Which Countries Drink The Most Coffee?

Which Countries Drink The Most Coffee

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No One Downs Coffee Like The Dutch

Anyone who drinks coffee knows that the habit comes with a lot of questions. Should you brew your own or grab a cup to go? Down it hot or overpay for iced? Grab that afternoon cup and risk tossing & turning all night or crash at your desk? No matter how you answer the above, one thing that remains indisputable, is when it comes to drinking coffee, no one out drinks the Dutch.

If you live in The Netherlands, congratulations on your coffee drinking prowess! Not only do you have the Van Gogh Museum, the world’s tallest population and easily Google-able fun facts, you’re also super into coffee! Here’s your The Starry Night print as a reward.

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

On average, the Dutch drink 2.414 cups of coffee daily, or roughly equivalent to the amount of times you have to repeat your order for that barista to get it right during the morning rush. That’s a lot of caffeine, and maybe more than you actually need.

This coffee intake doesn’t just factor in our Nether-brethren who partake either, it’s reflective of the entire adult population in the country, including non-coffee drinkers too. So if you’re one of the people who do drink coffee you’re likely imbibing more than those 2 plus cups daily. The numbers become even more staggering when you put it in terms of worldwide annual coffee consumption. The average person consumes about 1.3 kg of coffee per person per year. In The Netherlands, that number skyrockets, where the average coffee consumption annually is 8.4kg per person. Yeesh! When the Dutch finally hit the sheets, they might want to make sure they have the perfect pillow for their sleeping style otherwise it might take a while to finally fall asleep.

Is There Something In The Water?

While there’s no one answer as to why the Dutch drink the most coffee, it’s regional location might tell part of the story.  The top four countries in average coffee consumption are all in Scandinavia. Following the Netherlands in coffee consumption is Finland at 1.848 cups per day, Sweden at 1.357 cups per day, and Denmark at 1.237 cups per day.

Could this be why these Nordic countries are ranked highly in many of the positive world lists. Finland especially has some striking accolades. They’re the happiest country in the world, the most literate country in the world, and the 3rd least corrupt country in the world. Has anyone studied whether coffee teaches you how to read and be awesome? We may not have that answer yet, but we can say for certain, that the next time you’re debating how to take your coffee you’ll have something to think about.

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13 thoughts on “Which Countries Drink The Most Coffee?

  1. obviously not acurate, kinda would like to know the criteria used and how they got their data. To begin, Portugal and Italy for instance should be in top positions of the list and are not even mentioned it, speaking about Portugal is more than normal to us to drink 3 or more espressos a day and we even drink coffee after dinner, thing that I don’t see happening in most of the countries that I lived so far; second, I lived in Netherlands and their coffee is terrible so it’s hard to believe they are the ones drinking more coffee. And to complete, drinking drinks made with a tinny bit of coffee is not the same that drinking coffee; the moment you had things to your coffee you get a beverage, “true coffee” should be considered mainly espresso, turkish coffee and others on the same “league”.

    • So true! I don’t believe it is possible that people from any country could drink more coffee than Bosnians. And we are talking about pure black unprocessed coffee!

  2. We have more cafes per capita, the best coffee and everyone has at least 3 cups a day, but it was not even part of the survey.


  4. Netherlands consumes more marijuana and mushrooms than coffee ! And if you call the American pee water, “coffee”, then US is the largest consumer. Oh, and in Germany, we prefer beer ! LOL

  5. Don’t believe it. At least Portugal and Italy are well ahead of any of those countries. Also some latin american countries. Having lived in the Netherlands and Portugal it’s hard to believe.

  6. How did you arrive to these numbers? The first source on the infographic seems to be behind a pay wall, and the rest are outdated and do not even have the same numbers.

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