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25 Days of Giving 2021 – Big Fig Mattress Giveaway!

Are you feeling ready to win? Good, because its Day 23 and we’re giving away a Big Fig mattress!

The Big Fig is a mattress designed specifically for heavier sleepers — it’s the mattress for a bigger figure, AKA Big Fig! I love this mattress for heavy sleepers, because it’s really durable and offers great support. One really great feature was the edge support, which is important for being able to use the entire surface area of your mattress. It also sleeps cool, which is a big plus for those who tend to sleep hot or for couples, as two people produce more heat than one.

Enter below to win your Big Fig mattress!

Check out our full Big Fig mattress review to learn more and pop over to our 25 Days of Giving page to stay up to date with all our giveaways!

Bridget Chapman

Bridget Chapman

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