Sapira Mattress Unboxing

Have you been on the lookout for the newest up and coming mattress? Say hello to the Sapira mattress!

Sapira is sister company to the well known, Leesa mattress, which has been one of the most popular and highest performing online mattresses since launching in late 2014. The Sapira is billed to be the ultimate in mattress luxury, with no expenses spared in terms of material quality, construction, and overall performance.

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My Initial Thoughts

  • Medium firm to slightly firm feel – the Sapira mattress lands closer to a medium firm feel, coming in at a 6.5-7 out of 10, where 10 is the most firm. Although the mattress does contain a slightly firmer feel, the Sapira was designed with intentions of filling the needs of a wide array of sleepers.
  • Excellent edge support – the edge support within this mattress was nothing shy of impressive. Whether I was sleeping near the edge or sitting directly on it, the Sapira offers easily the highest performing edge support of any mattress I’ve tested to date.
  • Very good bounce – as a hybrid mattress, this was somewhat expected. This added level of bounce makes amorous activities much more enjoyable (especially when combined with great edge support). Additionally, ease of movement in and out of bed goes hand-in-hand with bounce. Therefore, those who struggle to get in and out of bed should have little to no trouble with the Sapira.
  • Balanced levels of sinkage and hug – typically, sinkage on a slightly firmer mattress is minimal. While it certainly is less than many mattresses in the 5-6 firmness range, it does a nice job of avoiding the floating feeling that often comes with medium firm / slightly firm mattresses. Even at 140 pounds it allowed enough sinkage to provide a nice level of pressure relief in all sleeping positions.
  • Impressive cooling – the combination of the pocketed coils, performance poly foam, and thin cover make for a cool sleeping surface. During my sleep test on the Sapira I did not notice any hot spots or heat build up between myself and the mattress.

Be sure to check out my full Sapira mattress review here.

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Logan Block

Logan is the content director of Sleepopolis, which means he not only reviews new mattresses every week, but also curates all the comparisons, best of pages, and video guides on the site. He takes a straightforward, honest approach to his reviews and endeavors to give viewers an objective look at each new product he tries out. Logan has perfected his method by personally testing over 200 different mattresses, so he’s not only able to discern the overall vibe of a specific bed, but to contextualize its feel within the bed-in-a-box market as a whole.

69 thoughts on “Sapira Mattress Unboxing”

  1. Hi Sleepopolis, your website is a tremendous resource; I really appreciate it.

    I am just coming to the end of my Sapira trial period, and am having a hard time figuring out what to do. I already tried Leesa, Tuff & Needle, and Loom & Leaf, but I found my hips sinking in too much while laying on my side (I’m a 90% side sleeper), which led to a lot of discomfort in my back. The Sapira is the first mattress that sufficiently supports my hips for side sleeping. But it is too firm around my shoulders, and I end up with nerve compression in my arms.

    I was thinking I should try the Saatva, in the hopes that like the Sapira, the springs might provide enough support for my hips, but that it would be a little more forgiving around my shoulders. Would the Saatva’s hip support be as good as the Sapira, or will I find myself sinking in like I did on the Loom & Leaf and the others? Are there others that I should be looking at instead? Or should I just stick with the Sapira if it’s the only one that will support my hips well enough and try to address the shoulder compression with different pillows or something?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Paul,

      Sorry you’ve had such a long mattress journey thus far! Sounds like you like the hybrid, but may want something a bit softer for the shoulder? If so, I’d check out the Alexander Hybrid and Helix. Saatva and Winkbeds could be good options as well.

      Thanks for reading Sleepopolis! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.


  2. What would be a good foundation for the Sapira? I just see too many options around the web, I’m afraid to chose the wrong one.

    • Hi Oscar – great question! There are a lot of good foundations out there – it really is just a base to make sure the mattress is well supported. I’ve reviewed a few foundations – Forever Foundations, Zinus, Ghostbed Foundation – which would all be great. But there are plenty more that would work great for the Sapira as well.

  3. Good afternoon. My husband and I are looking for a new mattress. We are both “large sleepers” (250+ each). We have narrowed it down to a hybrid style mattress, due to our size. We both sleep mainly on sides. I tend to sleep very hot, while he can literally sleep anywhere. Our current mattress is very soft, and we both are waking up multiple times a night, and usually with hip/neck/shoulder pain in the morning. Can you help us decide?

    • Hi Jessica,

      Hybrid sounds like a good choice. Sapira and Alexander Hybrid are two that come to mind – both take measures in their construction to avoid sleep ing hot. Any others you’ve looked at that look interesting? Please let me know if more recommendations would be useful!

      – Sleepopolis

  4. Hi Sleepopolis,

    Great site, it has been very helpful!

    I am considering a hybrid (Sapira or Helix). I prefer a medium to medium firm mattress. I weigh 200-ish and am a back and side sleeper.

    Slight back problems, may be due to the 13 year old pillow top mattress we have now!

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.

    • Hi Sean,

      Thanks for reading Sleepopolis, much appreciated!

      I would put Sapira in the medium-firm category (though note firmness is pretty subjective when it comes to mattresses). Helix can be customized, so if you like their offering I’d go through their quiz and let them design the right mattress to suit your preferences.

      I hope the new mattress helps with the back problems, they are never fun!


  5. I am a 54 yr old female, 5’5″ 120lb, fairly fit with smaller hips than shoulders. I slept on the Sapira and my shoulders felt terrible the next day, like my shoulder blades were squished together. I like the sleep on top feel, the cover and construction seem high quality and it is cool feeling. However, do I need something less firm for my shoulders? My idea in choosing the Sapira was to alleviate some lower back pain from my old and sagging Sealy Posturpedic. However, I never thought about accommodations for shoulders. What would you recommend?

    • Hi Lana – sorry to hear Sapira is not working out for you! If you like the style of the Sapira, I’d check out the Alexander Hybrid and Helix next. Both have similar construction ideas, but there are softer options available, which may help with the shoulders.


  6. thanks for your excellent reviews. We bought a firm loom and Leaf mattress about 1 1/2 months ago to replace a Casper mattress. I am waking up uncomfortable with lower back pain virtually every night so am thinking of changing up the mattress before our trial ends. Would the sapira be a good choice? I had thought memory foam was supposed to be best for lower back pain so I am not sure why this back issue has continued to bother me and it’s mostly at night. I’ll wake up at least twice at 3 am and 6 am uncomfortable – while it’s been good not to need the alarm clock and I get in an early jog before work, I’d really like to solve the back issues. Any thoughts or suggestions? For reference I’m 128 lbs, husband is 180 lbs and I sleep on my back, stomach and side! Many thanks! Kathryn

    • Hi Kathryn,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      I’m sorry to hear the Loom & Leaf is not working out for you. That said, the Sapira could indeed be a good choice. Sapira offers a slightly firmer feel with a thin cover, so you are virtually in direct contact with the foam layers below. The quilted cover of the Loom & Leaf may not be right for you, whereas the thin cover of the Sapira may allow you to receive the direct comfort, contour, and support your body needs.

      In my opinion, the Sapira is certainly worth giving a shot.

  7. My husband and I are trying to decide between Sapira, Saatva Luxury firm, and Loom and Leaf. Our current mattress is a middle of the road coil mattress that after 5 years developed a huge indent on my husband’s side (we were never very good at rotating it) that caused me to roll onto his side if I didn’t brace myself. We ended up flipping it upside down and put a thick foam topper and pillow top mattress pad on it to get us through this last year. We now have a larger disposable income and want a new mattress. Of note, my husband is a large guy at 6′ and a little over 300lbs. I am short, a little overweight, and prefer a slightly softer mattress compared to my husband. We’ve never had a foam mattress before, but I liked the topper more than I thought I would. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Megan,

      So sorry for the slow reply.

      Based on your feedback, needs, and desires I would strong recommend the Loom and Leaf mattress for you.

      The Sapira mattress is simply going to be too firm. It is slightly firm.

      Saatva is a possibility, however, it is also the most likely to develop a greater sag over time compared to the others (given it’s construction + pillow top).

      Loom and Leaf is a medium soft and has a warranty that covers any sag 0.75″ or greater. This is the best sag protection within a warranty I have seen to date.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

  8. I’ve been doing research on which mattress to get and really like the sapira, leesa, and helix. I’m a side sleeper and my current mattress has been giving me a lot of neck and hip issues. I was sold on the sapira but after reading some reviews on your site I’m torn between the 3. I’m a tall guy about 6’3 and 200 lbs. Which one would you suggest for a side sleeper like myself that would help me get rid of the neck and hip stress? Or if not these mattress would you recommend another one? Thanks in advance.


    • Just one last question, Gabe. On the firmness scale, where 10 is the most firm, what would you say is your ideal firmness from 1-10?

    • Based on the information you’ve provided, I’m not quite sure the Sapira mattress is the one for you. Reason being, the Sapira lands at a 6.5-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, therefore it could end up being a touch too firm for your liking.

      That said, both the Leesa and Helix meet your firmness preference and could serve as excellent choices for you. Now, since you are looking for more of a specific feel, I would recommend taking the Helix quiz to see what type of mattress they would be building for you (firmness, response, cooling, pressure relief, etc.). Once you have taken the quiz, I believe you will be able to decipher which of the two mattresses is the most appropriate option for you (Leesa or Helix).

      Let me know if I can be of any further assistance throughout your mattress buying process. I’m always more than happy to help :)

  9. Thank you for this site! I see how responsive you are and feel bad asking similar questions, so I’ll try and make this semi short: I slept on old spring mattress for last 15 years. I just bought a Casper on a whim 2 months ago. The adjustment period has not been great and I’m afraid to keep for full 100 days. First two weeks it exacerbated all spine/back and neck related pain ( that I hadn’t had in years but came back). It’s gotten better but still have not woke up feeling rested. I’m 5’9 160 and in good shape but I do have a number of sports related tweaks/injuries. The worst part of it all is that I can’t tell you why…not sure if it’s too soft, too firm or just different! From all of your reviews and my research I’m wondering if a hybrid might be a easier transition for me given the coils. And if you agree, I was wondering what you think would work best between Helix, Sapira, or Alexander Hybrid based on info I have given. Any thoughts or even to narrow it down to two would be super helpful. Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Mike! My apologies for the delayed response. We had a family emergency last week and things got a little slow. So regarding your feelings towards Casper, your feedback is not all that uncommon.

      My top recommendations coming from a Casper would be Leesa or Helix. Leesa is about the same firmness, but uses higher quality materials and is more supportive and comfortable, in my opinion. The Helix is also a nice option because it integrates microcoils for a bit more bounce, without full springs.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

    • I had the same issue. My mattress was too firm and I ended up trying the Leesa. It was perfect. Seriously, I haven’t slept this good in a while. I researched the heck out of mattresses and the Leesa was the only one that provided everything I needed. It’s not too firm and not too soft. It is literally right in the middle. I haven’t had any problems since.

  10. I’m torn between the Saatva firm and the Loom & Leaf firm. I have a sealy irrestistable firm and like the simmons beautyrest black calista extra firm. Do you have a recommendation between which Saatva or if Sapira is a better option. The sealy is one of those float on top mattresses and I don’t like sinkage too much. I did try the Tempurpedic Countur Elite Breeze recently and really loved it. I’m hesitant to pick a foam mattress because I’m not used to them. Any tips?

    • Hi Brenden,

      Sorry for the slow reply!

      To answer your question:

      The Saatva Firm is going to be notably firmer compared to the Sapira. So if you are looking for something in the 8-8.5 out of 10 firmness range, go with the Saatva Firm. The Sapira is more of a slightly firm, at a 6.5-7 out of 10 firmness.

      The Tempur-pedic Contour Elite is going to be similar to the Loom and Leaf firm.

      I wouldn’t say any of these are going to be dramatically better or worse than the others. They are all at the top of their respective categories. It just comes down to the feel you’re looking for.

    • Having a tough time deciding. We realized we don’t like foam mattresses. (We tried Leesa but it was too soft and we felt a sinking feeling). We liked Sapira but something felt off. Will try again in store, also expensive for our budget at $1775 for king.

      Also tried Alexander Hybrid (Medium and Firm). Medium was much too soft, and Firm was just a little bit too firm.

      Read on one of your reviews that Saatva was same softness as Leesa, so we’re hesitating on that.

      Do you have recommendations for spring / hybrid, that are not soft like Leesa / Saatva, but not as firm as Alexandar Hybrid “Firm”?

      One mattress we really liked was “Keetsa Pillow Plus” but several reviewers have noted that durability is bad and the top pillow degrades in ~4 years.

    • Hey Ron,

      I believe I got all of these questions answered via email. Let me know if you have any follow up questions I can help with. Thanks!

  11. Great site. I’ve just started shopping and was deciding between Saatva or Loom & Leaf, based on your reviews. Then I came across the Sapira. We have been sleeping on a classic Tempur-Pedic that is now 15 years old and are happy with it, the comfort and the lack of motion transfer. Heat has not been an issue for us, even though this mattress has no cooling technology. We are not replacing this but buying a bed for a second home. We are interested in a split king with an adjustable base. It doesn’t appear that Sapira has that, so that might make that part of the decision easy. Is that correct? Back to Saatva vs. Loom & Leaf, I would say that we have also enjoyed sleeping one night or two at least on high-end mattresses in hotels (not sure what kind), so we are definitely open to switching to a hybrid from the pure memory foam that we have had for many years. The change might be nice. And since we are going split king, motion transfer is not an issue. What do you think? Would checking out similar mattresses (if they exist) in a store be a good thing to do first? If so, which ones would help us decide. And should we consider other brands?

    • The Sapira doesn’t offer a split king, but they do offer a Twin XL, which is the same thing. 2 Twin XLs = 1 Split King.

      Both the Saatva and Loom & Leaf are excellent mattresses. If you’re looking for one with a more Tempur feel, I would recommend the Loom & Leaf. Since we know you’re comfortable on memory foam I’d advise sticking with that.

      If you do want to make a switch to something a little different I’d advise the Sapira before the Saatva. It’s different, but still has some of the same feel properties as the Tempur, due to the layers of foam on top. This should make the transition easier for you.

  12. Wanted to ask your opinion if the Sapira may be an option worth trying for myself. I’m a big guy 6’1 and 275lbs and have been trying for a year or so to find a decent mattress. I have always slept on cheap innerspring mattress but due to get older and having some disc herniations in my neck I’ve been looking for a mattress that will work for me. I currently own a Nest Alexander Hybrid in medium and while fairly comfortable and luxurious feeling I think its a little soft for me as I wake up in mornings with sore shoulders and back and I find it hard to move around with the amount of sinkage I have. I also have a Nest Latex Hybrid which I sleep “ok” in but isn’t the most comfortable. It was doing pretty well for my back and neck for awhile but it seems to be losing some of its shape after about 10 months and starting to have an indentation where I lay although I’m sure it’s not enough for warranty so I’m not concerned about that part of it. I’ve just determined that I want something a little more comfortable but obviously need something that will still work for me at my size. The Sapira seems like it may fit the bill but I’m a little concerned with how firm some say it is. I’m strictly a side sleeper so I’m trying to find that fine line of comfortable but yet not too soft or firm. Looking forward to your opinion and thanks for all you do

    • Based on your comments, I do think that the Sapira may be a good fit for you. It’s firmer than the Nest Hybrid, in my opinion, but the memory foam helps to provide that hug, contour and softness. The slightly firmer feel of the Sapira will be well balanced by your larger stature. I think you’ll find the Sapira’s feel to be a good fit for you.

  13. I’m planning to try out an Alexander Hybrid mattress, and on their website they have two options for bed furniture.

    My question is: Is there any difference in levels of support between their “14 Inch Platform Bed Base Foundation” and their “Sturdy Folding Metal Foundation/Box Spring” that sits atop a bed frame? Is the difference primarily aesthetic or will one potentially provide longer term support? Would you recommend another type of frame not on the nest website?

    Thanks for your website!

    • Hi Steven, both of these frames are very supportive and the only real difference is aesthetics, in my opinion.

  14. I have just purchased a Sapira and am finding it quite firm. I read somewhere that I should not put a mattress pad on it if I want it to be a bit softer and more responsive to body heat. What do you think?

    • I agree, but for different reasons. I don’t recommend using mattress pads or toppers on new mattresses, especially if you are still within the trial period. Mattress pads and toppers are band-aid type solutions, in my opinion. Especially while within the trial period it just makes more sense to change mattresses if it’s not working.

      That said, this also may simply be an adjustment period issue. It can take 3-4 weeks for your body to adjust to a new mattress. Right now, your body is panicking because it’s sleeping on something entirely new.

      You will go through this period with any new mattress. I would recommend sleeping on it for at least 3 weeks and then make your judgement call. If it’s still not meeting your needs after 3 weeks then you know with certainty that your body is most likely not going to make the adjustment.

  15. Hi Sleepopolis, after reading your reviews I tried the Sapira in store: I loved the firmness, and tried it side by side with the Leesa, which was too soft for me. Head to head with other hybrids like the Saatva or Alexander by Nest – both of which come with firm options – which would you recommend? I liked the 7.5-8 firmness of the Sapira, which provided great support in addition to a top layer of softness which felt comfortable. Thanks in advance!

    • Based on all of the information you’ve shared I would lean more towards the Sapira for you. There are several reasons:

      1) You already know you like it, specifically you like the firmness and feel, which is important
      2) The Saatva’s medium is close to the Leesa’s firmness, which you know you don’t like. Additionally, the Saatva’s firm is going to be a good bit firmer than than the Sapira. Sapira is a 6.5-7 firmness. Saatva firm is a solid 8-8.5.
      3) Similar situation with the Alexander Hybrid. The medium version is a 5.5, the luxury firm is a 7.5. Based on this, I feel the firmness just isn’t quite right for you.

      If it were up to me, I would say go with the Sapira since you have already tested it and know you like the firmness, feel, and support.

  16. Hi Sleepopolis, I love all your reviews, they’re so informative! I’m losing sleep over picking a mattress. I’ve gone to a few mattress/department stores and it’s felt like buying a car — pushy salesmen and ridiculously high prices! I’m 5’7″, 250 lbs. I sleep mostly on my stomach but also on my side. I prefer a soft/medium firmness and love the cloud-like feel of a pillow top. I’ve been coil all my life and I’m not sure I’ll love 100% foam experience. My budget is about $1,000 including delivery, box spring. From what I’ve seen in your reviews, I think I’ll enjoy a Leesa, Saatva and possibly the Sapira. I’ve been down the rabbit hole and back with research and at this point might flip a coin just so I can get some sleep! :)

    • Hi Jackie,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      All of the mattresses you listed could be a great fit. That said, I would probably say the Saatva and Leesa are going to be the more appropriate options. Sapira offers a slightly firmer feel, therefore I’m not sure you would find it comfortable.

      Now, while I’m a big fan of both the Saatva and Leesa, I do believe the Saatva is the better option for you. Reason being, it’s a coil mattress with a euro-style pillow top and it’s offered in three different firmness levels. The Leesa is a fine choice, but I’m worried you may find it less comfortable due to the all foam construction and thinner cover. In my opinion, the Ssatva simply sounds like it is more up your alley, in terms of materials used and comfort dynamic.

  17. Hey Sleepopolis, love the amount of time you put into this kind of stuff. I’m looking around at mattresses and am currently stuck between the leesa, novos bed, lull, and alexander signature series. I generally sleep on my back, but do sleep on my side occasionally. I’d like to say I generally like a nice hug and conforming feel, but like a cool and supportive mattress. I’m 5’7 and just under 150lbs. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    • Thank you! I’d be happy to help you find a great mattress. Just one last question.

      On a 1-10 scale, where 10 is the most firm, what would you say is your ideal firmness?

  18. Hi Sleepopolis!
    I came across your site recently. I want to purchase a new mattress in the near future. I am someone who will research something to death before committing, especially when it’s something I’ll be using long term. I’ve been looking at your comparisons but I wanted to get your opinion. The mattress I am sleeping on now is very old, probably >8 years. I have a 2.5 inch memory foam topper on it. I do love the soft feel of the topper but my biggest complaint during the night or any time I sleep is how HOT I get. My husband also radiates heat at night as well. I am around 115 lbs and my husband is about 200 lbs. My main priority is finding a mattress that has some sort of cooling effect. I do like a softer feel as I am mostly a side sleeper. I’m sure you get this all the time, but if I may, I wanted to get your opinion based on what I told you. Also, would it be overkill to add a cooling mattress topper?

    Thanks so much! Your site has been really helpful so far. I appreciate your layout as it is very easy to navigate. : )


    • Hi Beth,

      Based on the information you’ve provided, I would recommend the Leesa, Saatva, or Alexander hybrid mattress. All 3 of these do a fine job of breathing well and providing both comfort and support for the sleeper. I believe you’re hard pressed to go wrong with any of these mattresses.

  19. We are in process of trying to find a natural latex mattress. Have been looking at the Plushbeds Botanical Bliss and the Zen Haven. We currently have a Sleep Number bed and keep the air pressure adjusted from 60-70. Which one of the above beds would meet that firmness.


    • Hi Ken,

      Both Zenhaven or Plushbeds can meet that firmness range. The slightly firmer side of the Zenhaven will be most appropriate for you.

      For the Plushbeds, I’d say their Medium Firm version is going to give that 60-70 Sleep Number firmness range you’re seeking.

  20. Hey – thank you so much for your reviews and website. You have been a huge help in ordering an online mattress. I went with the Sapira and overall love it except that since I have had it, my carpal tunnel / tingling arm issue has returned with a vengeance and I am constantly waking up with it. I was thinking of looking at other options and am wondering if the Sapira is slightly too firm? I am a large person, and a side sleeper. I know that is not a huge amount of info to go on but I was wondering what your thoughts may be. THANK YOU in advance and for all of your information on this site.

    • Hi Beth,

      I’m more than happy to help. Thank you for your kind words!

      There’s a good chance the Sapira could be slightly too firm. Therefore, I would recommend taking a look at the Saatva and Alexander hybrid by Nest Beding. Both of these are softer than the Sapira and each of them also contain some quilting in the cover. This will help relive pressure points and potentially prevent your arm from falling asleep.

  21. I have been researching mail order mattresses and it looks like the sapira mattress is rated the best for fibro and back and hip pain. I sleep on my side. Is this true?

    also can you put these mail order mattresses on old boxspring if they do not have the option to buy a boxspring?

    I sleep on ultrafirm sears o pedic– 18 year old mattress. tested stearns and foster and beautyrest etc and was surprised about all the bad reviews for s and foster on consumer reports.

    • The Sapira is a great mattress, but it’s tough to say whether or not it’s best for their medical conditions you’ve listed. I am not a doctor and I cannot provide any type of medical advice. I would recommend consulting your doctor for a specific medical recommendation.

      Now with regards to placing these mattresses on a boxspring, you will be just fine. These mattresses are designed to work on virtually any foundation, therefore you should have no issues with a boxspring.

  22. Derick love your site I have used it for the last few weeks checking out mattresses. I thought all this research would help me out but I seem to just be getting more confused. I think I want and need something really pretty soft, I have a lot of back problems also I have fibromyagia and arthritis. I have a sealy temperpedic now that I have had for a lot of years not sure how much my years of pain are due to my back problems or this old mattress. recently went away for the weekend and I seemed to sleep better and in less pain during the day. When I layed down on this mattress it was like laying down in a very soft pillow. anyway all this considered what do you think, could really use your help asap.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Kathy!

      I would love to help. Based on the information you’ve shared, I would recommend taking a look at a few different options. My top 3 for you would be the Helix, Saatva (soft), and Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Select soft mattress. These are in no specific order, but more of a narrowed down list of options I would recommend for you.

  23. I’ve had the Sapira for a little over a month, but feel its a bit firm. What would be the next step down? (Not sure I want to go to 100% memory foam?)

    • I’m sorry to hear the Sapira isn’t working out for you. I would be happy to help you find something better suited to your needs:

      On a 1-10 scale how firm would you rate the Sapira, where 10 is the most firm?

      What would you say is your ideal firmness?

      Do you want to stay with a hybrid / coil? or are you open to other material types as well?

      PS – my apologies for the slow reply, I was out of town earlier this week and my comments are getting backed up

  24. Currently sleep on 18 yr old Serta double-pillow top queen, which I flip and rotate every 6 mo. Used to LOVE it…now, I sleep better in hotels. Have read Consumer Reports, your site, and Sleep like the Dead, (Yours is best, btw) I am 64yrs, 200#, 5’9, have very broad shoulders and am a side sleeper (ss). Heat not a problem on my old one, but worry about it & sinkage. Was leaning toward Lessa based on you, though CR rates it average for ss and favors Tuft & Needle or Novafoam Serafina Pearl Gel for ss. (Despite rave reviews, still 1/3 found Novafoam too firm, despite 5 firmness rating by Costco.) Then I read your Sapira rating and it sounded wonderful, but possibly too firm. I sleep on left side of bed and liked the firm edges, no roll off of Sapira. Do the three stripes need to be at bottom of the bed?….assume they do, and that you do not rotate any memory foam mattresses? So, do I go w Novafoam (Costco), Leesa, or Sapira—or something else? Ordered new bedframe to fit inside my 4-post antique bed. (This is harder than buying a car!!) And, no way I am going to a mattress store!!!! Thanks for your excellent site!!

    • Based on everything you’ve shared, I truly believe the Leesa is the most appropriate option for you. I have not yet tested the Novaform, so I cannot really speak for that mattress. Yet, I have tested the Sapira and I’m afraid it may end up feeling too firm. On the other hand, the Leesa is a touch softer and still offers very good support, pressure relief, and overall comfort.

  25. Hello Sleepopolis,

    I am returning a Casper Mattress because I get hot at night on it. I like everything else about the Casper except the heat. Would you expect Sapira mattress to be a big improvement with regard to heat? I’d like to find a Casper that doesn’t get me hot if you have a better recommendation. Would the Sapira be firmer than the Casper? The Casper is about my limit on firmness.

  26. I am in the market for a new mattress and came upon your site. What a great resource. Thank you!

    I have been on a tempur pedic for the last 10.5 years and think it might be time to move on. I believe it could last me a bit longer but I am noticing my sleep being less peaceful and my body being a bit achy when I sleep on my side especially. Back sleeping is still ok.
    I don’t know what the specs of this one I have now were, I believe they only had one mattress model at the time.

    I have been looking at the Sapira, Loom & Leaf and the Leesa.
    I am 130 pounds, sleep on my side, back and stomach, though I am not sure if I started that because my mattress isn’t as supportive anymore (is that possible?). Sleep and amorous activities are equally important for the new mattress. My current tempur pedic has very little to no bounce or edge support.

    Also, do you know anything about the Keetsa mattress?


    • So, first up, I think the biggest question is…when it was new did you like the feel of your Tempur-pedic? Based on your feedback above that’s the impression I’m currently under, so we’ll start with that assumption.

      In any case, the Sapira is likely going to be too firm for your weight and other needs.

      Leesa is a really good all around type of a foam mattress. It has good contour, hug, bounce, and pressure relief, but doesn’t really have the classic memory foam feel. So you’ll need to decide if that’s important.

      Loom and Leaf’s Relaxed Firm and the Novosbed (soft or medium) are going to give you a feel very similar to your Tempur-pedic.

      Lastly, if you like the feel of memory foam, but want more bounce, response, and edge support, consider the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid.

      I think one of the above 4 mattresses are going to be best suited to your needs. It ultimately is a question of how much you want the classic memory foam feel vs. how much you want other performance attributes (bounce, edge support, response, cooling, etc.)

  27. Thank you very much for your site. I recently bought an Amerisleep Americana mattress. You rated it a 7 on the 1 – 10 scale for firmness but to be honest, it feels more like a 9 to me. I’m basing that on my limited use of different mattresses but also not being able to imagine a much firmer mattress. At this point, my wife and I are thinking about getting a hybrid. I’m mostly a stomach sleeper and my wife is mostly a side sleeper. Which one would you recommend that’s I guess a medium firm. Thanks! Keep up the great work!


    • Thanks for your comment, Steve. I’m sorry to hear the Americana didn’t work out.

      Based on your experience with the Americana I would recommend you take a look at the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid, Voila (medium), Saatva, and Winkbed. Those 4 are hybrids or coil + pillow tops. I know you put this comment on the Sapira, which is an excellent hybrid in its own right, but I’m afraid it’s going to be too close to the firmness of the Americana and therefore, probably not a good fit.

  28. Sleepopolis, your website is such a huge help – I can’t thank you enough, and will definitely use your referral links when I figure out what to buy. I currently have an older hybrid mattress (Simmons Beautyrest NxG) and it’s worked out pretty well for me, just aging and starting to sag. Since it’s been good to me and I tend to sleep hot, I’m thinking of sticking with a hybrid and am looking at the Nest Alexander Hybrid and this Sapira offering. Any thoughts on the two? One down side to the Alexander Hybrid for me is that it doesn’t seem that Nest has upgraded delivery options like Sapira, unless I missed something. Thank you again!

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Both the Sapira and Alexander hybrid are excellent choices. With regards to the shipping of the Alexander hybrid, there is no upgrade option. This mattress is strictly delivered in a box.

      Now, deciding between these two really depends on the feel you’re looking for. The Alexander hybrid has a quilted cover, which adds a degree of softness when compared to the Sapira’s thin cover. The Sapira is going to feel a bit firmer, as there is a little less sinkage and hug associated with this mattress. Both have excellent edge support, bounce, and cooling. The Sapira is going to have slightly faster response times.

      All in all, you have to decide whether or not you’d like more of a traditional style sinkage and hug (Alexander hybrid) or would you rather have a little less and land closer to that cloud-like floating feel (Sapira).

  29. Hi Sleepopolis,

    First, I am so glad that I found your site. It has been so very helpful!

    I am considering a hybrid (Sapira or Voila). I prefer a firmer mattress but like the foam feeling. I weigh 200-ish and am a back sleeper.

    My question…have you been able to determine how much sagging a foam or hybrid mattress will have? Is sagging something that is just to be expected?

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.

    • Hi Nancy,

      Sagging / permanent indentations are something that gradually will happen with every mattress. On the best mattresses it is very subtle and takes many years before it begins to effect performance. On bad mattresses…well it can happen much sooner.

      One of the key factors I always look for is the warranty sag / indentation requirement. This is the depth of sag that’s required before you can claim the warranty (one of the most common warranty issues).

      Both Voila and Sapira are excellent in this regard. Voila will cover any sag 3/4″ or greater. Sapira will cover any sag 1″ or greater. I consider anything 1″ or less to be within the exceptional category. If the mattress company has that level of faith in their product it gives me a greater degree of trust as well.

      Based on your needs I think either the Sapira or Voila (firm) would be a great fit for you. I tend to lean a bit more towards Sapira, as I think the material quality and manufacturing quality are a bit better, but at the end of the day both are quality beds.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

  30. I just bought a Loom and Leaf and I think I like it! Just sleep on it 2 X. My question is I also bought a serta adjustable motion frame. Will this hurt the mattress by bending it frequently? Or should I be looking at a Leesa?
    Would love your 2 cents!!!

    • The Loom & Leaf mattress will be perfectly fine on the adjustable. No need to change mattresses if you’re happy with your current setup.

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