Treating your Body Well: Kids’ Health and Nutrition

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Parents begin making decisions regarding their children long before a baby is born. From morals to food, to activities, parenting decisions are ongoing. Although some of these choices have little impact, others will affect them throughout their lifetime; health and nutrition are prime examples.

The health and nutrition of children are critical to their well-being, and parents need to encourage healthy behaviors. Building a healthy lifestyle will help protect them against diseases and chronic health conditions. Whereas an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to startling statistics such as these:

  • Only one in three children is physically active every day.
  • Americans, including children, eat far less than the recommended amounts of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains needed every day.
  • 12.5 million children and adolescents are obese and if uncorrected will contribute to the 78 million U.S. adults who are currently obese.

More Facts and Statistics

Make the decision to prioritize children’s health and teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle. Teach children how important physical activity and a well-balanced diet are to their health. Although these are not the only two contributors to a healthy way of life, they both have a significant impact on one’s wellbeing. Without a well-balanced diet and exercise, children can become overweight, become mentally affected, and even develop chronic illnesses.

In addition to diet and regular exercise, other health related items parents should pay close attention to include rest, sleep, and drug and alcohol use. If a child eats well, exercises regularly, and does not get enough sleep, their mental and physical health may suffer. Lack of rest can also impact their stress levels and productivity. Now, when drugs or alcohol are in a child’s life parents need to worry beyond their child’s mental and physical health and start looking at the possibility of greater consequence.

Best prepare our nation’s children for a healthy future through example and encouragement. Check out the following links and see how you can help encourage good health and nutrition in your children’s lives.

Keeping Fit and Having Fun

fun kids fitness ideas
Making fitness and staying active fun can help kids stay healthy and in shape!

Sleep and Rest for the Body

Fabulous Food and Nutrition

kids nutrition and good eating habits
Help encourage kids to try new and healthy foods

Additional Health and Nutrition Information

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