 25 year limited warranty – have not investigated what that means.

    • Hi Katie,

      While both the Leesa and Purple are top notch mattresses, I do believe you and your husband need a mattress with a higher level of deep compression support. Both Leesa and Purple are spec’d to support up to 300 pounds, but since your husband is already at 300 pounds you’re really on the upper end of what they can comfortable support.

      Hybrid mattresses are a great option for heavier sleepers as they are able to provide better deep compression support that heavier sleepers need. I would suggest you two look into would be the WinkBed, Alexander hybrid, and Saatva. All 3 of these have very high levels of deep compression support, meaning the mattress would not bottom out or lose support with more weight applied.

      Regarding the Ikea mattresses, I would not recommend them. Once again, they lack support in areas where your husband will need them. Additionally, their lower price points tend to reflect their quality and performance overall. Long story short, I truly believe you two would be much better off on one of the hybrid mattresses I have listed above.

  38. Thanks for the great info Sleepopolis! I have tried both the Leesa and the Nest Bedding Alexander Sig. Select. I found the Leesa comfortable, but it bottomed out and felt a bit “chintzy.” The Alexander ups the luxury and thickness, but lacks the responsiveness and bounce from the Leesa.

    I’m currently looking for something new. Purple seems to have the bounce I’m looking for, but I’m worried about the lack of “premium/luxury” that goes along with a thinner mattress. Perhaps I should be looking at the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid? Interested to hear your thoughts. Male/240lbs, side and stomach sleeper. Thanks!

    • Hi Corey,

      My apologies on the slow reply. This comment slipped by me.

      Given your impression of the Leesa mattress I feel like you probably wouldn’t like the Purple for similar reasons. The Nest Hybrid is definitely more responsive than the Alexander Sig., but still not quite at the same level as the Leesa or Purple. However, I feel like it has more of the balance between luxury and response that you’re looking for. I would give it a go.

  39. I just ordered the purple mattress and it looks great for my husband and I as we tend to sleep hot. However, I was just going to use my king box spring and it is old but very good but the man on the phone said any springs in the box spring will void this warranty. Should I get a new box foundation without springs?
    Also, what somewhat reasonable mattress protector will work for the mattress so it will protect yet keep us cool as the mattress is designed for? Thanks

    • Since it will avoid your warranty, yes, I would definitely recommend getting a new foundation that doesn’t have springs in it.

      As far as protectors go, I would recommend the Bedgear Dri-fit protector for you: https://sleepopolis.com/bedgear-dritec-protector/

      Not the most cheap at $155, but it’s going to do a much better job of keeping you cool vs. cheaper protectors and not negatively impacting the feel and other benefits of Purple’s polymer material.

  40. Me and my wife are looking for a cal king mattress. Our weights are 250lbs and 180lbs. Which style mattress would you recommend. We both enjoy a plush feeling mattress. With our weights it seems mattresses develops extreme dips after a relatively short period of time. Would love your expert opinion on this. Thank you!!

    • I would recommend taking a look at hybrid mattresses. My main recommendations would be the Nest Bedding Alexander hybrid, Saatva, Voila, and WinkBed. All of these have very good deep compression support and plush top layers for added comfort.

      Purple could be a good fit as well. Since they use a top polymer layer you don’t have to worry as much about indentation or sagging.

  41. Hi Sleepopolis – I’m wondering if you could lend your opinion on what bed might be a good choice for my husband and me. We are 300 pounds side sleeper with degenerative disc disease and a 175 pound back /side sleeper
    We just tried the Dromma bed and it wasn’t comfortable for my honey. We are now considering Ghostbed or the Brooklyn bedding “best bed ever”. We’d be happy to hear other suggestions if you have them though! Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Heather,

      While both the GhostBed and Brooklyn Bedding are very good mattresses. I would not recommend them for your specific situation. They are similar enough to the Dromma bed that I’m afraid you would find them uncomfortable.

      As heavier sleepers you really need something with exceptional deep compression support. I would recommend you take a look at the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid and Winkbed mattress. Both of these offer better deep compression support, which is especially important for heavier sleepers.

    • I’m not familiar with that mattress and I’m having trouble finding it, can you provide a link? Based purely on the name, I assume it’s 100% latex with a 3-4″ latex comfort layer. Latex and polymer that Purple use are actually quite similar in a number of ways. Both have great bounce, comfort, cooling, and response. And both are quite heavy. The biggest difference comes down to the feel. Latex is a foam and creates more a rounded contouring hug. Purple has a similar sort of a hug, but in general creates a slightly higher degree of push-back. Purple is also a touch more responsive, cooler, and has more bounce.

  42. Hi Sleepopolis. I’m torn between a Purple and a Leesa. Are there any real differences between the two, or would you say that they’re sitting basically on par with each other. Thanks!

  43. Like many others, I saw the commercial about the purple bed and found your sight after researching this bed. Soooo glad I did. A big thanks to you and all your viewers who have given such detailed reviews. Our old pillow top had left us waking up to lots of pain. My husband had even seen a doctor regarding his hip pain thinking something had to be medically wrong. We both are on the upper end of the weight scale for this bed so we were a little nervous on how this bed would work for us. I hated the regular high-end memory foam beds because of sinking down and feeling stuck. Not so with this bed. I’m a back and side sleeper and my husband is predominantly a stomach sleeper. We both can move freely and no more waking up tossing and turning because back, hip, or shoulder pain! I had normally always chosen a cushy pillow top mattress so this is definitely a different kind of feel but one that we are both very happy to have chosen. Ohhhh, and the coolness of this bed is a major plus!

    • So glad to hear the Purple mattress has improved your sleeping experience! Purple makes a great mattress and I see plenty of good sleep in your future! :) Thanks so much for sharing your story.

  44. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out, I purchased a purple mattress a few weeks ago. I was expecting to instantly fall in love as I have heard great comments, however I struggle every night to get comfortable, and wake up with shoulder pain. I have bad back issues and just want a super supportive but comfortable mattress. I weigh 130, my husband 200 and he seems to like it a lot better than me. Maybe a few more weeks and I will like it better? It feels like an 8 in firmness to me, more comfortable on my hips, extremely uncomfortable on the upper body. would you suggest a different mattress for me? I wanted to love this mattress so badly!

    • Hi Tal,

      I’m sorry to hear the Purple isn’t working out great for you just yet.

      If I can ask, how many days have you been sleeping on the Purple?

      If you’ve been sleeping on the Purple for less than 2-3 weeks it simply may be that your body needs more time to make the adjustment. However, if it’s more than that this is more likely a sign that the Purple is not the right mattress choice for you.

      Since you are only 130 pounds you just don’t weight enough to really take advantage of the pressure relief that begins to activate for heavier sleepers, that’s why the mattress feels firmer to you. If that’s the case, you have a few different options.

      1) You could add a topper to just your side to add a little more softness for you
      2) You could get a Twin XL version of the Purple for your husband + another Twin XL that suits your specific needs and go with a Split King format.
      3) Choose another mattress that better meets the varying firmness / feel preferences of you and your husband (probably something a little bit softer, likely with a thicker padded top layer, so you can get more softness based on your size)

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

  45. Salutations,

    My wife and I are looking to buy a new mattress. We are currently having issues with an old kingsdown soy foam mattress. I am around 150lbs and have an athletic body. I tend to sleep on my stomach/side and my arm tends to fall asleep from time to time. My body also runs hot, due to all the preworkout caffeinated drinks and I always feel hot in our current mattress. My wife tends to wake up very easily from the current mattress, which leads me to believe that she is not sleeping well. She weighs around 120lbs and is a back/side sleeper. She prefers around a 5 to 6 firmness, while I like a 6 to 6.5. We are fairly young and enjoy nightly sporting activities and would like a nice bounce on the mattress. We are currently looking at the Purple, Leesa, and the Ghostbed. I have seen your reviews and they are fantastic, however I feel that my choice has become difficult. I tend to lean towards the Purple, because of their innovative design, and I would like to hear your feedback and advice for us.

    • Greetings,

      Choosing a mattress from the 3 you have listed really boils down to your preference in feel. If you’re looking for more of a floating feeling, the Purple is a good choice. On the other hand, if you enjoy a bit more contour, the Leesa is the way to go. Finally, if you’re a fan of sinking into the mattress somewhat and receiving a sharp contour around your body, the GhostBed is your best bet.

  46. Hi Sleepopolis,

    So I purchased a Tuft & Needle mattress about a month ago.

    I’m typically a fan of ‘firmer’ mattresses, or maybe just mattresses with strong support? Softer / sagging mattresses always lead to terrible lower back pain. If my butt sinks in, my back is wrecked come morning.

    ABOUT ME: I’m exclusivley a back sleeper (with some occasional side thrown in when I can’t get comfortable on my back). I’m 5’9, and weigh around 135 lbs.

    As far as the Tuft & Needle goes, it felt crazy hard right off the bat, and the feel hasn’t improved over the past month… The mattress felt so hard initially, that I resorted to padding it with a semi-thick polyester filled topper after the second night. That helped a little bit, but it still feels very hard, and I just can’t get comfortable. I started develolong lumbar pain a few days ago, and I’m defintley feeling the pressure points on my back.

    I’m positive that I need something softer, despite my initial inclinations, but I NEED to make sure that my spine stays happy.

    Just read your updated review of T&N (unfortunately a bit late)…

    Right now I’m consider a switch to either a Purple, or a Leesa based on your reviews. If you have any thoughts to add, or wouldn’t mind repeating any points you’ve already made, I’d love to hear them!

    I tried to make my way through a significant chunk of the comments before posting this, but I’ll just apologize in advance, in case you’ve already covered my exact scenario.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Michael,

      I’m sorry to hear about your current situation with the Tuft & Needle mattress. With that said, I think you have narrowed your next options down to two of the top mattresses available. In fact, I just posted a full comparison review of the Leesa vs Purple mattress that can be found here: https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/leesa-vs-purple-mattress-review/

      This should help to make your decision easier and if not, I will be here to answer any further questions you may have.

  47. Hi Sleepopolis,

    My husband and I had been sleeping in a waterbed (soft-sided, low-wave) for the last 25 years but have to give it up with this new (old) apartment. We chose a queen sized Purple (based on your suggestions) and have had it for about a week. Both of us notice we wake up warm (hot) during the night. Not sweaty but warm. That never happened with the waterbed. We had a similar experience a few years ago, when we tried to give up the waterbed and bought a sleep number bed, only to return it because we would wake up drenched in sweat in the middle of winter and returned to a new waterbed.

    With the Purple, I put a cotton mattress pad on it and then the fitted sheet (cotton). We sleep with a duvet of light cotton. I’ve always used a mattress pad, without it, how would one wash the Purple mattress cover (looks like it might be difficult? And how often can it be washed?) I also usually place a dust mite cover over our mattress (under the mattress pad) but haven’t gotten around to this yet. Do I still need this? Does this type of mattress accumulate dust mites?

    We REALLY want to make a new bed work as we cannot have the waterbed any longer, can you help us out? It is comfortable, hubby loves it, I’m still getting used to it as I’m a side, tummy sleeper. I am 5’4″,160 and hubby is 6’3″, 225. We like using our duvet and we live in southern California, so the waking up warm is freaking me out a bit. Did we choose the right bed? Do you have any suggestions? I wish I would have thought to write before.


    • Hi Sherri,

      I do not believe you have made a bad decision at all. The Purple has been one of the coolest mattresses I have tested to date. Now, I will say that the mattress pad you are using could be creating issues with the Purple’s top layer of hyper-elastic polymer. This layer is designed to provide a very cool sleeping experience due to the very high level of breathability and airflow. Personally, I would try sleeping on your Purple mattress without the mattress pad and see if you notice any difference.

      With regards to a mattress protector, it is completely up to you. There is no way to guarantee dust mites will avoid your mattress, so it may be better just just go ahead and place one on there.

  48. So I’ve had a combination spring/memory foam mattress that fell apart very soon and cost me multiple thousands of dollars… as well, it was terrible for… “intimate time.” definitely don’t want to sink so much that particular positions/activity becomes difficult due to sinking too much. Would you say that this would be a good mattress for both sleep and sex?


    • Indeed. The Purple mattress has a great level of durability in addition to a very good amount of bounce. From sleeping to amorous activities, the Purple is an all around very well made mattress.

  49. I ordered a Purple yesterday, thanks much in part to your thorough reviews! Later in the day I saw Ghost Bed had a post on Facebook citing your comparison between the two. I cannot find that particular comparison review. Is there one? Frankly, I was extremely put off by the false or misleading statements Ghost was making about Purple (e.g. – they only have 2 sizes, they use talcum powder, the recycled material used by Purple may be toxic [not stated, but I felt definitely implied], they are a new company [like that’s a bad thing] and a few other spurious claims). It really put me off of Ghost, but I was wondering if you have seen that “comparative ad campaign” (their words) and if you have a more objective response to it. Thank you!

    Tag on question: I saw several complaints from posters about the return policy, how much of a hassle they have had finding organizations in their community that will accept used mattresses. I could see this being problematic in my community because of bed bug issues. Since so many of the mattress companies use that as their return plan, I was wondering if you are hearing of more concerns along these lines. It appears you mattress is not “returned” until you have a receipt in hand from a non-profit organization.

    Thanks Again!

    • Hi Harry,

      I have seen that comparison and I do agree with you, it is misleading. I have not written a complete comparison of Ghostbed vs. Purple. They took my individual reviews of each respective mattress and laid them side by side (without my permission). While I do think the Ghostbed is an overall very good mattress, but that comparison was disappointing to see them do. As you said, many of the points brought up flat out false, misleading, or more a matter of opinion.

      Regarding the returning of the mattress, I haven’t seen any complaints from my readers yet, but I will definitely keep an eye on this. At the end of the day, most online mattress companies want the mattress to go to a new home via a donation center. However, if you cannot find one in your area that shouldn’t be a reason for you to not be able to return it. Even if you have to call 1-800 GOT JUNK or a similar recycling / disposal company. Most online mattress companies will work with you to help you find a donation or recycling center, they usually have many companies they partner with across the US.

  50. While I’m interested in Purple, do we have any guess as to longevity? Latex has been around long enough for us to know as have other foams. Any guess on this particular material?

    • The polymer is spec’d to last at least 15 years. Based on the materials, I think that’s a pretty fair estimate. It’s similar to other polymers that have a durability in the 12-15 range.

      The polyfoam core is likely to break down long before the polymer. Depending on use a polyfoam layer like this will likely go 8-10 years.

  51. Sleepopolis, I have a 24 yr old Swedish bed, Duxiana. I have a 2″ foam on it, because the top got damaged… It would cost $4000 to replace just the top pad. Everyday I wake up in horrendous pain …lower back, knees (I have osteoarthritis) mid back..I fear going to end. I was looking at a Saatva. But I can’t have Tempurpedic bec it is so full of toxic materials and gives off a horrific odor. Just smelling it i got a headache and my throat started to close. Does Purole or Leesa have an odor? Can you recommend an organic bed that will provide a good nights sleep? I’m desperate for a new bed. Thank you.

    • Hi Denise,

      With regards to Purple or Leesa having a smell, both of them have a slight smell once they are removed from the box, but it will be completely gone in just a few days time, if not shorter.

      I would be happy to provide you with a mattress recommendation. In order to do so, I will have to gather a little more information from you. If you could please answer the following questions, I will respond with a few different options for you:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)?
      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the mattress)?
      What positions do you primarily sleep in during the night?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?

  52. @Sleepopolis regarding foundations: the purple warranty _requires_ the use of a “firm, flat, solid-surface, non-spring foundation” and explicitly state that the warranty is void otherwise: http://onpurple.com/warranty-2/

    Presumably this means box springs and slatted bases are not acceptable. Have you heard of anyone with warranty issues on this bed? Thanks!

  53. Hi Sleepopolis,
    No worries – hope you’re feeling better.
    Preferred firmness is probably like a 7
    No real preference between spring / foam. I think I have a spring mattress now but don’t really care. If foam is the better choice happy to switch.
    Don’t really know how to judge hug and contour but I don’t like sinking into the mattress too much. I also don’t like when it’s rock hard and you’re just lying on top.
    Queen size mattress works best.

    • Based off of the information you have provided, I would recommend the Helix, Endy, and Amerisleep Americana mattresses. All 3 of these meet the requirements you have listed and serve as great options to consider for your new mattress. Check these out and if you have any questions, feel free to send them my way. As always, I am more than happy to help!

      Unfortunately, Purple probably isn’t a great fit for you given that it’s firmness rests closer to a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. If you want a 7 it’s not going to be the right choice for you.

      With regards to the Purple’s warranty, I have not heard of any issues yet. However, I will be closely monitoring.

    • Purple. The 2″ polymer layer and web grid design simply creates more air flow and cooling than the L&L or really any foam mattress can beat.

    • Any type of quality foundation is fine. Box spring, platform, slats, or adjustable is fine. Each will perform about the same.

  54. Sleepopolis,
    I was planning on buying the Purple but they do not carry Cal King so I followed your advice and went for the Leesa. (we were on a waterbed for the last 25 years). Thank you so much for your info. the transition has been pretty easy but it is quite different compared to the waterbed. We both are sleeping well and are quite happy. Greatly appreciate all your help with this decision.

    • That’s great news. Thanks for the update, Trici!

      I’m glad I was able to help. Hopefully your sleep just keeps getting better and better each night! :)

  55. Hi there,
    Thanks for the great advice. I’m looking to get a new mattress online. I’ve spent most of my life on mattresses passed down from friends, so pretty excited to get a mattress of my own.
    I’m typically a stomach or side sleeper, I don’t tend to get too hot when sleeping, and I like good support for my back – sometimes I get back pain. I thought that meant I should get an extra firm mattress but I’m learning that may not actually be true. I’m ~185 pounds. I was looking at the purple, leesa, or L&L – I started with the Casper but you talked me out of that. I’d wonder what you think is the best option. As well, what else do I need to order with a mattress like this? Do I need a boxspring? Or just an ikea bed frame is fine.
    As well, I’d be interested in your best recommendations for pillows, sheets and blankets as well.
    Thanks for the great work. Mattress shopping sucks!

    • Hi Eric,

      Sorry for the slow reply! I’ve been a bit under the weather the last few days. But I’m more than happy to help you.

      First up, let me get a little more information from:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)?
      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the mattress)?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?

      These questions will help me make sure we find the perfect mattress for you.

      Regarding accessories. You don’t necessarily need a box spring, but you’ll want some type of good foundation. If you have a nice slat frame from IKEA or elsewhere that should be fine.

      For pillows, my favorite option by far is the Nest Bedding Easy Breather https://sleepopolis.com/nest-bedding/natural-latex-pillow/ It’s a great all around option for all sleepers. If you want more a traditional core foam pillow I Love My Pillow are good and so is Malouf’s latex. If you’re on a budget, Nature’s Sleep is great value for the money, especially their down alternative. See all my pillow reviews here: https://sleepopolis.com/pillow-reviews/

      For sheets these are my favorites:

      Sheex (more expensive option) – 100% polyester, structured very similar to athletic wear, great cooling, great build quality – https://sleepopolis.com/bedgear-sheets/
      Malouf Tencel Sheets – 300 thread count, 100% Tencel, soft, great cooling, great value – https://sleepopolis.com/linenspa/tencel-sheets/
      Brooklinen – 270 thread count 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, great cooling, best price on 100% cotton sheets I have found yet, lots of styles, lightweight and breathable – https://sleepopolis.com/brooklinen-sheets/

  56. Hi Sleepopolis,

    Kinda interested in the Purple. I have a traditional spring mattress that’s only about two years old. Made locally in Seattle. Fairly firm. Though this was the best option for my back. I’ve had lower back trouble for a couple years. Two lowest discs have some degeneration/herniation. Was having sciatic pain down left leg last fall. Had a microdiscectomy (pretty minor procedure) in late december. Still too early to tell how effective it was. Still have some back pain when I wake up sometimes. I’m a stomach sleeper, which I realize is terrible, but how do you break a 36 year habit? I typically have my arms above my head and one leg up in fetal position to the side. I’ve been throwing that leg over a pillow, or long body pillow for a couple years. Not sure if that helps or hurts. Idea is to keep my back from arching too much. Anyway, thinking the super firm mattress isn’t helping my situation and there’s some new tech I could benefit from? Kinda like the idea of the top layer on the purple. Been having a sore shoulder waking up for a while now. I think from sleeping on it. Seems like the purple could absorb some of that into the top layer. Very minimal absorption on my current mattress. I guess my fear with a foam mattress is as a stomach sleeper with my arms under my head my hips with sink too much and create that arch in my low back. But maybe the new mattresses are designed to support in this situation? From your reviews and comments to others, I’m thinking the purple is the way to go. Also, I’m ~200lbs (need to get it down closer to 185-190), and tend to run hot while sleeping. Since you give such specific advice (much appreciated in advance), thought I’d lay it all out there (pun intended).

    • I wish I had better advice on breaking the stomach sleeping habit. I too am a life long stomach sleeper. The best alternative I’ve found is to sleep on my side with a king size pillow…then it’s kind of like you’re on your stomach, since you can lean into the pillow, but still be on your side. Otherwise, going with an adjustable base may help you to find a comfortable position, but that’s a whole separate issue.

      To the mattress though. The Purple is an all around very solid choice. Great response, great feel, and great pressure relief. The polymer top layer gives it a different type of pressure relief than what you’re probably used to, but overall I really like it. I would say your weight range is really an ideal sweet spot for the Purple, especially if you are desiring more of a balanced contouring hug + pressure relief.

      This is simply due to the way the polymer contours to your body. A little extra weight doesn’t hurt you like it can with some other mattresses.

      Based on the needs and desires you’ve described I think the Purple would be a great fit for you.

      Let me know if there’s anything other questions I can help with. Thanks!

  57. Sleepopolis,

    Thank you so much for putting out all the great information and reviews for all these mattress. My wife and I are mainly side sleepers and after 6 years of my current memory foam mattress (Bought it on amazon), I am starting to sink in and getting a little uncomfortable in my bed and also experiencing shoulder and neck pain. Based on your reviews, I am debating between Loom & Leaf and Purple Mattress and I am extremely confused since there is not much information available on Purple online (as compared to memory foam mattress).

    Along with being side sleepers, I do have to sleep on the edge of the bed at times – on days my daughter sleeps on my bed too. Hence, it would be nice if sleeping on the edge of the bed is not to uncomfortable. When my daughter is not with us, It would be nice to have some bounce to the bed too :)

    Can you please provide some comparison between these two mattress and which one would you pick between the two (or if it would be any other one) if you were primarily a side sleeper. Thanks

    • Happy to help, Kru.

      Both the Purple and L&L mattresses are very good choices. With regards to edge support, these two mattresses are very similar. Purple may have the edge ever so slightly, but there is not a major difference in comfort along the edges. Moving on, the Purple takes the crown for bounce. Their hyper-elastic polymer top layer provides a higher level of bounce than the L&L’s memory foam construction. With that said, it is extremely hard to pick between these two mattresses. Overall, it boils down to feel preference. If you enjoy more of a floating feeling, Purple is the mattress for you. On the other hand, L&L provides a slightly deeper hug and contour. L&L is more of the traditional Tempurpedic feel without the “stcuk” feeling that mattress embodied.

      As a side sleeper, pressure relief is a major concern. The good thing is, both the L&L and Purple have very good pressure relief. Therefore, I believe you will be happy with either of these mattresses.

  58. Hi Sleepopolis,
    I am thinking of purchasing the Purple and do not see alot of people saying they are coming from a waterbed. (yes, my hubby is stuck in the 80’s). We recently had to disassemble the waterbed, which has low motion coils internally, for new carpet and ever since he is not sleeping well and I am having some back pain. Would the purple be a easy adjustment for the 2 of us who have been on a waterbed for almost 30 years.

    He is 5’9″ at 155 and I am 5’5″ at 150. (no certain sleep position)

    • Honestly? No, it’s not going to be an easy adjustment.

      However, switching from a waterbed to virtually any other mattress is going to be a tough adjustment. It will likely take your body around a month to successfully switch to a new mattress.

    • It would depend on what you’re current sleeping on.

      If you’re currently on any type of foam mattress the Leesa is going to be easier to adjust to.

      If you’re on coil, waterbed, air, or other type of material / support system both would likely take a similar amount of time to adjust to.

  59. Sleepopolis,

    At first, I was sold on the Leesa because I liked the firmness rating and reviews had it sitting higher than the other boxed mattresses I was considering. When I saw the commercial for Purple, I saw that my childhood dreams of having a bed made of backpack-strap cushioning could be made a reality I quickly dropped the idea of the Leesa and watched your video of the Purple. I’m glad you cut the fireguard to show us the polymer because they don’t address it on the site. I know you said it was like baby powder and when I asked them I got the exact response (mild talc powder much like baby powder). This worries me because talc has been somewhat linked to cancer. It is only /loosely/ connected to cancer so, I feel like if it stays contained under the fireguard and the cover (plus bed sheets) it could be okay. I was wondering if you could give me some insight as to how much it spreads. Do you think over the years the powder would disappear? What if you spill water? Will it absorb and make the mattress squeaky? Thank you for all your help!!

    • Hi Julia.

      With regards to the spreading of the powder, I have not noticed any major changes. Additionally, I would assume that it will remain with the mattress for years to come. I do not believe it would disappear over time. Now if you were to spill a small amount of water, there should be no issues with absorption. If you spilled a large amount of water and didn’t catch it right away, the powder may absorb up a little bit of the powder isolated to that area. However, the liquid would need to penetrate the cover and the fire sock first.

      To further prevent this from happening I would recommend using a mattress protector.

    • Hi Sleepopolis,

      Thank you for a timely reply, I got a message on facebook from Purple earlier today:

      “I am so sorry, we misinformed you earlier. We just went and talked to our manufacturing team and there is actually no talc in it!! It is a non-toxic, proprietary plastic powder. :)”

      I just wanted to let you and other people who may read my comment know the updated information!

  60. Sleepopolis, I recently bought a Purple mattress based on your review, thank you by the way. But I’m sweating in the middle of the night which I’ve never ever done. I’m using a Five Sided mattress protector and Sheex sheets. I was using a down comforter but switched to a light wool blanket but that didn’t help either. I even turned my thermostat down to 60 degrees but I was still sweating. I feel like it may be the mattress protector as this is the first time I’ve used one and I’ve never had this problem. Any ideas? Anything would help. Also love the website, so helpful. Thanks

    • Hi Brian.

      I would recommend removing the mattress protector. If you sleep much cooler without the protector then we have found the solution. Give this a shot to begin with and let me know if nothing changes.

  61. Hi Sleepopolis. I have been sleeping on a latex mattress that has hurt me for the last 4 years. It was even worse than the too firm connected spring bed we had before. I have loose ligaments and tend to dislocate if there is too much pressure on my shoulder, hips, knees and neck. I am 5’9″ and 140 lbs. while my husband is 6’1″ and 160 lbs. We both tend to be broader in the shoulders and narrow waisted so finding a bed that accommodates our broadness up top and narrow waists while side sleeping has been a nightmare. My husband has started back sleeping because he can’t stay comfortable, but has been having trouble breathing while on his back.(sleep apnea and snoring) The best bed I have slept on was an older connected spring pillow top that had middle section reinforcements and a tiny finger egg crate foam topper. Individual coils are too firm and memory foam toppers are all too soft so my husband hasn’t want to try a memory foam mattress, but is willing to try anything to help me get sleep if it has a good return policy. Any suggestions? I think we may be too light for the Purple, but I have been looking at it.

    • I would be happy to help provide you with a mattress recommendation. If you could please answer the following questions these will greatly help me to provide the best recommendation based on your preferences and needs:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)?
      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the mattress)?
      What positions do you primarily (under normal conditions) sleep in during the night?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?

  62. Hi Sleepopolis,

    First, thank you so much for this site. It has helped me immensely. I have tried Leesa, Yogabed and Tuft & Needle and I haven’t found the “perfect” mattress yet. I am very intrigued by Purple however.

    I’m 140/athletic built, stomach (with one leg in fetal position) and sleep VERY HOT. I also have developed chronic lower back pain on the Yogabed. Because of my back pains I’m not sure if I should go back to a spring bed/hybrid or stick with all foam.

    Do you think Purple would be a good mattress to try next? It seems like the new material would solve my 2 biggest problems (sleeping hot and lower back support). Or if there’s another mattress you think would be better for me? Thanks!

    • Hi Alex,

      Seeing that you have already tried 3 100% foam mattresses and not liked the feel I think it’s time for you to try something totally different. The Purple is exactly that. It has an entirely unique feel that’s nothing like you’ve ever slept on. Additionally, it is arguably the coolest mattress I have tested to date.

      Based on your needs, desires, and weight, I think the Purple is your best option.

    • Hi! So I was so excited seeing all of these great reviews on the purple mattress and was just about to order one when I came across some of your comments below. My husband is 180 lbs and has been having a lot of back issues. I never had a back issue but just recently started falling asleep on one of those bargain furniture store mattresses that my brother gave us for my toddlers room (haha yep I often pass out putting her to sleep and end up in there through the night). On those days I wake up with crazy low back pain which will usually subside about 1 hr after I carefully and painfully roll off the bed. So here is the predicament, I only weigh 130 lbs, 5’4″, some side sleeping but mainly back sleeping. You say that people who are light wont receive the support benefits and just float on top of the purple mattress. Does that mean this mattress will hurt my back or not feel good to sleep on? Would light people enjoy it at all? Just struggling because before I read the light comments, I was ready to go out and order this for my husband and myself. Help! :) Oh any other suggestions, I tended to do well on a somewhat firmer mattress in the past. Thanks!

    • Hi Kate,

      If you have previously done well on slightly firmer mattresses, the Purple should be just fine. I would associate your back pain to the low quality materials used in the bargain store mattress. Although you won’t sink a whole lot into the Purple mattress, you will receive very good support as a back sleeper. Purple does an excellent job of maintaining stable spine alignment. All in all, Purple is a very good mattress and I would most definitely recommend giving it a shot. If worse comes to worse, you can return it for a full refund and we can get you two into a more appropriate mattress.

      The only potential issue would be due to your size. At 130 pounds you’re pretty light for the Purple. You’re likely to float a little more on top of the mattress on your back, but on your side you’ll have more contouring hug. This isn’t necessarily bad, but you’ll just want to make sure your preferences align to this type of a feel.

    • As long as the frame properly supports you, that’s all that matters. The 5 I listed are all fine frames. It is more of a style / aesthetic choice than a functional decision.

    • It needs some type of foundation. It can be a box spring, foundation, platform bed, support slats, or an adjustable base…or even if the floor if you wanted.

  63. It’s great to have a site like this so we can all avoid the dreaded mattress sales pitches from various stores! I have a quick question for you. We have been sleeping on a ghostbed for 4 weeks now. It’s a great bed, great quality, but not sure it’s the right bed for me. My husband loves it and his usual morning lower back pain has disappeared since night one. I, however, have had some shoulder/ upper back pain (minor) since sleeping on this mattress. I’m mainly a side sleeper and the ghostbed is a lot firmer than the mattress we were sleeping on previously. It’s very comfortable while lying on my back but always end up on my side for sleep. In case we decide to return the ghostbed, I was wondering about the purple – If I’m having issues with the ghostbed firmness, will the purple work for me or is it pretty much the same firmness? Would it be the same feel for my husband as the ghostbed? I’m really happy that he has improved sleep but if we are going to commit to a mattress for the next 10 years, I want to make sure we are both happy! Thanks for all of the great information!

    • The Purple is actually a tad bit softer than the GhostBed. With that said, it does provide a similar level of support. Both of these mattresses tend to float sleepers versus sinking directly into the materials. Purple does offer very good pressure relief, which could help to take care of those pains you have been experiencing. With that said, this mattress should feel similar to the GhostBed for your husband.

      Overall, Purple is a good mattress to try next. Between the softer feel, pressure relief, and a similar floating feel as the GhostBed, Purple could be the more appropriate mattress for you and your husband.

  64. Hi Sleepopolis,

    I was wondering if perhaps you could steer me in the right direction. My wife and I are looking to replace a mattress we bought 2 years ago, it is some off-brand memory foam or just foam type mattress that felt good in the store but has turned out in short order to be a major nightmare. For me, I have started having major back issues in the past year and I am not sure if the mattress bears some responsibility or not. We both feel that the mattress is not supportive, too squishy and does not keep spinal alignment. My wife’s MAJOR complaint is sleeping hot on it, and while I share this complaint somewhat my complaint is obviously my mounting back pain issues. When I lay on it I can just feel my lower spine being wrong in some way. It has gotten to where I sleep on the couch many nights and she sleeps in the guest room on an ancient spring job we inherited from somewhere.

    So we were intrigued by the purple.

    We’ve dropped by the local mattress cartel office and had a thoroughly awkward experience laying on various mattresses. The two there that we both liked were the Tempurpedic Rhapsody Breeze and the TempurFlex. I liked the Rhapsody Breeze more and she preferred the Flex more but we both found those two acceptable.

    I don’t mind spending money on a mattress, I just don’t want to throw good money after bad and end up in the same boat we are in now.

    I tend to be more of a stomach sleeper and she is generally all over the place (back/stomach/side) <– in that order I've noticed.

    I'm 6'4 and 239 lbs and she is 5'1 and 120.

    I've looked at all the reviews on your site and I still can't figure out a perfect fit. All of the mattresses seem to offer a pretty decent in home trial period, but I don't want to play a round of musical mattresses every 90 days until we find the right one.

    We both tend to prefer a medium firm to firm type of support. We do plan to add an adjustable base someday, but I'd be willing to give that up too if we found the absolute right fit and it was not compatible.

    Obviously I like to save money when possible (see the knockoff brand POS I bought for $1600 because it was sitting next to the $5000 tempur and surely 'these foam things are all the same'). So an idiot also (at the time) who likes to save money I suppose.

    But the bottom line is, given all this information what is a good starting point if we were trying to find the perfect one out of the gate without having to return and rebuy a bunch of times?

    No price constraints.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for the background information, this is very helpful.

      Based on your needs, desires, and weight I would say the Purple is potentially a really good choice. The biggest factor on whether or not it’s right is simply going to be weight, for both you and your wife. Your wife at 120 pounds is going to float more on top of the foams with minimal hug and sinkage. At 239 your on the upper end of the weight that the Purple can adequately support. It’s spec’d to get to 300 pounds, but I really think anything over 200 and you begin to push what it’s capable of doing in terms of deep compression support. That said, I would suspect it’s going to be significantly better than the memory foam mattress you’re sleeping on now. It has great support, instant response, good bounce, and a really nice feel overall.

      The feel of the Purple is unique and nothing like the Tempur-pedic Flex Supreme or Contour Rhapsody Luxe.

      If you really like the feel of the Flex Supreme I would encourage you to look at Nest Bedding’s Alexander Hybrid and Saatva. Both of these utilize foam + springs like the Flex Supreme to deliver great bounce, cooling, and a beautiful combination feel that delivers the best of both foam and coils.

      The Contour Rhapsody Luxe is more of a classic medium firm all foam mattress. Leesa, GhostBed, and Loom & Leaf would be the best comparable choices here.

      In general, heavier sleepers really do great with hybrid mattresses because the generally are better able to handle deep compression + they are able to remain cooler. As such, I would really encourage you to check out the Alexander Hybrid & Saatva first. If you’re absolutely sure you want 100% foam, Leesa, GhostBed, or Loom & Leaf would be other excellent choices.

      Lastly, if you really want to see something highly innovative and totally unique, go Purple.

      At the end of the day there’s very little risk for you. All of these mattresses have great trial periods, so even if they don’t work out for you you are not going to be stuck.

    • Hi Sleepopolis,

      Just wanted to let you know I involved my wife (wisely) and she was against the hybrid as the first try as she seems to prefer an all foam feel. After reading up extensively on your suggestions we (read: she) wanted to try the Ghostbed first as it appeared it was slightly firmer than the Leesa and the relaxed firm loom and leaf (we were worried the loom and leaf firm would be too firm). So we ordered the Ghostbed to start our trial as neither of us have tried latex before. It’ll come Tuesday. We’ll let you know how the trial goes. Used your coupon code, hope you get a little something out of that.

      Thanks for all you do, your site has been invaluable.

    • Thank for the update, Brian. The hardest step is just making that first pick. The GhostBed is a solid choice. Definitely let me know how you like it once you’ve had some time to sleep on it. Hopefully it’s the right choice!

  65. Hey Sleepopolis: Nice review but I have a question (I’ve been reading these question-answer “comments” and am impressed with your generosity re your knowledge and recommendations). I’m a back sleeper, my wife is a side/front sleeper. I recently found that a reclined position was much better for me than lying flat. Simply put, we need an adjustable king (two twins). Is there any data out there regarding how these mattresses work/survive on an adjustable frame?

    • Are you referring specifically to the Purple mattress? If so, it will be just fine on an adjustable base. They have designed this mattress to perform well under these various conditions. Most of these mattresses sold online are capable of being placed on an adjustable base, with exception of a select few.

  66. Hello,

    I am relatively new to your site, which I think is great by the way, and am in the process of figuring out a mattress to purchase. I have been eyeballing in cycles Casper, Leesa and Purple and am a bit conflicted. I have read the majority of the comments here to see if any of them would pertain before asking so here goes.

    I am 6’2, 350 lbs (most of my weight in my stomach) and primarily a back sleeper with a preference for a firmer feel (6-8). I read your article on buying for a heavier person and wondered if waiting for the Purple to get off back order would be a smart choice though it seems a bit thin or just going ahead with the Leesa would be better. The Casper at once seems to be too squishy and hot but well tested. Though I am leaning away from it a bit more because there don’t seem to be many people of my similar size that have had good experiences.

    Any thoughts or other suggestions to mull over would be appreciated.

    • Hi Br!

      Thanks for your kind words! While Leesa is on my list of recommendations for heavier sleepers, I do tend to lean towards thicker mattresses with better deep compression support if budget isn’t an issue. For example, the WinkBed, Nest Alexander Hybrid, and Saatva mattress would all be choices I would put before the Leesa if budget is taken out of the equation. If budget is tight then Leesa is definitely the best option in the 10″ mattress bracket.

  67. Trying to pick out my first mattress, I’m currently in dorms and my childhood bed is just uncomfortable. So I’m not really sure what I’m looking for. While researching I liked the sound of the purple and the leesa but can’t seem to decide between the two. I want this mattress to last for a while. I currently have neck and back problems. I sleep on my side back and stomach. Any advice you could give me would be appreciated thanks!

    • Both are excellent choices and both will last a solid 8-10 years. At this point the Leesa is probably going to be the better choice. Purple is experiencing huge demand as they try to increase their production. As a result, it could take upwards of a month before you’re able to order a Purple.

  68. Hey Sleepopolis,

    Thanks for helping out with all of these reviews and comments. Buying a very expensive bed, although much easier now with the return policies, is a very tough task for all. I bought my last bed for $200 off the back of some UHAUL truck(it was wrapped in plastic so I assumed it was new) and it has been 6 years since. That was in my younger and more poor days so cut me some slack.

    I have been entertaining the idea of a new bed for the last 4 months or so. I currently have a bed frame from IKEA with wooden slats and that UHAUL bed I have is comfy, although I feel pretty sore in the neck and entire body when I wake up. Maybe my bed isn’t so comfy after all? Maybe I have a terrible pillow. That too is old. My neck hurts and I just generally feel sore when I wake up. I am also pretty tired through out the day even though I get about 8-10 hours of sleep. But is it good sleep? Who knows?

    I have had a pretty bad lower back for a good portion of my life but it does not bother me as much as it did a few years ago…I have a condition called spondylolisthesis.

    I fall asleep on my side and I generally wake up on my stomach. I am not usually a back sleeper at all.

    I would say that my current bed is maybe a Medium softness? I have slept on a firm bed and thought to myself, dang this bed is hard. In all honesty, I have no idea what is what these days. I know I dont want to sleep on the 10(being the floor) but I dont know what is too soft for me and my back.

    I am 6’4, about 200 lbs.

    I almost pulled the trigger on a Casper, but didn’t…

    I just recently saw the Purple bed, which is what led me to you…

    Hoping that you might be able to lead me in a good direction!!!

    Thanks again for helping all of us!

    • Thanks for this feedback, Phil. This is helpful. I think it’s pretty clear that your not getting good sleep. If you’re waking up in pain, sore, feeling tired, etc. all of these are signs it’s time for an upgrade.

      Based on your weight, preferences, and needs I would say your best options are going to be the following: Purple, Leesa, Loom & Leaf, Brooklyn Bedding, or Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid

      Any of these could be a good fit for you. It really just comes down to your specific feel preferences. Here’s the short review of each, however, I would recommend you read my longer reviews on each of these here https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/

      Purple – instant response, great bounce, innovative material, unique feel, one of the coolest mattresses I’ve tested, modern thin cover like Tempur-pedic
      Leesa – exceptional value, balanced support, balanced comfort, medium firmness feel, modern thin cover like Tempur-pedic
      Loom & Leaf – high density luxury memory foam, exceptional deep compression support, very comfortable, traditional quilted cover
      Brooklyn Bedding – latex comfort layer, great bounce, great response, rounded contouring hug, traditional quilted cover
      Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid – great bounce, great edge support, great deep compression support, a true hybrid mattress similar to Tempur-pedic Flex Supreme (except it uses a traditional quilted cover)

    • I think I have narrowed the choice down between the Leesa and the Alexander Hybrid. Is one better than the other for side/stomach sleepers?

      I just purchased the Nest pillow as well…

    • Both of these are great choices for side / stomach sleepers. If you’re looking for a more plush top layer, the Alexander hybrid is the way to go. On the contrary, if you would like to engage more directly with the foams, Leesa should be the route you take. Nonetheless, I truly believe you will be happy with either of these mattresses. Additionally, excellent choice with the Nest pillow!

  69. Hi Sleepopolis,
    We are interested in the Purple. I have a lower back injury and need a firmer mattress. We tried the Love Bed and really liked the coziness of the medium, but it wasn’t supportive enough for my back. We tried their firm mattress, but this one was too firm, especially for my husband, who is a side sleeper. We’re both average height and weight. Do you think the Purple or the Ghostbed might work?

    • Purple and GhostBed would both be good options for you. They are both just a little bit firmer than the Love Bed. Additionally, both of them use a thin cover instead of Love Bed’s padded cover, which will likely also help to your supportive desires.

      I think you’re on the right track and you’d be hard pressed to go wrong with either Purple or GhostBed.

    • Hello Sleepopolis,
      We are looking at the Purple. We have a ten year old king box springs. Will this be good enough for the Purple or do we need to buy a couple new foundations? The other question can you put a bed protector on this bed? I saw where you gave a link for a bed protector on Amazon.

    • At 10 years old it’s probably time to upgrade the boxspring to something new. However, I would recommend first trying Purple with your existing boxspring. If you’re happy with the performance you can certainly use that. If not, then you may want to consider the upgrade to a platform bed, slat bed, or just get a new boxspring (https://sleepopolis.com/ghostbed-foundation/ – the ghostbed foundation is a solid choice).

      Regarding the protector, yes. The Purple will be fine with any mattress protector. I’m a big fan of this one http://amzn.to/1QpNbff which is just a great value and a solid performer. Though any well made protector will be fine.

    • Hello Sleepopolis,
      Thank you for the advice. We do like your website and all the detail information you have been giving. We will go through your site to order the Purple Mattress.

      Thank you,


    • You’re very welcome, and thank you for your kind words. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

  70. I have a question. Me and my wife use a heated mattress pad which covers the bed under the sheets. Dual temperature controls. Both of us were hurt in a car accident and I want to know if this would cause performance problems with the purple.

    • It may change the feel a little bit, but I don’t see how it could cause any significant performance decrease.

  71. Do you prefer the leesa or the purple. I am 175 pounds with slight lower back pain. I sleep on my back for the most part but will move to my side for adjustment, rarely fall asleep on my side however. I don’t know my true preference of firmness. I do not want a firm feel where I do not sink in but I also do not want to sink in to where I feel that I am in a dip of an old bed. Leesa, purple, or kiss?

    • That’s a tough one. You are right in the sweet spot on both of these mattresses. If you were a little bit lighter I would probably say go Leesa, if you were heavier, Purple. But at 175 you’re going to have a very balanced level of hug / sinkage / pressure relief on both of these.

      Either Purple or Leesa could be a great mattress for you. It really just comes down to that difference in feel.

      Do you want a more pronounced and true foam hug and contour? Go Leesa
      Do you want the unique feel of Purple with near instant response and increased bounce? Go Purple

      In terms of support, edge support, and overall comfort, they are very similar.

      You might consider taking a trip down to your Tempur-pedic store and trying a few mattresses. Try the Tempur-pedic Cloud Prima to get an idea of how the Leesa feels. While it’s not perfect, the Tempur-pedic Flex Supreme would give you somewhat of an idea of how the Purple would compare. It’s still very different, but it’s going to be the closest thing in store you can test.

  72. Sleepopolis do you prefer the leesa or the purple for someone at 175lbs, sleeps on their back, sleeps occasionally on their side to change position for a bit. Lower back pain. I don’t know my true firmness preference. I know that I don’t want too hard and I know that I don’t want to sink in too much to a feel that I’m in a dip like my old mattress.

  73. Thanks so much Sleepopolis, I’ve learned so much about mattresses from your site! I have a tough question bc I don’t know what my preferred firmness number. I am thin and column-shaped (128 lbs) side sleeper with spine arthritis, so my hips and back hurt on hard beds. I sleep on a 15 yr old BeautyRest pillow top, which is then covered with a 3in memory foam topper covered by a 1in fiberfill comforter and then a mattress topper. Seems to be the only combination that’s worked for me and I use a body pillow to keep my knees and spine aligned. I’m guessing that means I like soft beds but is that a 3-4 or a 5-6? I can’t tell. My partner likes firmer beds and sleeps on his back. I do like the huggy feel of my memory foam topper, but don’t want to sink too much in (like on a Tempurpedic bed I’ve tried in store). Also I’m a super light sleeper so motion transfer needs to be low. I was looking at a Casper bc I’m in San Francisco and need a bed quickly, and you said it has more hug and sinkage even for light people, than your favorite Leesa. Purple sounds like I’d just float on top and have no pressure relief. I’d like to be able to return it for free since I am so picky and some companies don’t seem to refund 100%. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks for this feedback. This is helpful.

      First off, whatever you do, do not buy a Casper. There are so many better options for the same or less money, all of which can arrive very quickly.

      I agree though, it sounds like Purple isn’t going to be right for. You’re simply too light and will just float on top. Leesa too, probably isn’t going to be the right choice for similar reasons.

      I think you would really like something with a thick traditional quilted cover. These types of covers are great for sleepers who are lighter, but need / want more pressure relief and immediate softness.

      Nest Bedding’s Alexander or Alexander Hybrid are both potential great mattresses for you. The Alexander (all foam) is available in soft 3.5 and medium 6. The Alexander Hybrid is only one firmness and is closer to a 5.5. Additionally, they have a store in SF so you could go try in person.

      Brooklyn Bedding’s mattress could be a good option also for similar reasons.

  74. Hi there…your site has been SO helpful! I was looking for reviews of Purple, but now see that you really like the Leesa. I am around 200 lbs and my husband is about 275 lbs. I have horrible neck and upper back issues. What would be the best for us? My issues have gotten worse over the last few years as our mattress has sagged more and more. Thanks so much!!!

    • Thanks very much for your kind words!

      I would be happy to help provide you with a mattress recommendation. If you could please answer the following questions these will greatly help me to provide the best recommendation based on your preferences and needs:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the mattress)?
      What positions do you primarily sleep in during the night?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?

    • Hi there…First off we need a king no more than around $1200. We have a very traditional mattress now that is sagging terribly…we even have blankets underneath where it sags…no wonder my body hurts so bad! I just haven’t known what to buy so we’ve just dealt with it. We’d like maybe a 6-7 on firmness. I do want some contouring…probably balanced. We mainly sleep on our sides…thanks!!!

    • Thanks for the feedback. Based on your needs and preferences I would say your best options are going to be (in no particular order): Leesa, Ghostbed, Purple, Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid, Brooklyn Bedding

      All of these mattresses meet your criteria. It really just comes down to your material preferences…foam vs. polymer vs. hybrid and thin cover vs. padded cover

  75. Hi Sleepopolis- Thank you so much for compiling all of this information for us. I just purchased a purple mattress and used your coupon for the free cushion (thank you!). I currently sleep on a sleep number bed and am wondering if you think the solid pvc like base from the sleep number bed will be appropriate to use with the purple mattress?

    • It should be fine.

      In any case, I would try it with an open mind. If you don’t feel like it’s giving you the support you need try the Purple on the floor. The floor (aside from being low) is the perfect foundation and provides perfect support. If it’s under performing you might think about upgrading to something else.

      Let me know how you like Purple once it arrives!

  76. Sleepopolis, when you mention “the Bedgear performance jersey knit”, is that the “Bedgear Dri-Tec performance sheet set” that you’ve reviewed on this site or somthing different?

    Also, do you think the purple would work well with the forever foundations platform bed frame you reviewed?

    I am looking at buying a new bed for the first time, and never realized there was so much to it. Thank you so much for this site :)

    • I am confused a bit between this technology and Intellibed. It appears that the original inventor is listed in your patent listing so these beds must be similar in materials even though they are much less expensive. Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison. Here in Utah, Intellibed has been the market leader for this type of bed.

      I am very interested as if fits the price goals as well as the type of support I’m looking for.

    • I’m looking more into this now, David.

      There’s not a tremendous amount of information on Intellibed’s website, so I don’t have any great answer at the moment. It does look like there are some similarities though. The price point is certainly dramatic though.

    • I appreciate your thorough reviews. Thank you. I’m 125 lbs. and usually a side sleeper. I’m currently sleeping on a 10 year old (at least) Walmart memory foam mattress with two memory foam toppers. I was looking at the Leesa mattress until my husband found an ad for The Purple mattress. Which one would be more comfortable for someone my size who has hip and shoulder pain?

    • The Leesa is probably going to be a better choice in your case. At 125 pounds you’re just not going to be heavy enough to engage a significant depth of hug on the Purple. I think this would likely fail to create the pressure relief you need for your hips and shoulders.

  77. Hey there! I just had a question concerning a comparison. I have some chronic back issues from a birth defect so I recently bought the Leesa mattress, but it has not satisfied the need for support that I thought it would. I do like it a lot, but it’s just missing something. My next jump was going to be the bear mattress, but then I saw the commercial for the purple mattress. Out of all my research I thought the bear or leesa would be best, but how does the purple stack up for spine support and firmness?

    • The Purple is similar in many respects to both the Leesa and Bear. It’s highly responsive, uses a thin cover, has great bounce, sleeps cool, etc.

      Purple could be the right or wrong choice for you, it just depends on the reasons why the Leesa isn’t working out for you. Is the Leesa too firm / soft? If not, don’t go Purple, because the firmness is very similar.

      Do you dislike the thin cover design of the Leesa? If so, don’t go Purple. It also uses the thin cover design to create more direct contact with the comfort layers.

      The Purple has a little more bounce / response than Leesa / Bear, but the contouring hug is going to be similar. Support is also very similar.

  78. Hi Sleepopolis,
    It is refreshing to know someone out there has considerable knowledge on all the different options out there for consumers when trying to find the right bed!

    I have been looking for a bed now for three months! Afraid to take the plunge because I am just not sure what I need!

    I have looked at L&L and a few others but just not sure.

    I need a soft bed say on the 6ish scale and my biggest problem areas is my shoulders and hips because I am a side sleeper.

    I way about 200ilbs and find every mattress I purchase after a few weeks I get the classic indention
    and the bed becomes uncomfortable!

    Another problem is heat, I can’t even sleep with a sheet over me unless my air is on at 65 degrees!

    Please help, what would you suggest, is the purple even an option?

    Thanks so much!

    • Thanks for your kind words!

      So, just about every foam mattress and most hybrid mattresses are going to have a break in period and create some level of indentation. This is just part of the process unfortunately and is more notable for heavier sleepers.

      It sounds like this break in + cooling are you two biggest concerns and these are also the 2 areas that Purple really excels in. There is no break in period and no indentation. The foam is ultra elastic, so it always will rebound to its original shape when pressure is removed. Additionally, the polymer and design create great cooling, which is only more notable for heavier sleepers.

      Based on this + your desire for a 6 medium firmness, I think the Purple mattress is a great option for you.

    • Thanks Sleepopolis, for your advice.
      I was not sure about the purple because of my weight and did not know if I needed a thicker mattress.

      I appreciate you taking the time to respond!


    • The Purple is a 6-6.5. I think you would probably like it, but it’s going to be way too soft for your husband. You may want to consider a Split King or something like the customizable Helix, which can customize each side of the mattress https://sleepopolis.com/helix

  79. Just ordered two Twin XL Purple Mattresses! Going to use them to replace our existing King Sleep Number bed. I went with two Twin XL beds for 3 reasons: 1. Much easier to move and handle a 70Lbs Twin mattress vs a 140Lbs King!
    2. Motion transfer
    3. If for some reason me or my wife just absolutely don’t like the Purple mattress (hard to imagine), then one of us that does like it can keep it and we can order a different Twin XL mattress for the other half.

    From what I have seen and read, I am pretty certain that I will love this bed!

    Thanks for your site and your reviews Sleepopolis. I’ve been researching and following your site for several months now and when I saw this bed I knew my search was over and pulled the trigger!

    • That’s great news, Tim! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

      Definitely let me know how you like it once it arrives. Lastly, thanks so much for your kind words. I’m glad Sleepopolis has been a help :)

  80. I’m really interested in this bed but having trouble deciding if it’s right for me. I’m around 230 and my husband is around 190. He likes a firm mattress, and I like in between firm but still soft. The main problem I have with beds is I have a lot of back pain, so much to where I can’t not sleep. Would you recommend this bed or something else?

    • On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm and is as hard as the floor, how firm would you say you and your husband are looking for? Numerical firmness scores help to make sure I get the exact firmness level and feel you need.

  81. Hi Sleepopolis! Great review! What is the promo code to get the “Purple Promo: Get a free Royal Purple seat cushion ($109 value) with any mattress purchase” I want to order my bed and would LOVE to get a free seat cushion!

  82. Hi Sleepopolis-
    Also a sheet question about Purple. I see what they have recommended on their site and you have recommended here. Do you think that a t-shirt sheet would work well also? I was trying to think of the stretchiest sheet I have ever seen. :-)
    I was looking at this one –> http://amzn.com/B00CHHD52E

    And also for mattress protector, is the Five Sided one stretchy enough? It seems like the recommendations on the Purple website are for super-stretch and they just keep mentioning they’re developing their own sheets and such…
    *I haven’t seen a five sided brand in person. thanks for your help!
    I was looking at this -> http://amzn.com/B008PK7BDG

    • I’m sure either of those you have listed above will work fine.

      Honestly, I’m not so sure I understand why Purple is recommended the Jersey Knit only sheets. Are those great sheets? Absolutely. However, I don’t think there will be a dramatic performance difference with other more traditional sheets. While I’ve been sleeping on the Purple I’ve also slept on 4 different sets of sheets, including the performance jersey knit from Bedgear, a 100% Tencel, and 2 sets of 100% cotton sheets. I did not feel like any performed better or worse due to the mattress.

      Granted, I still prefer the Bedgear performance jersey knit over most any other set, but in my mind those sheets stand alone as an amazing sheet set regardless of how synergetic it is with any particular mattress.

    • Sleepopolis,
      With the purple bed, would you say that if you are a heavier person that the bed would seem more soft? I weigh 230lbs and my wife is 160lbs. We both are tall (getting a Cal. King) We both prefer soft beds as I sleep on my side and back, and she sleeps on her side. She sometimes sleeps on her stomach. I always get really hot, which is why I looked into the purple bed. My main concern is that I feel like most of the brands I like so far seem to be very firm. (like ghostbed, leesa, casper) What can you recommend? I’m looking forward to watching your video on the purple bed.

    • Most definitely. The heavier you are the deeper and more pronounced the sinkage / hug you’re going to see on the mattress. That said, even for heavier sleepers the Purple is not going to be substantially softer than other medium firmness mattresses (Ghostbed, Leesa, etc.).

      If you’re looking for something softer than the 6’ish range I would recommend taking a look at the Nest Bedding Alexander (all foam, in the soft), Helix, or Saatva (in the soft firmness).

  83. Hi Sleepopolis! Thank you so much for your thorough and thoughtful reviews. I saw a YouTube ad for the Purple mattress and found your site after searching for reviews. I’m pretty sure this might be the perfect mattress for us, but was hoping you could give me some feedback before we go for it!

    We have tried a natural latex mattress from Ikea and I hated it- way too firm and caused a lot of pain. We have a spring mattress now that is not nearly supportive enough and feels mushy after a few years.

    I am about 165 lbs and sleep mostly on my side or stomach, and my husband is around 215lbs and sleeps on his back. He prefers something a little more firm, but I get a lot of hip/lower back pain if the mattress feels too hard.

    We both want a mattress that doesn’t feel too hot, that has good support and comfort, and that has good pressure point relief. I don’t like the “sinking” feeling of a tempurpedic and want something highly responsive with good bounce. I like the feel of a spring mattress but that’s just what I’m used to and am willing to try something new!

    Do you think the Purple is a good fit for our needs, or is there anything else you would recommend? I started looking at Winkbed, Saatva, and Leesa as well, but I love the idea of the Purple and the pressure point relief seems like exactly what I need. Thanks so much for any guidance you can give me!

    • Hi B,

      One last question to make sure I’m giving you the best recommendation I can.

      On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is as hard as the floor, what is your ideal firmness?

    • I’d say probably around a 6. The last mattress we had that I liked was a cushion firm. The one we have now is a plush, and too soft for me.

    • If you’re looking for a 6 I think the Purple would be perfect for you. Since you’re husband is a bit larger he’s going to sink a bit more, so he might find it a little softer, but the Purple has pretty good transitional support. Based on your needs and desires I think the Purple would be a good for for both of you.

  84. Sleepopolis,

    I am currently trying to decide between the Purple, Nest, or Loom and Leaf mattress. How would you compare and rank these three mattresses to one another? Which would recommend for someone who is around 280lbs.

    Thank you,


    • I would say all 3 of these are great mattress options and 3 of my personal favorites.

      The biggest difference is of course going to be the feel. Loom and Leaf and Nest Bedding’s Alexander mattress are memory foam and have a classic hug, sinkage, and contour. They are also available in different firmness levels.

      Purple is totally different with the polymer comfort layer on top. This polymer creates better cooling than you’re going to find with L&L or Alexander (especially for your size). However, you may be disappointed with the firmness and deep compression support.

      In general, I would say that L&L and Nest’s Alexander have better deep compression support. Simply put, they have more comfort and supportive material to create such deep compression. These are 2 of my go to picks for sleepers over 200 pounds. At 9.5″ think the Purple is thinner than I would like to see for heavier sleepers. Granted, it does make up for it a bit with a 5.0″ total comfort layer.

      Here’s how it all breaks down…

      You should buy the Purple mattress if…cooling is your top priority, you want something in the 6’ish firmness range (where 10 is as hard as the floor), you want maximum responsiveness and bounce
      You should buy the Loom & Leaf mattress if…you want a classic memory foam contour and hug (but still very responsive), you want something in the 6’ish or 8.5’ish firmness range (L&L has 2 firmness levels), you want better deep compression support
      You should buy the Alexander mattress if…you want a classic memory foam contour and hug, you want a thicker top comfort layer for extra pressure relief, you want something in the 3.5’ish, 6’ish, or 9’ish firmness range (3 firmness levels are available), and you want better deep compression support.

    • Sleepopolis,

      Thank you very much for your reply, the information you have supplied is very informative. I am looking forward to your video review of the Purple Mattress.

      Thank you,


    • You’re very welcome!

      I just finished shooting my video of the Purple. It’s probably going to be tomorrow before I’m able to finish editing and upload, but it’ll definitely be up tomorrow.

  85. I have just discovered your site. The amount of research you have done and knowledge you have collected is impressive. I currently have a mattress that makes me miserable. The upper back area is a perfect conclave and I wake up with headaches and neck pain every day. I was leaning towards a sleep number bed with the sleep IQ tech but found the purple today. My husband is 250 lbs and I am 160. He prefers much firmer than I. He is a stomach and side sleeper. I am a side and back sleeper. He snores profoundly and I toss and turn like a ship at see. Help :-(. He refuses to talk about mattresses now because I always end up in tears for weeks and hate what we buy.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your mattress woes. I would love to help you find a great mattress though. If you could answer a few questions these will help me recommend the right bed for you.

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm?
      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the foams)?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?

    • We have never tried foam before so I have nothing to compare. My husband prefers balanced contouring. He does not like the sink in filling. I don’t like the floating on top. Husband prefers scale of 8 on firmness. I’m more like a 6-7. King size needed. I use to spend around $800-$1200 on a mattress but at this point I just need good sleep without neck and back pain so budget might not be the final factor.

    • Based on your feedback I don’t think the Purple mattress is going to be right for you. I think you would probably love the Purple, but your husband is going to find it much too soft. Given your husband’s size and the fact that he needs an 8 firmness, it’s just going to be too soft.

      I would recommend the following mattress for you and your husband:

      Helix – https://sleepopolis.com/helix – great for couples because you can customize the firmness, probably your best option given the disparity of your sizes and differences in your preferred firmnesses

      The other option would be to get 2 Twin XLs for a King frame. The problem is at 250 your husband is going to need something that is very firm to provide his support and comfort specs. To get that level of firmness it’s going to create a feel that you would likely describe as an 8.5 or greater. If you don’t think Helix is right for you I would strongly advise considering a split King.

  86. Hi Sleepopolis,

    Thanks so much for the review– I’m really looking forward to the video. I have a couple of questions regarding the evaluation process, some of your comments about the mattress, and buying a mattress in general.

    I’m really happy I stumbled on your site, I’ve been researching mattresses for weeks, and the process is really overwhelming. Despite the information age that we live in, so much of this comes down to personal preferences that its hard to make a choice. The scientist/experimenter in me really wants to commit to trying a couple of different mattresses and taking advantage of their different 100/90/75 day return policies. Having that said, I also don’t want to be a wasteful bloat. My gut instinct is that if you return a mattress after using it, with all of the different laws regarding the returns/resale of mattress, I feel like companies would be forced to throw away returned mattresses? Do you have any information about this? I really would like to try the Purple, Loom and Leaf, and Leesa, but I also do not want to be a wasteful bloat.

    I’m also wondering how long you think it takes to fully allow your body to adjust to a new mattress? Based on some of your reviews, it seems as though you give yourself a couple of weeks before you finalize a review? Do you have a standard process? How do you go about handling this?

    Next, prior to reading your review and going through your answers to the comments on this forum, I was under the impression that Purple is one of the first companies to break though in the mattress industry and truly innovate and rethink how mattresses are designed. Based on your review and comments, it seems (at least in some ways) that you agree. You have mentioned several times that the Purple is “different”. The thing that concerns me, is that different isn’t always better. What really cemented this concern is your overall score of a 90 for the mattress. How do you calculate this overall score?

    Finally, I’m wondering about how the discount/promotionals with the different companies work. In the case of Purple, you provide your users with a link to the Royal seat cushion (which is amazing! :-)), but I doubt that Purple would agree to this deal if you wrote a negative review. I can’t help but wonder how your relationships with the respective companies influences the final review?

    I apologize for the novel! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to all of the forum questions.


    Sleepless in St. Louis

    • 1) Companies do not actually take the mattresses back. In almost all cases they will simply send the Salvation Army or another donation / recycling center to come pick up the mattress for disposal. Most get donated or recycled.

      2) Most sleepers need 3-4 weeks to adjust. After testing so many mattresses my body doesn’t need very long at all to adjust. I can usually adjust in 1-2 nights. For my reviews I give each mattress a minimum of 1 week. The first week is simply to decide if I want to review the mattress at all. In the last 18 months I’ve slept on around 45 different mattresses. A good many of those I decided to not review because they did not meet the performance and quality level that I set for Sleepopolis. I only want to bring the very best products to my readers. If after 1 week I really like the mattress, think it’s well made, built by a good company, etc. then I will continue my sleep test for a few more weeks. Many times I’ll write my initial review after a couple of weeks and then periodically update it as I get further into my sleep test or other new sources of data, consumer information, reader feedback, etc. come available.

      3) You make a good point and this is why I don’t work with companies or write reviews for companies I don’t like. I could write negative reviews and bash companies, but I’d rather spend my time focusing on finding and testing the truly exceptional products to write about. If I didn’t like the Purple mattress (or any mattress / product for that matter) my relationship with the company would not extend beyond the 1 week sleep test. I would decline to review their product and that would be the end of it. Sleepopolis works with lots of companies. I try to get them to offer my readers discounts, special offers, promo codes, etc. These relationships allow Sleepopolis to survive and allow me to keep creating great content, reviews, and videos. A lot of money goes into the Sleepopolis review machine to pay for servers, video / photography / audio equipment, PC hardware / software, and even lawyers to defend myself against the bigger companies that try to bully and intimate me. If you’re interested you can read my full disclosures pages, which goes into greater depth on these relationships and how Sleepopolis is able to operate https://sleepopolis.com/disclosures/

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.

  87. Hi. Are there inexpensive king sheets and a mattress protector you recommend for Purple? I did not want to pay $100+ for each, but finding for 10″ isn’t easy as it is, and IKEA sheets don’t seem great quality. Thanks.

    • Purple recommends performance polyester sheets that really move with their mattress, and those don’t come cheap. While they are a good nice to have, I don’t think they are critically necessary.

      For sheets I really like the 100% Tencel sheets from Malouf http://amzn.to/2naEETl, they are right at $100, so hopefully that keeps them within your budget. They are super soft and cool. I would consider this to be the best value luxury sheets you can find. LinenSpa always has the lowest price on these, which sometimes gets as low as $80 for the Queen size.

      If you’re looking for something cheaper you could go with something like these microfibers from Eddie Bauer – http://amzn.to/20PtOOm

      For your protector go with this one – http://amzn.to/1UW0Uby $57, cannot beat the value anywhere

    • Thanks for the reply. I’m going to try Better Homes and Gardens 350 Thread Count Hygro Percale Sheet Set since it has Flexi-Fit panels for 9-18″ mattresses, hopefully eliminating the need for sheet suspenders.

  88. Sleepopolis, thank you so much for such a thorough review of the Purple on your web site. Looking forward to your video review. Your site has been invaluable to eliminating some of the mattresses that I had once considered, (i.e. Casper).

    • You’re very welcome. Thanks very much for your kind words! The video review will be up either late Monday or Tuesday.

  89. My husband has spine issues (had a surgery). Because of that, the firm mattress (that we have now) helps him. On the other side, I have extreme shoulder pain that gets worse when I go to bed. Would this mattress help for the inconveniences that we both have? I do not want to buy something that would be good for me, but make his back pain worst. (He sleeps 60% of the time on his stomach – more reason that he needs a firm mattress)

    • How much do you both weigh? And what is your ideal firmness on a scale from 1-10 (where 10 is as hard as the floor)?

      My gut says you probably need something different, but having a little more information would help to make sure I make the right recommendation.

    • Thank you for replying. My husband weight is 216 and mine is 180. On a scale from 1-10 my husband might need 8 in firmness and I might need 5. In reality there is a difference, that is why I was wondering if this purple mattress would work for the two of us.

    • The Purple might be an option for you, but I’m afraid your husband isn’t going to like it. The Purple is a 6-6.5 out of 10. This combined with his heavier side is going to create more sinkage and even more of a softer feel for him. If he needs an 8 the Purple just isn’t right.

      It really sounds like the Helix mattress would be a good fit for you and your husband. You can customize each side within the same cover so you can both get the exact firmness level you need that is also adjusted based on your body type and weight. Check Helix out here https://sleepopolis.com/helix

  90. Great Review Sleepopolis, and I love how responsive you are to your readers!
    I mentioned in my last comment, I need pain relief, and the Tempu-Cloud we have had for 5 months is killing us. My husband has been sleeping on the couch all week- the Tempur is giving him hip and shoulder pains and weird pressure point leg pain. He mostly sleeps on his side. Your firmness rating surprised me as when you desribe the give of the polymer, it seems that it would be great for side-sleepers. Knowing that I have fibro pain and back & joint pain, and husband has side-sleeper problems -we are both between 175-200lbs, would you think the Purple, Saatva plush, or Winkbed would be the best choice to try out? Thanks so much for any help!

    • sorry – Or another option I haven’t thought of? He also complains of the heat on the Tempur. (Basically, we’re a mess!) :-) Thanks again!

    • What Tempur Cloud mattress is it? They are each a little different in terms of feel / firmness.

      If you could please answer the following questions these will greatly help me to provide the best recommendation based on your preferences and needs:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm? How firm would you say the Tempur that you’re currently sleeping on is?
      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the foams)?
      What positions do you primarily sleep in during the night?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?
      How much do you weigh? (this is important for sinkage, especially as it relates to cooling)

      The Purple could be the right choice, but I’d like to get a little more background before I offer a recommendation.

    • Sleepopolis thanks for your help!-
      — I bought the TEMPUR-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme King Mattress Item #974754 from Coscto, they are selling now. I believe it is a model that’s older as it is not the new cover design.
      — I thought I preferred a softer mattress top with solid support underneath (described by mattress salesman.) I honestly do not know how to correlate that to numbers. I’d have guessed a 3 for soft cloud expereience, but my back needs strong support. (this stuff confuses me a little)
      –This 5-month old Tempur-pedic is the first foam mattress I have ever had, and it feels squishy to me, too soft. My back hurts in places it has not hurt in years since I’ve been sleeping on this (On top of my usual pain issues).
      But my husband is describing it as too hard, because he has never had pressure point issues and now does, and his hips and shoulders are killing him.
      –Our last mattress was a coil with a thick latex top – I believe it was called Four Season by Sealy- but not sure. Bought in 2007. I loved it until the top layer collapsed after about 4 years. Husband described that one as too soft, but he did not have pain until the collapsing problem. He felt the latex was hot too.
      –I would say this one has the softness feel of 6 when I lay on it, but it never hurts my pressure points when laying- the oddness of foam.
      –I prefer whichever mattress causes me less pain, I do not have a preference. My husband does not like the heat of the Tempur and is really worried about summer heat as we have no AC.
      –I enjoy feeling like I am being hugged a little I guess. Like I am in a soft cloud? Its really about feeling relief of sensation for me. So maybe floating? (Gah! I am bad at this!)
      –I try to stay on my back for pain relief but end up on my side when I get uncomfortable, which hurts me worse. Husband is a side-sleeper.
      –I would like to stay under $2500 ideally, but pain management is the priority. Will need it to last longer the more I spend though.
      –Standard King is our size. We have two 5-year-olds that end up in our bed when sick.
      –I weigh about 175 and am 5’10”, Hubs is close to 200 and 5’8”

    • Sorry for the slow reply on this, Jgarc!

      Based on all of your feedback I think your initial mattress ideas are spot on. The Purple, WinkBed, or Saatva (in the medium firmness) are what I would have recommended also. What makes these 3 the best choices for you is the traditional feel, designs that only have a little foam in them (instead of all foam…will create a cooler feel for you), and their pressure relieving top layers.

      Any of these 3 could be a good fit for you. It’s hard for me to pick just one of these, as I like all 3 of them quite a bit and each is able to deliver great sleep. All 3 of these are highly responsiveness, have great bounce, sleep very cool, have great edge support, and great support / deep compression support.

      The differences are…

      Purple – is going to have the edge in cooling, the polymer they use is just really cool.
      Saatva – arguably the best pressure relief due to the soft euro-style pillow topper, a more classic traditional feel
      Winkbed – a denser top layer, best deep compression support in the group and best edge support

  91. Hi Sleepopolis. First I’d like to say what a wonderful site you have! You are such a thorough and detailed reviewer!

    Maybe you could help me out with my situation. I am a tall male 6’4″ 180 pounds 29 years old. I’ve had lower back pain for the past 3 years and I’m pretty sure its because of my mattress. It started when my spring mattress started to get a divet and sag. Then I got a memory foam mattress. It really isn’t any better for the pain. The top layer is too soft so it doesn’t really support my lower back. So I flipped the mattress over and I actually sleep on the bottom because it much more firm. That helped the back pain a little. Then I’ve been sleeping with large pillow cushions under my knees to help relieve the pressure on my lower back, this has helped a little.

    So the question is, do you think the purple would be a good mattress for me? I think so because it seems like it would offer support to my lower back while actually contouring so it isn’t strained like when my lower back is basically floating on a firm mattress. Is there another mattress you would recommend?

    • As a general rule my favorite all around pillow is Nest Bedding’s Easy Breather. I love the natural latex version of it https://sleepopolis.com/nest-bedding/natural-latex-pillow/ It’s also available in memory foam if you prefer. It’s fully adjustable, which allows sleepers to set it to their preferred firmness, feel, and loft.

      There are a handful of other pillows I really like, though they are dependent on your sleeping position and preferred firmness and loft.

      eLuxury Supply’s hotel goose down, https://sleepopolis.com/pillow-reviews/eluxurysupply-goose-down-pillow-review/ – another great all arounder (highly moldable)
      Nature’s Sleep’s Down alternative, https://sleepopolis.com/pillow-reviews/natures-sleep-down-alternative-pillow-review/ – great all arounder, very affordable (highly moldable)
      Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam gel, https://sleepopolis.com/pillow-reviews/natures-sleep-gel-memory-foam-pillow-review/ – dense, medium to high loft, great for back and some side sleepers (provided you like the higher loft)
      Malouf Talalay latex, https://sleepopolis.com/pillow-reviews/malouf-talalay-latex-pillow-review/ – available in multiple lofts and firmness, depending on which version you get it can be a great choice for any sleeping position

    • Hi Matt,

      I would be happy to help provide you with a mattress recommendation. If you could please answer the following questions these will greatly help me to provide the best recommendation based on your preferences and needs:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm?
      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the foams)?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?


    • Hi Sleepopolis, thank you for getting back to me! Here are the responses to the questions you asked me to help recommend a mattress for me:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm? around 7.
      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses? I like the feel of the foam mattress, but I also need the support to alleviate my lower back pain.
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the foams)? I would prefer balanced hug and contour, I don’t want to be sinking in and I don’t want to be floating on top.
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under? Around $1000
      What size mattress are you looking for? Queen.

      And here’s some more info for you:
      I’m 6’4″, 180 pounds, I sleep on my back, my lower back pain is the main issue that I want to address with my new mattress, I would also would like a cool mattress because I tend to sweat a lot when I sleep especially in the summer months.

    • Thanks for the background information, Matt.

      Based on your responses I think the Purple mattress would be an ideal choice. You hit every major check box on my list that aligns you to the Purple.

      Leesa, Ghostbed, and Brooklyn Bedding would be other 100% foam mattress choices that would also fit you needs.

      Let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

  92. i found this site while trying to find a review of this mattress. I am glad I did. I am a heavy guy (300lbs) and back pain is a major issue. The bed I have now is a traditional coil mattress and I often get up in more pain then when I went to bed, and that’s if I slept. I read through both the heavy sleeper guide and the back pain guide and the information was great. I am wondering how the Purple Matress fits in these two situations. Also, my wife is a side sleeper and is a lot smaller. :)

    • For back pain I would say the Purple is a great option. The adaptability of the polymer can help to relieve pressure in a more balanced way.

      For heavier sleepers I would say Purple has the potential to be really good choice. What I like most about Purple for heavier sleepers is it is a great for cooling, The air pockets and polymer material really do an amazing job of creating a noted level of cooling that’s going to be better than most foam mattresses for heavier sleepers. My only concern is that it’s only 9.5″ thick. That’s just not tremendously thick. It makes up for it a bit with a 5″ total comfort layer, which helps. At this point I am still trying to gather more sleeper feedback and information from my heavier readers who have slept on the Purple before giving it my final decision.

    • I have been researching mattresses online with great confusion and frustration until stumbling across your site. Thank you! We currently have a worn out innerspring queen mattress and are looking to upgrade to a king. I am a heavier sleeper (270 lbs) and my fiance is also (250 lbs). I am a hot sleeper and was intrigued by the purple mattress. Foam had me worried regarding the heat factor. I also have chronic back issues which have worsened due to the worn-out mattress we have now. Having read your article for heavier sleepers, I am now considering the WinkBed. Prior to your site I had been looking at the Novaform Serafina Pearl Gel mattress available through Costco. This appealed to me due to Costco’s outstanding warranties and satisfaction guarantees. I did not see that brand listed on your site at all but also found brands that I had never encountered before. So…I’ve broadened my search. I prefer a medium comfort but have never slept on a foam mattress and can’t speak to hugability. I do not like floating on top of the mattress, as in firm mattresses that have no give; those are painful to sleep on. I am a side and stomach sleeper. My other half can sleep on any mattress. What do you recommend? I realize that there may not be much data from purple owners who are heavier sleepers. Does the WinkBed sleep hot? Does the pillow top distort or lean to one side of the mattress over time. (Our current pillowtop does this.) I am so worried about making a terrible choice that we are in limbo for the moment. I look foreard to your purple video review.
      Thanks for providing this amazing service.
      Happy Mardi Gras!

    • Hi Shannon,

      Thanks for all of this background information. This is very helpful.

      Based on your needs, desires, and weight I would recommend the following mattresses for you: WinkBed, Purple, Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid, or Saatva

      The WinkBed, Alexander Hybrid, and Saatva all offer exceptional deep compression support and are hybrid designs (they use foam + coils). This type of design means better cooling, better bounce, and better response (vs. foam). Purple is also going to be a good option. The Purple mattress is built for sleepers up to 300 pounds, so I’m a little concerned that you’re getting up the upwards end of that limit. As a result, you may find the deep compression support just isn’t as strong as you need. However, what Purple may lack in this area they make up for in cool. The polymer sleepers very cool, which is more and more noticeable for heavier sleepers.

      Let me know if there are any other question sI can help with. Thanks!

  93. Hi Sleepopolis,

    Thanks for all of your work. The Purple sounds like a great solution for us, but I’m worried about their customer service. I tried calling the company today at the phone number listed on the website, and never got through. Each time, I heard a message for Wonder Channel. Do they have the wrong phone number listed? 844-642-5613. It seems very strange.

    • That’s the same number I have. Wonder Gel is the name of the Purple LLC.

      I know their customer service has been under heavy load this week. They’ve been basically working 24/7 to get orders out on time, so I imagine their phone support has been backed up also.

  94. Hi, would it be possible for you to compare the Loom and Leaf vs the Purple? I am 125 lbs side sleeper, husband is 195 lbs back sleeper. He sleeps hot and we both want low motion transfer as I am up multiple times per night with our children. Concerned about toxicity and fumes. We are both waking up incredibly sore on our current mattress and need to replace it very soon… Using your reviews and links to help us make our decision. Thanks for your help!

    • I’ll definitely add it to my list. Though it might be a little while before I’m able to do a comprehensive side-by-side comparison.

      However, I can tell you the L&L and Purple are two very different mattresses. Loom and Leaf is a traditional high end luxury memory foam mattress with a padded / quilted covering. It has pronounced hug / contour, 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, and exceptional support / deep compression support.

      The Purple is a 6-6.5 out of 10 firmness, very good bounce, very good cooling, and virtually zero motion transfer.

      I would say the biggest differences are going to be:

      1) Firmness…5.5 vs. 6.0-6.5. But beyond the raw firmness numbers, you’ll also want to consider the feel, which is going to be more variable by weight with the Purple. See my full Purple review here https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/purple-mattress-review/ It has information on how the dynamic feel works on the Purple

      2) Coolness…while the L&L is one of the most cool memory foam mattresses I have tested it is still foam. For sleepers who sleep extremely warm it doesn’t seem to matter how cool the foam actually is…they still feel warm. For these sleepers the Purple is going to have a nice edge. If you only need pretty good cooling either will be fine.

      3) Bounce & Responsiveness…the polymer simply has more bounce and virtually instant response time. Loom and Leaf is a more classic memory foam. It has what I would consider to be very fast response.

      4) Sharp vs. Rounded hug…Loom and Leaf has a classic sharp memory foam pronounced body contour. The Purple has more of a rounded contour, like a latex mattress has.

      5) Smell…they both smell for about a week and then the smell is gone.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. Thanks!

    • One of my pet peeves with memory foam mattresses, occurs when sitting on the edge of them. They seem to sink so much on the edge that I always feel like I’m sliding off and I just can’t comfortably sit on the edge. Have you experienced this when sitting on the edge of a purple mattress?

    • The Purple is a bit above average compared to memoory foam mattresses with respect to edge support.

      Sitting on the edge (conservative) – in a normal sitting position with my butt slightly off the immediate edge of the mattress, I saw 2.5-3″ of sinkage.
      Sitting on the edge (aggressive) – while sitting directly on the edge of the mattress, I saw 3-3.5″ of sinkage.

  95. Sleepopolis, Thank you for the recent review of the Purple mattress. I’ve been waiting for that one review before I made my mattress purchase. I think, considering that Purple is now down around 6 on your rating scale, I’ll follow my instincts and go with the Leesa. I appreciate your reviews and input; and the Sleepopolis discount will certainly help. Thank you again.

    • You’re very welcome. I’m glad I was able to help.

      Definitely let me know how you like the Leesa once it arrives!

    • I’m going to shoot the video Monday. It should be up either late Monday or Tuesday (depending on how long it takes me to shoot, edit, render, etc.)

    • Unfortunately, I just ran out of time today to do the video. However, I am going to shoot the video on Monday. It’ll be up late Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

  96. Hey Sleepopolis, I am still struggling to find a bed that works for me and my husband. I have noticed that you have add quite a few beds since I last checked. I am currently sleeping on the floor on an air mattress because the last few I got, I had to return. I originally had the Tempurpedic Cloud which my husband and I were miserable on. Woke up sore from head to toe and it was like sleeping on a heating pad for me. We tried the Alexander Soft (with latex) and the Helix and they were both way too hot for me. I’m thinking that I might just to stay away from all foams (both the helix and the alexander had latex on top but the other layers were foam which might had added to the heat for me). I was going to try the Honest Bed with the coils but I’m worried it might me too firm. I wish they had a medium and soft version as well as the medium and firm. Then I stumbled across the Purple today on your website. I checked out Purple’s site and it seems like it might be a fit but I’m worried about the layers of foam underneath the purple keeping the heat in like the helix and the alexander. What is your opinion? I know you said you felt both of those slept cool. How might they compare to the Purple?

    • Hi Nicole,

      I’m sorry to hear about your mattress woes, but let’s see if we can find a good solution for you.

      So first things first, it sounds like foam is 100% out. If the Helix and Alexander slept hot then you really need something that takes cooling to the extreme…so we can rule out any mattress with a large quantity of comfort / top layer foam. Your best options are going to be:

      1) Purple – has foam transition / base layers, but the comfort layer is the Purple polymer…sleeps incredibly cool. Definitely a contender for the coolest mattress I’ve tested.
      2) Saatva – also an option to consider, this is a coil-on-coil + pillow top…so virtually zero foam that would heat up. A more traditional and balanced feel.
      3) WinkBeds – could also an be an option, similar to Saatva, has a denser pillow top layer, which might sleep warm for you depending on how sensitive you are to heat.

  97. Really looking forward to the Purple review. We desperately need a new mattress and are curious how the Purple compares to the Leesa, which seems like an incredible deal for the comfort level. Right now I’m leaning towards Leesa compared to other memory foams, based on review. Sleepopolis, your site is excellent and love your attention to detail, appreciate your work!

  98. Thanks for this amazing site that I just discovered! We will be purchasing a mattress in the next couple of weeks, and I’m still concerned about buying without trying first. I guess I’m just old. ;) Anyways, my husband and I are both on the heavy side, he actually is a little more than 300 pounds. I am about 240. I was trying to find a mattress that was 12 inches at least to support us. Since purple is not 12 inches, does that rule it out for us? I am also concerned about buying such a new product, but it is intriguing. What other mattresses do you recommend for heavier people? (I think I saw something on your site that addressed that). Thanks!

    • Hi V,

      As a general rule, 12″ or thicker are going to be better choices for heavier sleepers (especially if you’re over 250). Purple says that it can support weights up to 300 pounds or couples up to 600. I don’t have a tremendous amount of data just yet on the Purple performance for very heavy sleepers, so at this point I cannot say for sure either way if it’s going to be a good fit or not. Based on my experience with the mattress and an assessment of the materials my gut says it’s probably going to be okay, but it really just comes down to your feel preference. For very heavy sleepers you can expect a significant hug and sinkage with the Purple. Some would love that feel, others will not.

      Check out my comprehensive guide on mattress shopping for heavy sleepers here: https://sleepopolis.com/best-mattress/best-mattress-for-heavy-people/, I think it would help to provide a little more insight into your decision.

  99. I noticed Purple’s mattress are on sale right now on their website. If you put up a discount code, will that apply on top of the regular price or will it be on top of the sale price? Also, will the 100 night sleep trail period still apply with the discount code?


    • The promo code will be in addition to their sale price and the 100 night trial will still be granted even with the Sleepopolis promo.

      Update – unfortunately, Purple has decided to discontinue this promo code

  100. Sleepopolis,

    Thank you so much for your work, I love it! I just ordered a Leesa, but before it arrived I saw your unboxing of the Purple mattress and I have to say, it looks like that is the one for me. You had mentioned somewhere else that you may be publishing a full review with a coupon code and I was just wondering when you thought that would go up? I’m trying to decide if I should wait or not to order.


  101. How would you compare it to a waterbed? I have one but am looking for less bulky furniture, something lower to the floor. I see in the video you only put the purple on the frame.

    • Very different than a water bed. The feel is entirely unique. The closest comparison would be a high end latex mattress.

      My Purple mattress is actually on a platform bed, not just a frame.

  102. Hi, don’t know if this was asked yet, but what about the foundation for the purple mattress. As in do you need a particular kind of box spring etc to go underneath it? Is the 10″ mattress enough support on its own with just the thin board type thing I’ve seen in recent years?

    I have a degenerative condition in my lower back, and this sleep number bed is killing me!


    • Any standard box spring, foundation, adjustable bed, platform bed, or slat structure will be fine. There are pros and cons to each of these, but each should get the job done. If you need extra good support I would recommend a higher end foundation, platform / slat bed with slats no more than 3-4″ apart, or an adjustable bed.

  103. I’ve heard so much lately about toxic mattresses and the dangers they pose by emitting all sorts of toxic chemicals, especially VOCs.Purple Mattress states their mattresses are made from food grade non-toxic materials. This is great news. Any comments about this?

    • I still want to get a little more hard evidence about their Purple’s chemical composition, but at a high level it seems to be fully safe. The polyfoams used in the mattress are fairly standard and are certified Certi-PUR (which means no ozone depleters, no mecury, no lead, no other heavy metals, no formaldehyde, etc.) The mattress had a fairly standard off-gassing / smelly period of about 4-6 days. I’ve been sleeping on my Purple a few weeks now and it has no significant smell remaining.

  104. Is there a promo code for this yet? My husband and I want to buy one but I would love to see if i could get a discount code before I do! Thanks!

    • Yep! I just heard back from Purple this morning.

      Update – unfortunately the promo code has been discontinued

  105. Sleepopolis,

    Looking forward to reading the reviews. I have 2 strange questions…

    #1) Can we feel the hollow spots between each square on the grid? Can they potentially tear, if you lodge a toe in and push hard? Basically this also is building up to question number two.

    2#) Can you give your opinion on what we can expect from this bed during sex.


    • 1) No, you cannot feel the hollow spots unless you put a lot of pressure directly down on them (ie…poking a finger straight down). There is effectively zero chance of tearing or ripping the material. I have a small 2″ x 2″ x 0.5″ sample and I have been unable to rip it. I was able to stretch it easily to over a foot in length. The material in the mattress is even thicker. You would definitely need some type of machine or cutting edge to tear it.

      2) Overall, it’s very good. It has an above average edge, very good deep compression support, and amazing bounce. The bounce is also at the same level as coil mattresses.

  106. Sleepopolis you do great work. Thank you!

    I have a few concerns about Purple that no one seems to address:

    1. It seems like the little squares of the grid might be compared to little coil springs. Like springs, if I lay in the same place every night, how long before they become fatigued?

    2. Their web page states “The Purple™ Bed should easily support any person up to 300 lbs (this is weight per person, not combined weight of multiple users).” However, the support foam they use seems pretty light at 1.8 lb/ft and 2.0 lb/ft2. I am a pretty heavy guy. Will this really have good longevity?

    3. The Warranty has the gotcha’s of “Original proof of purchase (including date) by the original purchaser, this warranty document, and the law tags from the mattress will be required to make a warranty claim. For warranty service, it is required to preserve these documents during the 10 year warranty period.” In addition, it has this clause – “this warranty shall apply only if (i) the materials of construction develop a visible indentation in the mattress greater than one (1.00) inch compared to the surrounding mattress areas after full recovery from load,”

    Here is my question – given the likelyhood that some part of these documents may be lost during a 10 year period and that hyper-elastic polymer would probably have to have a catastrophic failure to meet these requirements (as opposed to just being prematurely worn out), is this really a “Warranty” or just a marketing gimmick?

    I am going to buy a mattress in the next couple of days. I look forward to your review. Thanks, again. – Sleepopolis

    • Hi Sleepopolis,

      Thanks for your kind words! To answer your questions:

      1) I don’t know the answer to this off the top of my head, but I am sending it to my contact at Purple now. I would expect they have run excessive durability tests to ensure there are no indentation issues. Additionally, their warranty is pretty good. 10 years and they will cover any indentations that are 1.0″ or greater. This is among the best warranties you’ll find anywhere.

      2) That would be 300 pounds per person, not 300 total. The foams used are pretty standard poundage for support foams. These founds are really acting more as transitional deep compression support and foundational foam, they are not providing much of the overall comfort for the mattress. Comfort foams you would want to see between 3-5 pounds. However, for basic support foam I’m not overly worried about the 1.8 / 2.0 poundage.

      3) The 1.0″ indentation is actually pretty good as far as warranties go, especially as it’s 10 years full replacement. Most are 1.5″ or 2.0″ indentation requirements. The other clauses and stuff as you say are a little annoying…I’m going to send your comments over to Purple. They do seem like a pretty forward thinking consumer focused company. They may be able to making the language in the warranty less “gotcha”-focused.

  107. I’ve been going back and forth between getting a Ghostbed or a Purple. I’ve never had a mattress like either of them so I’m unsure which to get. How do they compare?

    • They are very different.

      Ghostbed is a classic latex + memory foam hybrid. It has a true memory contouring hug like you’d get with a Tempur-pedic Cloud Prima (or similar mattress).

      The Purple’s comfort layer is a hyper elastic polymer. The feel is very different. More bounce, a dynamic level of support / comfort based on your body type and weight, and really impressive cooling.

      I wouldn’t say one is better or worse than the other. They are simply very different.

  108. Sleepopolis! Im excited to see your full review on this… I’m currently on my 85 day on my yoga. I came from a traditional spring mattress and my Yoga Bed is an amazing alternative. It took a while to get used to a memory foam mattress, but half way through I was loving it. I toss and turn less now and sleep more on my back. But sometimes I like to sleep on my side and to be honest I have found the Yoga bed to be not so friendly to a side sleeper that weighs less than 150lbs. Compared to a Purple do you think a Yoga is comparable or in a different league? Overall? Firmness?

    • Totally different league. The two aren’t really comparable.

      The firmness is similar…and yet very different. With Yogabed you get a more static firmness / feel. What makes the Purple interesting is that it’s able to offer more / less firmness depending on your body type and weight.

  109. I’m so intrigued by the Purple! When you do your review, can you add something about pillow choice, if that is doable? I am looking at Purple for pain relief from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, I have read some people talk about pillow problems on the Kickstarter thread. I had the same issue with my Tempur-pedic when I switched (and it is now being returned because it isn’t the miracle I had hoped for). So glad I found your site! I was just about to pull the trigger on a Saatva, because I was afraid to go foam again- but this looks promising! :-)

    • Sure thing. I can make sure to touch on pillow choices.

      However, pillows are such a personalized thing, it would probably be better for me to help you individually. Feel free to send me an email directly via https://sleepopolis.com/contact. I’d be happy to help you work through the right pillow choice for you.

  110. We are 250 pound people and we are looking for new mattress.We saw the purple and we are wondering if its a match with the leesa and whats the differences.

    • They are very different.

      Leesa is an all foam mattress that’s similar to Tempur-pedic Cloud mattresses. It has a classic foam hug, contour, and support.

      The Purple’s comfort layer is a hyper elastic polymer. The feel is very different. More bounce, a dynamic level of support / comfort based on your body type and weight, and great cooling.

      I wouldn’t say one is better or worse than the other. They are simply very different.

  111. I just came across this mattress today while online. Googled info on it and found your reviews. I am thinking about buying it…gonna wait for your video review first. My husband wants a firm mattress. I like a little less firm but not soft. Gonna be tricky not being able to see it in person. Never bought a mattress online before. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    • You’re very welcome, Andi.

      My full contextual review will definitely go live tomorrow and with any luck I’ll get the video up tomorrow also.

    • They are very different.

      Leesa is an all foam mattress that’s similar to Tempur-pedic Cloud mattresses. It has a classic foam hug, contour, and support.

      The Purple’s comfort layer is a hyper elastic polymer. The feel is very different. More bounce, a dynamic level of support / comfort based on your body type and weight, and great cooling.

      I wouldn’t say one is better or worse than the other. They are simply very different.

  112. I am also very curious about your final review. The mattress I have now kills my lower back and hips (war wound from Afghanistan) if I sleep on my back and if on my side my shoulder aches the entire next day (shot in my shoulder in Iraq) Also I go through the too hot / too cold rotation nightly. I prefer what I’m hearing you describe.

    • Thanks for your comment, PJ. I’ll be sure to touch on how the mattress contours, hugs, and the type of comfort it creates.

      I’m working on the full contextual review now…still on pace to have it up by tomorrow.

    • They are very different.

      Ghostbed is a classic latex + memory foam hybrid. It has a true memory contouring hug like you’d get with a Tempur-pedic Cloud Prima (or similar mattress).

      The Purple’s comfort layer is a hyper elastic polymer. The feel is very different. More bounce, a dynamic level of support / comfort based on your body type and weight, and really impressive cooling.

      I wouldn’t say one is better or worse than the other. They are simply very different.

    • Thank you for answering everyone’s questions so thoroughly. I saw on Purple’s website that they have a topper- I emailed and they said they will be coming available again soon and are on pre-order. Because of my size, I am concerned the purple’s 9.5″ thickness is not quite enough for us. I really like the price point of the ghostbed and the 20 yr warranty. What do you think about my idea- I want to purchase a ghostbed and then the purple topper. Since the top layer seems to be the innovation, it would seem like a win-win, since the cost ends up being about the same as buying the purple mattress alone. Is there something I am not taking into consideration? I thout with the ghostbed, and then add the topper if I don’t see the amount of pain relief I need

    • That seems like a pretty good idea to me.

      If I were you I would order the Ghostbed first and try it without the topper. Sleep on that for 3-4 weeks. You may find you like it well even without the topper. If you want the feel of the Purple polymer, a little more cooling, more bounce, response, etc. then absolutely…get the Purple topper.

      I’ll be getting a Purple topper when it comes available in the next few weeks and be reviewing that also. So stay tuned for that.

    • That’s a tough one.

      I really love my Leesa. It’s the first mattress I tested that I really really enjoyed. It has an amazingly balanced feel, great support, comfort, cooling, bounce, etc. It just checks off all the right boxes and the price point is amazing at $815 for a Queen.

      What I like about the Purple is they are truly moving the mattress industry forward. Their polymer comfort layer is available no where else. It’s an innovation that has the potentially to really change the mattress industry with time.

      At this point I would say I just need more time on the Purple to really decide. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks. I’d need at least a few months to make a final decision there.

    • This where I’m at right now, with considerable research … Leesa or Purple. I’m 155lbs and my wife 120lbs. We’ve had regular coil mattresses in the past (prob 6-10 on firmness scale). I’m a mix between side and stomach sleeping (although my stomach sleep style is more a hybrid, slightly between stomach and side). My wife sleeps on her side always.

      My wife has developed significant back and neck pain in the last year and has trouble getting comfortable. I’ve also noticed more waking at night, and I used to have the ability to sleep through anything. The Purple looks quite intriguing and I’ve seen Leesa rated high everywhere. Both have great price points. This is tough. Almost considering buying both and returning one, when we’ve tried them out (although I won’t be turning this into a blog :), I’ll leave that to Sleepopolis). I’m just loving the reviews here on this site, and the level of detail provided. Also like that I can get honest discussion about pricing. Mattress markup has got to be insane! Regardless of income, $2k-$3k for a mattress is crazy talk.

      On a side note, just purchased 2 Nest pillows (Sleepopolis’s #1 choice). Cannot wait to get those as well. Love that I can modify the pillow by removing some of the guts.

    • Thanks for your feedback and your kind words, Bryan! Much appreciated, sir.

      So, it’s no secret that Leesa is one of my all time favorites. So it’s still very much a good option for you. It is comfortable for all sleeping types, has a medium feel (6 out of 10), and is simply an incredible value for the quantity / thickness / types of materials used. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with it.

      At 155 pounds I think you would enjoy the Purple mattress. You are in the sweet spot for that 6 out of 10 firmness + balanced contour that Purple provides. Now for your wife at only 120 pounds and a side sleeper it could go either way. For lighter sleepers the Purple really creates more of a floating on top of the mattress type of a feel. Since your wife is a side sleeper she is probably going to want at least a little body contouring to support the curves of the side of her body. If your wife has an hourglass figure or otherwise more weight in her hips I would think the Purple will be a good fit. The extra weight in these areas will mean she’s able to engage a deeper contour with the Purple. If she has a more uniform shape from top to bottom then she may find that she isn’t heavy enough to see much sinkage or hug. If that’s the case she may find that the feel is simply too firm, in which case you’d be better off with Leesa or another mattress with a traditional padded / quilted cover for extra softness that can be engaged by a women of her size.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.

  113. Is there an order-to-delivery time standard from Purple? I noticed some others (Helix for example) will provide a target delivery date, but if Purple does, its after the commit to purchase on their website.

    • They ship within 24 hours and it usually arrives at your house within 5-7 days. Just confirmed with my contact Purple.

  114. What about durability? We are looking to replace a mattress we have had for 17 years. Can you see the Purple lasting even a decade?

    • The warranty is good for 10 years. The material is still very new, so the jury is still out. However, based on my experience thus far I think it would last a solid 10 years.

  115. Will you please mention how the Purple compares to the lines of Tempurpedic when you do your review. We have a Tempurpedic right now. We purchased it about a year ago, and we’re on a payment plan. But if they are comparable in support and coolness (and other measures), we may look into selling off our Tempurpedic and simply buying the Purple outright. Furthermore, do you know anything about Purple’s “guarantees?” For example, Tempurpedic claims their mattress will be useable for roughly 25 years. Does Purple make the same claim about their longevity? Essentially, we don’t just want a great mattress. The Purple may indeed outperform the Tempurpedic after all. But we don’t want to have to buy a Purple every five years, so we’re trying to figure out the best solution.

    • I’ll make a point to include some of those comparisons. However, I will say the feel between Purple and Tempur is very different. Purple is in a class of its own in terms of comfort and support. It is very different than anything else I have tested before.

      In terms of longevity, Purple doesn’t make any claims to 25 years or anything like that. They do offer a 10 year warranty with every purchase. Based on the materials in the mattress I would think a 10 year lifespan for Purple is about right.

  116. I actually purchased a Purple, and I think it was a great decision. I came from trying out a few mattresses myself. I went from a Casper, to Leesa, to Winkbeds and of all of them I preferred the Winkbeds based on the feel and high quality construction but I was still getting some body aches, and I was ready to try the Nest Bedding Alexandra Hybrid, but then I saw Purple I stopped myself. Its been great so far, and like you said its a very unique feel that caught me by surprise at first but its been an enjoyable experience thus far. I even played with the idea of keeping the Winkbed, and just getting a Purple topper. But alas the toppers weren’t available yet and I was close to my 100 day mark. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Purple mattress.

    • Berat, I have a question for you about the Purple mattress that you are sleeping on. I bought one of their cushions to see how I like the feel of it, but I think the “waffle” grid, (to give it some sort of description) may be made out of a different material in the cushion than in the mattress, and I can feel the “grid” through the clothes when I sit on the cushion. I was wondering if you can feel it though the cover on the mattress, or is the cover thick enough that it feels like a uniform surface? The mattress looks like a more latex type material than the material used for the waffle pattern in cushion that I bought.

    • I can also confirm that the material used in the mattress is a little different than what they use in the seat cushions (I have 2 cushions and the mattress). The mattress has a more uniform feel. Granted, if you really wedge a finger or body part into the mattress, you can still feel the grid. However, the grid on the mattress has a more dense feel that doesn’t separate out when under pressure like the seat cushions will.

    • Sleepopolis, thanks so much for your reply to my mattress/cushion grid question, it really does clarify the issue.

    • I have tested the IntelliBed, so I cannot comment on the comparison there.

      With regards to motion transfer this is one of the best mattresses I have tested to date. The Purple polymer dramatically dissipates energy across the mattress. You would really have to flop around to create enough energy that your partner felt it.

  117. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your videos/reviews, they are fantastic research tools!

    I am looking to get a better mattress and I was hoping you could lend some of your insight to my quandary. After seeing both the Yogabed and Purple I am unsure which would perform better. Currently, both me and my wife are sleeping on a full size spring mattress. I weight approx 230 and my wife is about 200, however both of us are in the process of losing weight. Therefore ideally the mattress would be able to support us currently as well as in the future as our weigh decreases. I also have degenerative disk disease, so I know how important spinal alignment can be and our current mattress is awful (I’m the ripe old age of 24). However, at the same time my parents have a “bed in a bag” foam mattress for the guest bed and it is too hot and un-supportive. Normally, I sleep too warm as it is (even on our spring mattress with a topper). I guess in short, what mattress would you recommend in a queen or king size?

    • It sounds like the Purple is going to be better for you both in the short and long-term. The Purple has an interesting way of creating good support and deep compression support (important for sleepers over 200 pounds), while not completely collapsing or creating excessively deep sinkage. Additionally, the Purple polymer simply has better cooling than the Yogabed. Seeing as you’re already a warm sleeper having the Purple’s cooler feel will pay big dividends for your sleep.

  118. I am curious to hear what type of sheets you are using for your review of the Purple Mattress?

    From onpurple.com FAQ page

    Why do I need stretchy sheets?

    The stretchier your sheets and mattress protector, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the full benefits of Purple™. Too tight and/or non-stretchy fabrics can act as a barrier between you and the Purple so you don’t get as much pressure release as you could. Purple is currently working on designing our own specialty sheets and mattress protector that will give you the best experience with Purple possible.

    • In theory that does make sense, but I’m having a hard time imagining how non-stretchy those sheets would need to be to eliminate the benefits of Purple. I’ve already tested 3 different sheet sets on the Purple, all 3 performed very similarly (2 100% cotton and 1 high performance polyester).

      I’m going to reach out to Purple and see if they have any other comments on this question.

      In any regard, I would recommend trying your current sheets first, assessing the performance, and then making the leap to a new set if / when needed.

    • Sleepopolis I did find this on Purples website as well

      Do you sell specialty sheets?

      At this time we do not sell specialty sheets, but it’s actually something we’re working on developing! We want to make sure you have the best sleep experience possible, so we’re not cutting any corners on this. In the meantime, look for cotton jersey or performance sheets, such as Sheex!

    • I have requested one. Purple is still deciding internally if they are going to offer coupon codes. Either way, I’ll have an update on it for everyone by the time the review goes live.

    • If any of you are military I emailed them today they tell me you get 15% she said if I wanted it she’d send it to me.

    • My husband is a veteran. (With a back disability) May I have a discount code I could use at Amazon? Thanks

    • Hi Valerie, I doubt you’ll be able to get the discount at Amazon. I do not have the military discount, so you’ll need to contact Purple directly to see how to get that promo. Here’s there customer service number (844) 642-5613

    • The two are significantly different. Novaform are 100% foam mattresses. Purple has a base layer of support foam, but the feel comes from the Purple polymer. Purple has more bounce, faster response time, better cool, and different feel dynamic. I’ll get more into the unique feel of Purple in my review. Which I am going to do everything within my power to make sure it goes up by Friday.

  119. Oh darn you Universe! I bought a Leesa a few months ago. Its great, but I lean towards softer matresses with more bounce. Leesa seemed on par with Casper, just a tad softer, so I went that direction. This Purple sounds like a great addition to the market and makes me wish I’d waited a few more months!

  120. Thank you as well from me. We are looking into a new mattress as both me and my husband experience back pain. We are both side sleepers. Sometimes I wake up with hip pain as well. Looking forward to the full review as well. When I started looking I felt really overwhelmed with all the options and I’m glad I stumbled over your site.

    • Glad I can help! Based on all of the interest and questions on Purple I am going to do everything within my power to make sure it’s up by Friday. I’m also going to try and shoot the video Friday. Stay tuned!

  121. I was looking at mattresses because my 14 year old pillow top isn’t cradling my body anymore, and I wake up with hip pain or back pain, depending on my sleeping position. I came across the Purple YouTube commercial, and I am really intrigued by the technology. I was considering the Casper, but from what I see, Purple may be a better choice. I can’t wait to hear your in depth review on your Purple experience!

    • By any measure of comfort, cooling, bounce, support, deep compression support…Purple beats Casper in every single area. Over the course of the last 18 months I have done sleep tests an over 40 different mattresses. Casper was #2…I used to really like them. However, after 40 mattresses Casper has really slipped in my rankings. There are just so many superior options, including Purple, to Casper on the market now at a similar (or less) price. Purple might not be the perfect mattress for you (see my full review in a few days), but I would highly recommend something other than Casper.

  122. One site said that the purple mattress is not good for jumping on. Does that mean that like some mattresses (modern soft mattress) some of us will have the problem of feeling weighted down when trying to turn over?

    • Not at all.

      Purple isn’t good for jumping on because the material doesn’t do well when lots of weight is suddenly applied to a single area on the mattress. I’ll show this in my review video (up next week’ish). This will cause the mattress to bottom out to the bottom.

      However, for sleeping the polymer spreads your weight evenly and is able to create balanced support. The material is instantly responsive, so you never feel stuck or unable to turn over.

    • We are trying out a Leaf and Loom relaxed firm matress (had it for about a week, based much of our decision on your review-thank you) and are really curious how the Purple compares.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad I could help!

      It’ll probably be a while before I do a side by side comparison between the two. However, I can say they are very different mattresses with very different feels. More coming soon!

    • Purple recommends using sheets that are made to stretch like a jersey knit vs a standard cotton sheet. What type of sheets are you using for the review? If cotton do you find it doesn’t allow the bed to properly support your weight? Thank you, Lanson

    • I’ve already tried a few different sheets on the Purple including a performance polyester, 100% California cotton sheets, and 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. The sheets do not dramatically change the feel of the Purple mattress itself (note: that each of those sheets is very different, but their feel is independent of the Purple).

  123. I was just about to pull the trigger on a Casper thanks to your reviews. Now I’m in a holding pattern since I’ve heard of the Purple mattress. What do you think Casper vs. Purple?

    • By virtually every functional comparison point Purple is superior. Better deep compression support, better overall comfort, better bounce, less motion transfer, better edge support, and better cooling. You’re going to pay more for Purple vs. Casper, but you’re also getting a higher end product in my opinion.

    • Purple vs. Clouda Prima = similar
      vs. Cloud Supreme = purple slightly firmer
      vs. Cloud Elite = purple considerably firmer
      vs. Cloud Luxe = purple extremely firmer
      vs. iCloud Savant = purple slightly firmer

      That said…there is much more to feel when talking about the Purple than just firmness. It’s one of the most difficult mattresses to describe that I’ve tested to date. I’ll have the full explanation later this week (or next Monday at the latest) when I post the full review.

  124. I’m so intrigued by the Purple mattress and I’m looking forward to the full review. Come June we’ll be purchasing a new mattress a la direct to consumer. Your reviews have helped us weed out some.

    • Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad Sleepopolis has been helpful. You can expect the full Purple review within just a few days.

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